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Monday, March 20, 2006

Taylor Hicks, the Gray-haired contestant, Brings Huge Rewards to 19E and AI5

American Idol Going Blue

When I started my blog there were no sites dedicated to Taylor Hicks. I saw his audition and converted my blog which had been "American Idolizer" to "Taylor Hicks Blues". I knew I was looking at a winner and saw greatness in the making. I remember before I saw Hicks thinking, 'this season just doesn't have the "it factor". Where is the talent to make me want to continue to watch it???' I wasn't seeing it. I was thinking about tuning out this year.

Then, one evening when I had about decided it might be my last night to watch American Idol, in walked a quiet man. Hicks' First Audition. Older looking than his reported age because of his gray hair. Reserved in his mannerisms, polite. He was asked by the judges, what he was doing there and why he was there to try out for Idol. His quiet, calm reply "I think I have a voice, and I want it heard". He was respectful. Paula was appreciative and asked for 20 more seconds. Hicks smiled, and burst into "Swannee River", knee slapping and clapping and swaying, and fearlessly belting the song out.

Fearless is Hicks. He attacks the stage like a tiger let out of his cage, letting it all out and giving everything he has - and he is amazingly, completely infectious - a quality that all of the truly Great Entertainers have possesed.

19E, and American Idol owe Taylor Hicks. He has gifted them with more than he has so far received from the show. He has given American Idol and 19 E yet another season - the response this year because of "the Taylor phenomenon" guarantees next year, and the next, because the public is seeing that contestants may not all come from the crowds of pop-tart-dom or rocker-wanna be's. We might, through AI5 find what we, as a music loving audience have secretly been seeking; another Elvis, another Beatles phenomenon. A REAL American Idol. Big shoes to fill, but I hear Taylor sports a size 14 shoe. He can handle the pressure. It's been a long time coming, but the public craves 'that' artist to idolize, for Real, and that is what American Idol originally set out to deliver. 'The Powers that Be' recognize what the public really want and hence the development of American Idol. By glorious accident this year is they have discovered they have a bonafide newsmaker and a Real star on their show, and his name is Taylor Hicks.

The Modern era Mack-Daddy of Soul.

I knew, the moment I heard him sing in his initial audition, he Was It. I watched him, transfixed - I knew that from the looks of attention and astonishment on Paula and Randy's faces they saw the possibility of IT too.

19E and American Idol owe Taylor Hicks a debt of gratitude for the injection of promise, hope and sheer talent he has surprised them with and brought to the table.

Here are a few articles I discovered waiting for me in my e.mail box - enjoy;

Taylor Hicks: An Image of Grey-tness
19-Mar-2006Written by: Amy Smithers

Unusual American Idol contestant a great role model for youth too concerned with perfection. Though he's only 29 years old, American Idol contender Taylor Hicks has a full head of grey hair, and he's not afraid to flaunt it. The Alabama born blues singer may seem an unlikely winner, but many viewers are singing the praises of his individuality and genuine nature. Host Ryan Seacrest jokingly suggested on a recent show that Hicks was being pressured by Idol producers to update his look. He, however, has no intention of modifying his style, and the fans seem to like him that way. "Grey-haired idol" was one of the top Yahoo searches this month, and multiple fan sites have popped up quickly for the singer, such as www.greycharles.com; a tribute to his hair and his musical influence, Ray Charles.

Are you a Gambler?
Gambling 911 predictions and their latest odds:
American Idol: Latest odds now up, Simon Cowell predicts final three
American Idol judge Simon Cowell predicted who would be the three finalists to end this season of American Idol: Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks and Kellie Pickler.
This comes as a bit of a shock since Pickler was certainly not at her best this past week, though she managed to stay out of the bottom three.
Cowell stated this for the Fox TV talent competition during a Thursday telephone conversation broadcast on Howard Stern`s Sirius satellite radio show, the New York Post reported Friday. Let me tell you who`s gonna be in the finals, Cowell said. The bald-headed kid (Daughtry) and the guy with gray hair (Hicks). A few minutes later, he added, I think the top three will be the two I mentioned and Kellie Pickler. Cowell was right on with his predictions from last year, including Carrie Underwood ultimately winning the competition.
Nine.com (see web site here) has the latest American Odds up going into Tuesday's show. (see their props section, bottom right of home page).
Chris Daughtry is listed at +150 odds, Katharine McPhee +350 and Kellie Pickler is at +1200 (she pays out $1200 for every $100 bet or $12 for every $1 bet).
Mandisa and Taylor Hicks are both listed with odds of +600.
If you are not betting on American Idol, why not? With Ace Young appearing among the bottom three last week, anything can happen. Had Ace Young been eliminated, the payout on those elimination odds would have been enormous.
Keep in mind that Daughtry was a 6 to 1 favorite to win early on in the competition and is now a practically even odds. The odds picture is always changing rapidly with American Idol. In any given week, one of the contestants can shine over another and perhaps make it all the way (i.e. Katharine McPhee came back strong last week).
Elliott Yamin pays $8 for every $1 bet, as do Ace Young and Paris Bennett.
Mandisa pays $6 for every $1 bet.
You can bet on American Idol here

My money rides on Taylor Hicks from the first audition until the end. The Soulman has got what it takes to win this competition.

Groove on Soulman!

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