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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Reality TV American Idol 5 March14 recap

The title link sends you to "Reality TV" where you will find some chaotic debates going on on the AI5 March 14th performances. Tune in, it's all good.

I have to add this post; weeks past this publication was spouting nothing but Hate Hicks Mail, looks like they are reluctantly singing a different tune...click this link...

How I l ove it when I see folks seeing the light. Take the Snark Tank posted below, check them out, Tay did Some Good Tonight! Calmed those frantic and evil Beasties down a notch; even garnered a few converts to the SoulPatrol.

Way past the SunnylovesSoul's bedtime, gotta try and sleep...sigh.

I need me that big loving teddybear/bunnyman/Soulman.

I'll be back at work on the SoulTrain tomorrow...

Groove on Soulman.

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