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Friday, March 10, 2006

A.I. 5, Eliminations to Final 12, Tay Hicks Stands Out

Here are a few re-caps on articles about the Final 12 picks, overall, Tay Hicks leading the group when it comes to interest and influence.

Christian Science Monitor: March 10
'Idol' hands
FOX's American Idol should just fast-forward to the final four. It's already clear who's the dross and who has golden-Idol talent: Paris Bennett, with pipes well beyond her 17 years; Chris Daughtry, who makes last year's rocker Bo Bice look like Barry Manilow; the seemingly effortless Katharine McPhee; and Elliott Yamin, perhaps the most versatile of the crooners. Our dark horse? Taylor Hicks, he of the silver locks.

Crazy like a foxTaylor Hicks is the oldest man in the competition, and looks even older than his 29 years. And yet he acts like he’s about 14, even making hand gestures behind Ryan Seacrest’s head during the show’s introduction. His routine on stage is totally chaotic; at some point, he’ll throw out his back muscle doing his signature dance move and have to sing the following weeks in traction.
That said, if Hicks is crazy, he’s crazy like a fox. Since he looks and sounds like a young Michael McDonald, he figured he’d sing "Taking it to the Streets" by the Doobie Brothers. It got a standing ovation from Paula, and a "best of the night" from Simon. That’s usually good enough for the voting viewers.

The Post Chronicle:
Taking the stage next was Taylor Hicks, with the song Taking It To The Streets by Michael McDonald. Yeah, this is one of those song choices I was referring to before. I’m not a fan of this song, but in some ways Taylor made me like it. Or his rendition of it, at least. Vocally, he did a great job with it, but I think his stage antics overshadowed his singing at some point. But it really was his energy that took this performance over the top. I could have done without the weird arm movements though.

Buffalo News:
Highlights: Taylor Hicks, in costume, talking about his former job as the Easter Bunny, then flailing away during an up-tempo "Taking It to the Streets." Wooooo!

Mercury News:
American Idol: Taylor Hicks and Ace Young back on top; Chris Daughtry plays it safe
AEI Editors, 10:23 PM in Celebrities, Concerts, Music, TV
Taylor Hicks was in rare form tonight. Singing "Taking it to the Streets," Hicks just went for it and hit pay dirt. Though he sounded just like Michael MacDonald and in this case it was a good thing. I have three questions: 1) Is he really only 28 years old?2) Was that his wife, or his mom, in the audience?3) What the heck was that lame look he gave to the camera just before the first chorus?

The Easter Bunny, aka Taylor Hicks was next. Taylor once worked at a mall as the Easter Bunny. He sang "Takin' It To The Street" very good, but the windmill thing bothered me. He was better for me this week, without all the "woo" and toned down spastic movements. Randy loves him, but wasn't sure about the dancing. Paula must be desperate for new dance moves because she's stealing Taylor's. Simon told Taylor he could singlehandedly ruin the music video industry. He did love the song, saying it was all about having fun and standing out.

WFAA, Dallas, Texas:
1. (tie) Ace Young and Taylor Hicks: Neither was perfect, but they both took major risks in the name of onstage entertainment. People have been medicated for less spastic energy than Taylor displayed, while Ace's falsetto may be responsible for shattered eyeglasses across the land. The show needs these dudes.
(to read more...http://www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/dws/ent/stories/DN-idolindex_0309gl.ART.State.Edition2.50ba95b.html)

TAYLOR HICKS (A.K.A THE EASTER BUNNY) SONG: ‘Takin’ It To the Streets’/ Doobie Brothers OUR FIRST IMPRESSION: Omigod—I can’t believe he hasn’t sang Michael McDonald before now… it’s right up his alley! What an amazing entertainer he is! JUDGES NOTES: Randy loved the song but thought the dancing was questionable. Paula thought it was his best performance thus far. Simon ‘absolutely loved’ the song and thought that he stood out.

American Idol Fodder, Rachel Cericola;
I love Taylor Hicks, but when he talks about the thrill of meeting Christopher Cross, it makes me want to pick up the phone -- and vote for someone else. His bunny suit didn't help either. His song started off a little shaky for me, but when he started "takin' it to the streets," that little epileptic dance of his won me over. (read more... )

I beg to differ with Ms. Cericola, I find his dancing strangely sexy and powerful.

Groove on Soulman.

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