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Thursday, March 16, 2006

SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box for March 21

I have to tell you, I had some really great 1950's tunes in mind that Taylor could really do well, but many of them wouldn't fit the AI5 stage that well. ( Elmore James hit my turntable - yes I do have a turntable and love to spin my old vinyls from time to time.) Rollin and Tumblin would be a great tune, lyrics roll like this:

I roll and I tumbleI cried the whole night long. Yes, I roll and I tumbleI cried the whole night long. I got up this morning Feeling that something going on wrong, Well now want you to love me baby Or please let me beYes, love me baby Or please let me be If you don't like my peaches Please don't shake my tree Well, I want you to love me baby And come on and say you'll be mine I want you to love me baby Come and say you'll be mine If you don't like my potatoes Please don't dig up my vine ...
Follow this link for a sampling of Elmore James. http:/www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000032Z0/ref=pd_sim_m_1/102-6156876-0286508?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance&n=5174

The only problem with Elmore James is the fit to the American Idol stage and whether the house band can play this tune... right...

I searched on. I was trying to stay away from a strong potential fit, and a little afraid of choosing music by Elvis for obvious reasons, Taylor doesn't want to defeat himself by being accused of a kareoke performance which can happen when music by someone as prominent as The King performed, but I couldn't help myself. Out comes the "Sunrise" album, an early album with some of his best music (in my ever not so humble opinion). I had been, while playing with Google, reviewing a song called
Mystery Train. It has been released by a plethora of early blues artists and was Elvis' first number one hit, released by Sun Records in 1955. This is my favorite selection for The Soulman to sing (plus it has 'sun' in the album title). I think he could do an amazing job with this tune, plus Elvis is not the only artist to record this song, and it is not a currently highly recognized tune of his.
Click here to play music

There is so much music in the '50's that would be cool for him to do, I went through Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, a mulititude of bluesmen tunes, but narrowed it to these two. I'm sure that other folks out there will have some great ideas; I plan to prowl the fansites later for more info and opinions...

Bottom line choices from the SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box:

Mystery Train
Rollin and Tumblin

Song I'd recommend avoiding

- too many to list, but I'd veer away from anything that would hold as a cliche', songs too hyper, songs too overly done and high profile. This is a potentially dangerous era as so many of the hits that came out could have that Kareoke feel if handled even slightly wrong.

Well this was an excellent way to spend an evening, spinning my slightly scratchy, but oh so good to listen to vinyls.

Groove on Soulman.

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