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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Message to The Wise; Tay, heed the Voices...

Separated at birth: Love or loathe him, silver-haired Taylor Hicks has emerged as the most recognizable of the current crop of “American Idol” finalists. The 29-year-old Birmingham, Ala., native stands out for several reasons: He’s the oldest contestant on the show; he’s got Ray Charles soul in his voice; and he’s got some herky jerky moves that recall another Charles-influenced singer, Joe Cocker.
But what we can’t understand is why no one has mentioned what’s glaringly obvious: Hicks not only sounds like ex-Doobie Brother Michael McDonald, he’s two weeks-without-shaving from looking like him, too. Who knows what Simon, Randy and Paula will say if Hicks dares to sing “What A Fool Believes” or “Takin’ It to the Streets,” but we’d sure like to see him try.



  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Too spooky!

    Next week is Stevie Wonder,
    any predictions for Wednesday?

  2. I went through some Stevie Wonder tunes and made some suggestions. Tay needs to NOT go ballad, but do something upbeat, would be great if AI let him work his "harp" but rules may forbid it.

  3. Hey, Barb, also, I knew this to be right on track or would not have posted it. I just hope that Tay reads me. I'll keep reporting what I find and what I think..

    Groove on Soulman!