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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Review from March 21; GrayCharles.com

Borrowing a page from http://www.graycharles.com/ check out some of the comments regarding last night. I am linking to this page because it completely sums up what I have been reading on the fansites (the ones that let you call it like you see it). GrayCharles also has up last night's video.

TaylorHicks2006, my favorite forum are steadfastly standing behind their man as they should; loyal Soul Patrollers never waver. They also have a post up regarding some of the attacks being levied against them from another site claiming to be Taylor's chosen site. Quite a bit of controversy going on with Taylor's forum sites. Have not seen anything like it in the past seasons, not even over Bo Bice. Taylorhicksfan.com - no I won't feature their link, are requiring monthly installments even to host links. For What, I am not sure, plus the founder of the site, was quite challenging to get along with - got my inner red-headed temper up a bit.

Regardless of all the in-fighting with the sites, support for Taylor overall remains very high. I thought last night's performance had some aspects that needed improvement. Taylor did not play to the cameras, he played to the studio audience. Song choice...not good considering all that was available to him and more appropriate for his talents. I did like what Barry Manilow had to say, called Taylor a "Whiskey Tenor". True; plus he said Tay had the best male voice in the competition - already knew that...but the 'torching the house' did not happen last night like when he performed "Taking it to the Streets" and "Living for the City".

No, no fire breathing for Hicks last night.

But I am 100% behind The Soulman. (After all he wears a size 14 shoe - not gonna go there...)

Groove on Soulman.


  1. howeste10:04 PM

    What will "country night" bring for Taylor? I'm hoping for "Time of the Preacher" from Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger Album. Nice site, by the way.

  2. Thanks, for compliment on my site, but it is just a wee blogsite. Journal for the advent of Tay Hicks into the real music scene.
    Hey, any info check bakc and inform. This blog is basically to chronicle is achievements. Love this guy.

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I am a member of TaylorHicksFan.com and I haven't seen them charge for anything. Plus we are able to interact with Taylor's people which I haven't found on any other site.

    I have emailed Brian, the founder a few times and always got a speedy reply so maybe you just caught him on a bad day :)

    Either way, go Soul Patrol, wooooo!