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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Daily Blabber; (just a blabbering Idol fool!)

Recap from last night; sharing the Idol Mania...

As you gear up for tonight's live results show of American Idol -- Stevie Wonder is performing! -- Jewels** has provided a little recap of last night's show. Enjoy...
Ooooo-Weeeeee -- Bucky got a blow dry!
It was apparent that the stylists were backstage doing their thang this week. The contestants were all made over... or in some cases, made under. Examples, Bucky, Ace, Mandisa (her shoes!) and even Melissa. They looked much better with their own styles. Hey Ace: Bring back the beanie! Speaking of Ace, what happened? Classic Motown -- not his strongest performance. He's kind of been an every-other-week hottie. I have faith he'll get 'em next time.
Another not-so-pleasing sight -- but nothing in comparison -- was seeing Mandisa's feet squished into her shoes. Even more unsettling, Ryan taking them off saying she had "moist ankles." Ewww! What's with her and the "dogs barking"? Her feet, the jaw thing (where she barked at Ryan)... That chick can belt it out there, but boy is she an odd one. Paris had Paula on her feet dancing! And there was another Fantasia comparison -- this time by Stevie Wonder. Wow! Although I don't see it, Paris is too sweet. And it was a total compliment from Stevie to Elliott when he said, "You should definitely choose this as a profession." He did great! Taylor brought the funk with his electric performance. Chris rocked out hard with his version of Higher Ground. Once again, giving me no doubt that he's taking this competition all the way. Lisa signed, sealed and delivered yet another stellar performance. The stunning Katharine dazzled. Pickler looked fabulous, but I couldn't stop yawning during her performance. And she was the second contestant. Then there's Kevin, "little Kevin" as the great Stevie Wonder called him. Did you hear him defending himself to Simon: "I wasn't expecting much from you anyway." Go Kevin! Which brings me to... You can't forget the lyrics at this stage in the game, so bye-bye Melissa. She actually got the lyrics right when she sang, "this time could mean goodbye," and I really think it will.
More tomorrow...J

The only thing I am sad about tonight is that Taylor Hicks won't be strutting his stuff!!!

Groove on Soulman.

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