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Friday, March 10, 2006

Stevie Wonder week; Some Suggestions for Tay

This will be a challenging week for most contestants on AI with the exception of Elliot, this week is right up his vocally pitch perfect alley.

Taylor, my man, I hope you choose something uptempo, allowing you to work that sexy growl you do so well. How cool would it be if AI would allow you to bring in the mouth harp, just a little bit... If Bo Bice could perform accapella in AI4, you should have a little flexibility as well, but the I haven't read all the fine print in the American Idol Official Rules Book.

A couple of suggestions from the SunnylovesSoul(man) Suggestion Box:

"Living for the City" (good growling opportunity, and possible mouth harp spin)
"Higher Ground"
"Signed Sealed Delivered" (uptempo version)
"I Was Made for Love" (don't do it soft though, rough it up...)
"Hey, Harmonica Man" (if mouth harp allowed)

Song choices that may be should be avoided:

"Ribbon in the Sky" (that one's Elliot's)
"Isn't She Lovely" (GAWD no!)
"My Cherie Amour" (don't even think it)
"For Once in My Life" (I'll run screaming from the room)

Songs that may give you a stretch:

"Positivity" (on the scat-jazzy side)
"I Wish" (jazzy)
"Gotta Have You" (I do like this title)

Stevie Wonder Links:

I am looking forward to see next week's show.

Groove on Soulman.


  1. Yeah, I can't see him doing 'My Cherie Amour"! Don't think that would work too well.

    I'm sure he'll make it his own, whatever he chooses! Can't wait till next week!

  2. Thanks Chuck, have you been to the SoulPatrol site? They've got up their suggestions too.

    BTW, I finally cooled off a little after his last performance....

  3. LOL I'm glad you did!

    I'll check it out, although I think your suggestions were right on the money! I just hope he's reading this!

    Yo Taylor...there are some great song suggestions for you here....be sure to read! ;)