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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Taylor Hicks; favorite Charity: Studio by the Tracks

Located in Irondale, Alabama, Studio by the Tracks is a non-profit organization operated to assist individuals afflicted with Autism by providing a creative outlet, a center for inter-personal growth.

from a post by RocketCity on the Idol boards:
This was on Fox News in Birmingham this morning.
Reporter: Even while worrying about their own futures American Idolcontestants are ready to help others. It seems Taylor Hicks has spearheaded a mission to help Studio By The Tracks.

Here is their address: Studio by the Tracks, PO Box 101144, Irondale AL 35210

From the organization's website:

Visual works created by individuals with autism provide windows into singularly unique and fascinating universes. No one has fully explained why autism occurs.
Friends and family members are often frustrated by the inability to enter into communion with the autistic person, but there are divides which are bridgeable.
This is the web site for Studio By The Tracks, a small non-profit agency which every week provides safe harbor for 25 individuals with autism who come here to make art. We also provide a safe arena for dozens of at-risk children who come to the Studio to sculpt, paint, draw, deconstruct, assemble, write and act.
Please check out out galleries of visual works by adults with autism and at-risk youth.

There is always talk on the fansites/forum boards about what can be done to promote their favorite contestants on AI; creating and donating to charities always a big topic. For those of you with an interest in promoting Hicks through making donations in his name to this organization, you would be benefitting more than providing Taylor with a name-mention. You are donating to a great cause and furthering and enriching the lives of many others. Great idea and it sounds like a very worthwhile charity.

Click the title link to go to the website to learn more about Studio by the Tracks.

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