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Thursday, March 30, 2006

21st Century Songs: American Idols' 21st Century Bomb

It was time for Lisa Tucker to say good-bye to Idol. She remained positive even at the end, no tears like we endured when Ayla had to go... Kelli-what's-a-ballsy-Pickler 's "Suds in a Bucket" was, well typical countryfair fare, but she won't be leaving anytime soon. As a compliment, her make-up was much better than last week's. Apparently Idol took the paint away from the make-up "artist" that gave her that classic French wh*re look.

Ace Young. What can I say; the baring his of his scarred breast (no, I don't mean chest) completed his yammering, shaky outstretched hand performance. Paula's pills are rumored to being rationed; she was relatively calm except for that moment - she couldn't help but squee at the site of the scar, and requested they 'talk' sometime about it. Simon and Randy's responses were interesting; flashback to Corey of a few seasons back - they both snapped their necks to look at her, internal sirens blaring - Must Stop Paula!!! Wooooo Woooo Wooooo!!! Poor Ace, was it just me or did he seem really uncomfortable by Paula's oogling? He was able to lamely muster something about it being some sort of T-Ball accident (is that what I heard, T-Ball?) What a jock.

Mandisa, whom I think is a beautiful big woman and normally like her singing, this week, not so much.

Chris "Creed" One-Trick Pony Daughtry. Well he performed Creed. He sounded like every performance. Being the Special One, he gets those special rock star strobes every performance, great camera angles. (Something Mandisa did not get...) Simon did reprimand his Pick for Idol, with a reality check. Chris also had to endure some scripted questioning by Seacrest about "Live" and last week's "I Walk the Line" copy. Didn't look like he wanted to talk about it much...

Kat McPhee. Gorgeous gal, but didn't deliver her usual goods. Compared to the rest of the group, though, she had one of the night's best performances.

Bucky Covington, the guy is smarter than he looks. I had to commend him on dress and song choice. Saved himself to sing another show.

Paris Bennet (dreams of being Beyonce', no?) she is a sparky little spitfire, no doubt about it. She'll go a few more weeks.

Eliot Yamin - what is going on Dude? I thought, is he looking almost Hot tonight? Best put the wine glass away... Song choice, "I don't wanna be" performed last season by Bo Bice, maybe that was a factor...what am I thinking, Eliot and Bice in the same sentence in the same paragraph using the Hot word? Now during the Wednesday night elimination, the lighting on him reminded me of the "Seinfeld" episode with the gal with two-faces, in some lighting she was attractive, other.....scary movie time. Sorry E. I do like your singing.

Saving the Very Best for last, Taylor Hicks. He looked so gorgeous. I loved the way the camera started at his size 14's and slowly worked its way up those long legs. Replaying that often.... where was I? Oh, Simon's comments about Hicks' attire must have been derived from personal jealousy (probably wears a size 9 shoe) and the lack of anything else negative he could say. He had to put some kind of jab in because afterall, Taylor clearly beat Simon's Pet, Chris D. He was ruminating about "the horror" of Taylor becoming the next Idol, as he recently stated in an interview on MSNBC. Taylor's vocals were excellent, perfect, gorgeous. His delivery manly, strong. He showed yet another side, providing a performance in exact opposition from previous performances showing diversity and real skill.

My silver-haired darling made his fans proud; I love the way he includes the Soul Patrol mention in every opportunity. He is paying homage to the folks who love and believe in him (and vote), that is so smart. Keeping the fans involved and making them a part of the show, incredibly savvy and yet showing gratefullness. I just love him more every appearance.

Groove on Soulman!

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