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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Zap Some of My Humor In The Blog

Frank Zappa, the Master. "Stinkfoot" vid c/o cradstein

The Hicks' conspiracy, Howard Stern, and Stinkfoot. Life can be fun.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Lois Gibson

The Tale of Two Women in the life of Taylor Hicks has perhaps come to a conclusion. As an admitted American Idol watcher which resulted in my becoming a Taylor Hicks' fan, I have tried to keep up with what the man has been into since he 'graduated' from the show. Last Summer, an on-line acquaintance directed me to a gossip site featuring photographs of Mr. Hicks on a frothy beach with a young blonde woman. My first impression, viewing the pictures was how his bathing trunks were rather ill-fitting, perhaps he'd had to purchase them spur of the moment.

I stayed on the site long enough to make a comment on how she looked like my kid sister. I was there long enough to be appalled by some of the venomous comments by many of the posters on the site. That was my introduction to the, for want of a better description - underbelly of this man's fan base.

I remember back in the early days of Taylor's run on Idol, I engaged in "conversation" with now past blogger of Hicks' on how he felt almost frightened by the intensity of some of the fans that Mr. Hicks was attracting. I thought he was joking around, but perhaps he meant some truth in that comment. I had very little experience with that, my blogspot pals stopped by here and there to comment, but I hadn't ventured into the Hicks' fan world much. Hell, I was relatively new to blogging and did not even know how to get anything I wrote set up for the hits on alerts. I have, in the past, habitually maintained a relatively low profile on my writing spaces concerning A.I. subjects.

I had written some months past, that I did not think there were two women. It did not seem logical, feasible, believable. (Of course that post went completely ignored by the real hate site, the Caroline Lyders Fan Club.) I told MFOYA I could not find evidence in the photos rendered to conclusively declare I thought that the pictures were of two different women. There were so many more similar target facial points on the photographs than dissimilar. I actually spent a few hours one day examining them. I checked all the MFOYA points and could not come up with a conclusive, "Yes, you are right, they are two different women" and I told MFOYA that much, then blogged about it. Thing is, Lois Gibson is a much better intrinsic artist than I. She can fabricate images out of descriptions, from almost thin air from details provided from witnesses, from bone fragments. It's documented in many reports how she has come through and solved cases, identified people. She's absolutely amazing.

Having said that, during American Idol 5 I was completely smitten by Taylor Hicks. His devil-may-care, lay-it-all-out persona was intoxicating. Watching Mr. Hicks take that Idol stage and rock the house, sometimes sending Simon Cowell home speechless was exciting, invigorating, electric. Taylor Hicks made some excellent television. I was one of the folks who thought when the man walked off that show he was going to change the music world. I really did. But as time passed, that surely did not materialize, and in reality, it was an unfair and unrealistic goal set for the guy. It was monumental he did what he did on that reality television show - that show should be honoring him for that accomplishment. My appreciation for the show is not what it once was because of the short-sightedness behind the brilliant minds behind it. You can be a genius and still lack common sense, it is a fact.

In and through all of the things I have been through during these past months with MFOYA, as well as with the meanness and oddities I have encountered with those anti-MFOYA fans; in a transverse and converse manner, my interest in Taylor Hicks has seemingly been re-ignited rather than snuffed out. Honestly, I had started to lose interest in my blog's subject. I had seen many instances of bad decisions, by inattention to what it takes in today's internet arena to cultivate and maintain fans and I was fading. I admit I wasn't in love with the post-Idol Cd either, it was too commercially washed out and bad decisions were made on singles. I didn't like the basic philosophies I was seeing in some of his 'insiders' either, too many with small town minds and small town visions. The post-Idol Taylor Hicks just wasn't hitting the mark for me. Visiting fan sites in general read silly and pablum fluffy with no interest for me.

I hold hope that this man rises to the occasion and since this news is hitting a more open market, addresses it with that same devil-may-care, lay-it-all-out-on-the-stage persona I first fell in love with on Idol. Should he not - that too is the man's option and prerogative, but choices are what life is all about. I also read Howard Stern was knocking, man, go for it.

Aside from the Easter Bunny 'television moment bit',this is the Taylor Hicks' passion I fell in love with:
"Taking it to the Streets"

"Jailhouse Rock" prime example of how Taylor owned this show:

How about a little "Hair of the Dog"?

Heart breaker, soul shaker
I've been told about you
Steamroller, midnight stroller
What they've been saying must be true

Open the "Doors"

A little Psychedelic Hippy Rock fits my mood tonight. Open the "Doors".
Riders on the Storm"

"People Are Strange" vintage Ed Sullivan

"The End" video c/o obrez

"Evidence" Thelonius Monk

hicksfan7, my thoughts on the MFOYA story later. Busy day...groove on.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Shall We Dance?

Play the video, it adds to the moment. "Chicken Dance"

That's a big "Cluck You" to those lovely Sunny bashers over at the Caroline Lyders Fanatic Club.

Monday Morning Fun

Man, dig the shirt dress with the hoop. The happy smiling people, Goofus with his air guitar ala butter knife - this video full of grins and giggles.
"Mean Woman Blues" The King video c/o JordonChad

Changing course, check out this guy I found on the Youtube; vid c/o RonnieShellist:

Ronnie is a member of a damn-fine sounding band called the Shuffletones. Check out the site for more of their tunes, and here's a link to watch Ronnie and Jeremy Vasquez improvise.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


"96 Tears", by "?" and the Mysterians

First time I heard this Great tune I think I was 8... we were spinning tunes at a slumber party...

This guy the original "Prince" kind of guy. Man, a Mexican hippie and a symbol for a moniker, he was well ahead of his time.... That said, we're not going into his space alien story...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Pretenders In Your Head...

Foofighters, "The Pretenders" vid c/o peachygnr

"I'm the voice inside your head you refuse to hear
I'm the face you have to face mirroring yourself
I'm whats left, I'm whats right, I'm the enemy
I'm the hand that takes you down and brings you to your knees

so who are you, yeah who are you, yeah who are you, yeah who are you
even in the dark, you know they all pretend

what if I say you're not like the others
(even in the dark, you know they all pretend)
what if I you're not just another one
(even in the dark, you know they all pretend)
look at your face, you're the pretender
(even in the dark, you know they all pretend)
what if I say I'll never surrender"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Perry Cataldo, Idol's Bad Boy

BabyDaddy Perry Cataldo has a bad boy past and TMZ couldn't wait to dish out the dirt on the guy. It seems Perry Cataldo had let his temper get the best of him and was arrested with a concealed handgun. Fighting in a bar; I've known a few guys to walk on that wild side a time or two, wonder if he's a biker? No information on that, at least not yet.

Good to know he's working on turning his life around, signs of a great guy the way he's raising his boy. Kid obviously adores his Pop. You don't raise a great kid like his without having some valid parenting skills. Nobody's perfect. Hell, I love Bad Boys.
Perry Cataldo, Audition: vid c/o idolfanatic4

The guy's got a good voice, nice sense of melody. Potential here, let's see how Hollywood treats him.

"Born to be Wild: Steppenwolf/Easy Rider vid c/o WilliamKnak

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol 7 Initial Auditions

So far no one has come out singing "A Change a Gonna Come". That being a good thing, since it's already been done. None of the contestants have really struck my fancy yet, as budding great contestants, but the BabyDaddy from last night, Perry Cataldo with his long ponytail and adorable Mini-Me son, caught my eye. He possesses a decent voice and the judges were impressed. His look reminded me of Henry Garza of the Los Lonely Boys. Perry's story line, his son's Mother's sudden demise. Perry Cataldo's being a man and stepping up and doing right by his boy, intriguing. He just might be around for a while, we'll have to see how his singing commences further.

I had noted the huge influx of the BabyMommas, accompanied by their touching tales of struggle and strife - it only fitting and fair we have a representative of the other side of the coin of single parenting. Mini-Me son, Avian's parting words to the camera, "My Pop’s going to Hollywood".

Controversy seems to be trying to brew over some of the contestants that will enter that hallowed ground of the final 50, then final 24 going into the show this year. Topic being that several of the contestants have had prior music experience and even record deals. I'm not holding that as an unfair advantage considering none have actually 'made it' - if they had they'd not be on this reality talent show.

American Idol's premise to find that undiscovered talent. Undiscovered defined within my understanding as talent most of us, the general public, have not heard of them before. It's not like any seasons before had featured contestants that had recorded Cd's or been performing in bands for a number of years. Subject of this blog spot to name one. Another past contestant that comes to mind, Bo Bice. Last night during the San Diego auditions a gal by the name of Carly Smithson, formerly known as Carly Hennessey tried out. The judges knew of her, apparently she'd tried out previously in season five. She's a girl from Ireland who had experienced visa problems and so was disqualified after making it through to Hollywood. She's apparently not new to the recording business as she had previously been signed to MCA and issued an album that fell flat with sales in the 400 range. There's a video out on youtube put together by the recording company. Now some think that she should not be allowed to compete on Idol and I disagree. Obviously she's still a struggling artist - and man, I have to give her kudos for her tenacity and determination, she hasn't given up. She fits the Idol criteria in that she is undiscovered talent. Certainly someone saw her ability and potential - but for the mass public obviously we do not know who she is yet. That makes her an undiscovered talent.

It's extremely early in this reality game called Idol; considering how the show flows, what you have ultimately is a level playing field. The success will go to those who motivate and move the audience to get their fingers in motion and dial that phone.

"Los Lonely Boys" video c/o wierdgirl
Henry's got that crazy hair. Love. That. Guy.

Los Lonely Boys with Willie Nelson
"Cisco Kid" video c/o Sunkdribble90

The new season of American Idol is kicking off.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Midnight Confessions

Something... I read yesterday made me think of this band and this song:
"Midnight Confessions" Grassroots, video c/o dg290659

The Grass Roots was a band developed by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri in 1965 in Los Angeles, California. In their career, The Grass Roots achieved two platinum albums, two gold albums, thirteen gold singles and charted singles a total of twenty-nine times. Between 1967 and 1972, The Grass Roots were on the Billboard charts for 307 straight weeks. They have sold over 20 million records worldwide. Since the disbanding of the original group in 1975, early member Rob Grill and a newer group of Grass Roots continue to perform and tour with many shows each year. More on the group at WikiPedia.

While roaming youtube this morning I came across this tune by The Kinks; always have loved it:
"Lola" video c/o Clausule LYRICS

Oh,look there's my Little Buddy, hopping by again...

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Funny Side of Religious Manipulations

Oy Vey, The Light is Bright and showing the way!
It never fails to intrigue me as well as amuse me by the ways Christianity or for that matter any form of religion is sometimes manipulated in an attempt to glorify a writer or speaker. This ploy is often incorporated to coerce the gullible into believing your point of view. I mean, after all, if the Lord's name and or scriptures are used it must indicate this speaker is saying the truth; speaking on the Right side for the Lord, ergo they too are pious, correct, enlightened and to be believed and honored, celebrated.

Casting of demons a common theological standpoint in many sermons, too, this idea is often misused in everyday arguments by individuals striving to make a point. Often these practitioners guilty of the same crimes they damn others for - yet think misguidedly, by incorporating a Christian theology, they will be abolished of their 'sins'. This misuse of the Christian theology, harkens back to pagan rituals in which curses cast upon others to cause harm or wish ill will; mainly as a conceptualization and motivational tangent to gain 'victory' over their target of wrath or enmity.

"Losing My Religion" R.E.M. video c/o marelolucio

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grinding an Ax

Indigenous style: video c/o Idubski

This man reminds me so much of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn. You can hear more from him on his myspace. Or here on his free music Official site. Gifted musician - and he looks amazingly like my first husband. The man and his band will be performing this March at the Langerado Festival held on the Big Cypress Indian Reservation.

He certainly knows how to wield that ax... or as some would refer to it, his guitar.

Pond Scum, CL Fan Club, Similarities

Over at the Caroline Lyders' Fan Club yesterday they devoted yet another day to insult me and twist my posting I left at MFOYA. You know Pond scum does coagulate together on the surface of the pond...

My post that captivated them yesterday, "I think the intensity of emotion regarding Mr. Hicks’ honesty hits fans because of what he has to say in his book, how he presented himself on Idol.

As a follow up to this story hitting RADAR, and perhaps about to snowball elsewhere, a statement from the man to his fans might be a good idea. Not a statement just addressing this situation about Ms. Lyders, but to address the craziness of some of the fans. He’s the only one in a position to try and unify the whole mess, not one of his spokes people; that won’t cut it.

MFOYA, you’ve upset the apple cart and the fruit is bouncing all over the road. Some of the fans are going completely over the edge, but perhaps they were already dangling their legs over the precipice. Reality, it’s a nice place to visit, folks."

It's true MFOYA upset the apple cart in many of Hicks' fans lives, just look at the CL Fan Clubbers. They all come to visit this site daily just looking for ways to make fun of me and rant insults in a misguided view they are helping Taylor Hicks. Really a sad way to live out your days.

Yesterday's observation from my little buddy, hicksfan7:
hicksfan7 // January 19, 2008 at 5:48 pm
"and now the poor thing has delusions of her phone ringing too…

Apparently this post, Call Someone Who Cares, was somehow perceived to be directed towards Mr. Hicks... Really why that association? It was directed elsewhere.

Some on the site profess to striving to attempt to unite the fans again, she wrote on this site recently, "Have I ever made fun of some fans, I sure as hell did, but no more, whatever I may think of some, my efforts will go towards bringing them together not dividing them."

That must be why she continues to post on the CL Fan Club and join in on their attempts at making fun of everyone and anyone they perceive to be not part of their group. She also decided in chat on the CL board that she was one fine looking lady.

From chat:
JAT: but why would you get a homely pic of yourself and put it on the internet

mafoyasucks: she is a loon.. she had a nice blog until she lost it with all of this shit

bluesgirl: so that's her best shot?

she used to post on AI

mafoyasucks: she posted another shot of just her eyes

bluesgirl: she did have a nice blog then

JAT: I had a older one of me on my myspace for a while but I was drop dead gorgeous!

From the looks of that photo MFOYA's assessment of JAT's age hitting late 60's to early 70's might not be far off.. (pic of henry8, Soultime, JAT, Karoray)
To me he just got caught having a vacation fling and felt like he had to spend some time to make it look like a real relationship so the churchie fans wouldn’t think it was just a booty call.
and as recently as December 1 she posted at MFOYA and in chat:
Just A Thought
December 1, 2007 at 8:32 pm
Sittin down town at a railway station
One toke over the line
Maybe two tokes.

Well at least she likes to party.

Yes, like the pond scum coagulates on the surface of that pond, these Fan Clubbers hang together, thick and green.
"Who Cares" Gnarls Barkley LYRICS
video c/o vo0doodude

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Call Someone Who Cares...

(video c/o bigdmcko1)
Because I don't give a damn.

Taylor Hicks "Naked in the Jungle"

Taylor Hicks, "Naked in the Jungle".
skeeter226 comes through again with a great video

Catching up:
Article in a local Palm Springs' paper Hicks' was seen hanging out, writes, "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks kicked back in the outdoor cigar lounge and puffed on a stogie. The gal writing the piece adds, "Superficial assessment: Looks trimmer than usual. Hair also seems less gray. Taylor Hicks getting cute."

From the description, "Freshly rolled cigars. Tiny bottles of gin. An ice luge for shots of vodka. Strangely hypnotic go-go girls in white bikinis."
Sounds like a recipe for a good time to me.

Yet another review from Manila gives Hicks' praise and appreciation for his performances during his stay. In Neil Ray Ramos' article titled, "Hicks gets Slick", "Just like when he slowly but surely won over many to his cause during the fifth season of the popular TV singing contest, American Idol, Taylor Hicks broke stereotypes and exceeded expectations when he flew in recently for a short visit and to perform in several gigs."

Mr. Hicks has a new DVD "Whomp at the Warfield" due out this year and promises of a new self-produced Cd.

There - we're caught up. Almost....

One more thing, my personal inverted fan club dubbed erroneously the Caroline Lyders Fan Club; sorry CL, I have no idea why they've abandoned you like they have, continue with The Sunny coverage. This lovely little group(ies) - of mine are still hanging on my every post. Considering their obviously erroneous claim that the only folks who care about me or what I write are those at MFOYA, I think they might need that "intervention", and a 12-step plan to get over following me around and posting everything I write. Tag yourselves, chill, et all in the ones "who care" category. You all obviously do. Still, they continue to try and suppress my freedom to speak.

Check ya chicas later.
Chill and her "Obsession" c/o gkkaul7

Thursday, January 17, 2008

RADAR Magazine Rumbling in the Jungle of Taylor Hicks' Fans

Counting Crows, "Accidentally in Love"
video c/o kathyjones007

Radar Magazine posts an article focusing on one topic I've been talking about - the part of Taylor Hick's fan base freaking out, creating havoc, mayhem and in general acting like wild animals. Let's pause and reflect while we listen to Jethro Tull's "Bungle in the Jungle" video c/o jturner225

Venturing into the world of the fan base has been - well for lack of a better word, interesting. I yearly get into the fray on the A.I. Boards, it's been amusing and entertaining. I hang with the Worsters on VFTW and just have a little fun with the Idol season. Previously I had tried to hang out in the Hicks' fan forums as a means to stay in touch with what might be happening in his career, but there'd always be a certain group hanging on the board just a smidge too intense for my taste.
It's a jungle out there.

"Idiots". indeed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why I Love John Mayer -No, It's NOT What you Think...

John Mayer's Absolutely Intelligent, Funny, and so very "Real" Blog.

Yo, Johnny, good man to stand up for my fellow Texan, the unfairly maligned, Jessica Simpson. Misguided fans indeed. Johnny your mind is a beautiful thing.

I have to add, scroll down to John's 'Douchebag' post. A Must Read.

"Vultures" John Mayer video c/o vicioustruth

Johnny, man, this show looked like it rocked; Real Tight.
"Belief" John Mayer video c/o vicioustruth

Love this tune.

Too bad about those Cowboys though...

Riding High on the CL Fan Club Bus

Now where'd they leave CBB?
Man, that's rough. R.I.P., CBB...

Hell, there's her cellphone...
video c/o strat2caster

This recorded with Robert Johnson playing "Travelling Riverside Blues" on his square neck Gibson Hound Dog Dobro tuned to "open G".
"Travelling Riverside Blues" is a blues song written and recorded in Dallas, Texas by legendary Dallas bluesman Robert Johnson.

Running in the "Badlands"


For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside
That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive.
I wanna find one face that ain't looking through me
I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sending out an SOS

Dedication to the Girl Wonder, Supergirl, for all the brilliant things she does: saving sanity one Brain at a time. Lyrics
The Police; "Message in a Bottle" video c/o OBellusO

(Thank you for stopping by, I adore you chica!)

Monkey on My Back

....drum roll, the Bachelor of Arts goes to:
(click the pic)
I've got a real monkey on my back who's apparently just "Ape" over me.

A few nice old tunes:
c/o feznfrat "Monkey Business" The Hollies

James Brown; "Sunny" video c/o gazelloni

Monday, January 14, 2008

Idol Blues Keeps on Trucking

Immersing myself into the Soul Patrol fan world of Mr. Hicks is certainly providing me with an education. I've been learning a great deal about myself, and have received a minute taste of what the celebrity must face in his or her position in the public eye. This foray into the psychology of the world of intense Idol worship, a borderline psychedelic experience. (Please enjoy the videos, they add to the story.)
"The Backstabbers" Song by the O'Jays

(video c/o Noromongrel)
On-line identities allow folks to masquerade web site to web site with relative anonymity, changing their names and handles as they see fit forum to forum. This ability often allowing the posters to deceive and manipulate others who may be unsuspecting. I am discovering the type of persona, the caliber of fan that made it possible for Mr. Hicks to have pulled off a win of such magnitude of American Idol season five. This type of fan possesses intensity and single minded determination. They can be a bonus or a bane, but definitely in the realm called reality, borderline disturbing.
"Snakes in the Grass" Kim Hill video c/o eden512

Kim Hill has an amazing voice, a gifted Christian soul singer. You can hear more from her on her site, HERE.

Experiences add to learning and life should be all about that - the quest for new adventures and personal growth. When a person ceases to learn more about the world, as well as about themselves, they cease to evolve, they begin to die. Granted not all lessons learned are positive, at least not initially. The test of an individual comes with what you do with what you've discovered.

Me, hell, I just gotta keep on "Trucking" video c/o Hairfarmer

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Will It Go 'Round in Circles?

Taylor Hicks' career could be experiencing a circle of it's own. What once began as a growing assemblage of fans pulling together to elevate the man to the top of the season five Idol heap is spiraling into a freak show of toxic, caustic wasted space. True fans have watching in semi-horrific fascination, this relentless on-line tussle of stories, words and women on the beach. Sadly, some fans are opting out of the Hicks' base, exiting lest they become associated with the fanatical group haunting bloggers and gossip sites.

The on-line presence know as MFOYA did certainly do their share to develop turmoil by even bringing up the possibility that some sort of 'sham' was created as a cover for potential Taylor Hicks activities that might not be perceived as exactly 'wholesome'. Regardless, the true blame and shame needs to be placed squarely where it actually belongs; the shoulders of the individual(s) who began the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. Initially, under the guise of desiring to spread more positive information on-line for the hapless Ms. Lyders this group began banding up. Almost immediately it became clear the purpose for this Fan Club was not to come to the side of Ms. Lyders. The true underlying purpose for the creation of this rather pointless and vindictive site, to utilize her name as a way to goad and harass MFOYA. They've taken that steps further, concentrating on voicing their displeasure toward anyone who even posts on the site.

I find the CL Fan Club entertaining and fascinating similar to the way I might find watching a larvae morph into a mosquito. Gross yet, curiously engrossing.

"Creepy creatures" indeed; with Fan Clubs such as this and fans such as these, let's hope that we're not going to see Mr. Hicks involved in more downward circling career-wise, instead winding up in more gossip and spin in magazines.

Eric Clapton and Billy Preston - "Will It Go Round In Circles?" video c/o egnal94

Ah, Mr. Hicks, all of this makes me sad.

Bat Cave aka MFOYA chat

Yes, once more I will stoop to the trailer park trash level that is the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. Once more I'll infest this blogspot with the lower level intelligence, just because I can... and I'm ok with it. It's for a good cause.

Let me put on my Spidey suit and step up once more for the fight for Truth, honor and all that is N O T on that site of Freaks.

Let's roll this evening with mentioning celebrityblondebabe (because that's what she craves):

celebrityblondebabe // January 12, 2008 at 8:54 pm

HEY JEANNI…!!! I am the celebrity here…so, my part must be BIG…besides writers are on strike and are broke as hell. I have finally laughed…had a rough day…lost my cell phone…stumped my toe…but, have not taken my SOUTHERN BELLE jammies off all day…it was a lazy day…hope I did not loose my phone in the lake…that would be bad. BUT…coming here just perked me up…You guys crack me up!!!

Let me make clear, I am not making that up. You can go here to read the complete post and commentaries.

That has to be trailer park trash at one of its finest comedic level - I can only hope that SOUTHERN BELLE gets a shower and her clothes on once in a while. Too, getting drunk all day by the lake in her pajamas, and most likely collecting welfare or unemployment, not an admirable lifestyle. At least this blatant genius did not 'loose' (sic) her phone in the lake while getting trashed all day in her SOUTHERN BELLE 'jammies. Dear readers we know it is 'lose' because well, 'loose' ... well, I guess that explains the drunk in the 'jammies all day at the lake...

Meanwhile she pipes in a mere two minutes later with this brilliant quip:

celebrityblondebabe // January 12, 2008 at 8:56 pm

OMG…that is it, Chill…The Chat Bat Cave. ROFLMAO.

I find that a compliment since I love Batman. (Hell, superheros in general.)Chill's in this one, she's the Joker...
video by Ozbruno

This video dedicated to the Fanatics, it's from me to all of them for MFOYA. I'd rather be wrong than be associated with the likes of you True Trailer Park Asses.
"Heroes" c/o ghostnv

And to the highly ignorant, " icantbelieveireadthewholething" who wrote:

January 12, 2008 at 5:42 pm

mfoya = deluded, rejected wannabe groupie.

It’s really the only thing I can say to explain how much she hates Taylor.

And that Sunny? What a misnomer that is, right?

I haven’t liked her since her blog first launched. She put Taylor’s name right there in the URL and never talked about him. It’s only been within the last few months that she has mentioned him at all (and it’s usually in reference to mfoya or the bullshit that is going on over there).

You illiterate fool. This blogspot was The First Hicks blog - it opened before Gypsee's and before Gray Charles'. Research then speak. I really am disgusted with the rampant stupidity of the Fanatics and anyone posting with them.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


"Outside" Staind video c/o IPstaind

That I’m on the outside
I’m looking in
I can see through you
See your true colors
Cause inside you’re ugly
You’re ugly like me
I can see through you
See to the real you

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ch-ch-Chain of Fools

The Taylor Hicks' Girlfriend site is humping MFOYA for attention once again. Yes, the mind-muddled prose challenged fans at the Caroline Lyders Fan Club have been hiding and spying with wild abandon on MFOYA's site. Seems they may have been experiencing somewhat of a brain boggled frenzy at MFOYA's recent posting, "Bereid me op voor het zal zijn moeilijke... waarheid kwetst..".

Checking out the post, I read how cute my little buddy hicksfan7 can really be. She is such a 'pleaser', striving so hard to be chill's little helper. Hicksfan7 valiantly attempts to demonstrate her devotion to the Fanatics.

Striving for creativity, she features 'me' as saying, "Icky words come out of my mouth just like dirty oatmeal." (Looking around at my posts, I have failed to find the 'icky words'.) Anyway, you go girl, jump right in with the Fools. Get down and dirty! Make chill proud.

Meanwhile celebrity(not)blondebabe, not to be left-out struggles mightily hoping for a mention. (Here you go.) In her always completely idiotic, raving brilliant manner she taunts, "Well…Henry8…I will be glad to take the brunt of your assassins…".

You see the topic had focus on henry8 and Jeanni being considered 'stars' regarding being commented about on MFOYA. You know you've made it when... Yes, I'm sure she'd rather it be all about her - starved for attention much, chica?

Seriously, click the link to their site above, it's a great opportunity for a laugh out loud moment.

"Shove het omhoog uw rearends. Dank u voor de lach, Liefde, Sunhildebroom.

"Chain of Fools" Aretha Franklin video c/o Ultracoolsixties

Oh, one more thing, this just in from RADAR Magazine, Taylor Hicks and His Maybe-Fake Girlfriend" article presented by Neel Shah. Some Glamour about Neel Shah.
To The CL Fanatics, Have a Festive Friday!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Us and Them" in the Realm of the Taylor Hicks Fan World

Taylor Hicks fans, click video then read the lyrics - video c/o rrempl

Us, and them
And after all were only ordinary men.
Me, and you.
God only knows its not what we would choose to do.
Forward he cried from the rear
And the front rank died.
And the general sat and the lines on the map
Moved from side to side.

Black and blue
And who knows which is which and who is who.
Up and down.
But in the end its only round and round.
Haven't you heard its a battle of words
The poster bearer cried.
Listen son, said the man with the gun
There's room for you inside.

I mean, they're not gonna kill ya, so if you give em a quick short,
Sharp, shock, they wont do it again. dig it? I mean he get off
Lightly, 'cause I would've given him a thrashing - I only hit him once!
It was only a difference of opinion, but really...i mean good manners
Don't cost nothing do they, eh?

Down and out
It cant be helped but theres a lot of it about.
With, without.
And who will deny its what the fightings all about?
Out of the way, its a busy day
I've got things on my mind.
For the want of the price of tea and a slice,
The old man died.

Tell me folks in the on-line Fanatics insanity what am I saying? Clue?

Click video, then read lyrics: Dedicated to MFOYA

Into the distance, a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back
A flight of fancy on a windswept field
Standing alone my senses reeled

A fatal attraction holding me fast, how
Can I escape this irresistible grasp?
Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, i

Ice is forming on the tips of my wings
Unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything
No navigator to guide my way home
Unladened, empty and turned to stone

A soul in tension that's learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try
Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, i

....A dream unthreatened by the morning light
Could blow this soul right through the roof of the night

There's no sensation to compare with this
Suspended animation, a state of bliss
Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, i

Thank you, baby.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Taylor Hicks: Life is a Highway

News on Taylor Hicks getting dropped by J Records took on a new slant yesterday. Previously it had been scripted in press releases that the man had been 'dropped'. Terminology regarding this news was prevalent in newscasts, on-line and in the regular press. Yesterday word issued, from J Records that the company would remain interested should Hicks want to return after he's completed his independent work.

Hicks is perhaps electing to try a road less traveled, but perhaps eventually becoming a more prominent avenue to market his music. Increasingly musical artists are currently exploring this route, which would work well, especially if your name is already in the market. Considering Studios and production billing take a huge chunk out of the profits out of the sales of albums, the ability for today's consumers to easily download tunes and whole albums right off the internet, it certainly makes fiscal sense, at least on paper. Perhaps eventually we'll see artists eschewing the long-time ideology of needing a studio to record successfully, as more artist elect to utilize that big wide and free tool - the internet - as a much more cost effective way to market and manage their music. It might be possible we see a turning in the industry to having management companies handling the touring promotions and product marketing development, leaving the artist free from the historically known drain the Studios with their contracts impact on an artist's creativity.

In this article issued on MTV.ca, Radiohead and it appears Coldplay as well, are going it without labels.
"What's good for Radiohead is apparently good for Coldplay. According to various reports, including one from British newspaper the Daily Star, Coldplay may be mulling a departure from EMI, the band's longtime label home. Radiohead ditched the label and released its last album, In Rainbows, independently online."

Taylor Hicks currently is signed up with Creative Artists Agency, also known as CAA Speakers. This organization provides organizations and companies access to a variety of entertainers, and sports figures available for speaking events. They also provide services that include marketing through entertainment, "strategic counsel, communications, and philanthropy consulting". Mr. Hicks' page with the company is located on the site in his bio.

So Mr. Hicks getting "dropped" by J Records, indeed appears to be not the exit ramp off that highway he's been traveling all these years. Yes, Taylor Hicks, one door closes...
"Soul Thing" fan video by KarinP

To see concert footage: PaytheDevil's.
"Life is a Highway" (for some comic levity) Rascal Flatts with video c/o AgentKrissy

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Taylor Hicks writes in the "About" section of his myspace page:

A statement from Taylor: To all my fans and The Soul Patrol, I want to take a moment to talk about the recent news that my label and I have mutually parted ways. The important thing for all of you to remember is that I've been a working musician my whole life. This is turning the page on a new chapter of my career. Artistic freedom and control is an exciting prospect. The things that are most important to me is creating my art, performing it, and my fans. With the momentum that all of you have created over the years, Taylor Hicks is not going to stop anytime soon. I've started working on the new album, writing and scheduling exciting collaborations. The DVD, Whomp at the Warfield, is in it's final stages, and will be released soon. So as one door closes, a new one opens for 2008 with more excitement for all my fans than ever before. Sit tight, because the best is yet to come!

This brings a change in format regarding communication from the formerly somewhat elusive Mr. Hicks. He emerges on-line, making a much needed statement to his fans and the Soul Patrol. I appreciate his wording in that first sentence.

Taylor Hicks is experiencing a change in his career, as has been run up and down in the press, J Records is no longer the label for his music. In the statement from the myspace page, Mr. Hicks writes that they have mutually parted ways, which is pretty standard industry speak in this situation.

Time again for Taylor Hicks to embrace changes; after all his rendition of "A Change A Gonna Come" during that long-past American Idol audition (click that link) has carried him this far. He's perhaps one of those cats that can roll with changes, challenges bring on the creative flow. Most likely this a good thing to once again see a "change a gonna come" for Taylor Hicks.

Communication directly with your fans in this on-line communication crazed world a necessary in todays' market for success in the fickle world of celebrity, especially music. I hope Mr. Hicks continues with adding to his myspace and talking to his fans. This would be another advantageous change.
"Changes" Video c/o blackbowie

What other changes might be seen in the man's life? Stay tuned.

"The Policy of Truth"

"The Policy of Truth" c/o Warner Brothers Records

The truth will set you free. Always.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Press Pumping the Dumping of Taylor Hicks

I first heard rumors that Taylor Hicks had parted ways with his record company contracted through American Idol a few days ago. Shortly after, the Taylor Hicks google alerts began popping. Now it has also come to light that he's also been released from 19E.

Mr. Hicks entered into the reality singing contest as a way to, as he put it, "have his voice heard". With that simple stated desire he lit up the show. Contrary to some of the talk that circulates around American Idol, and the humorous arguments that ensue regarding the outcome of season five, America did get it right. Certainly Chris Daughtry, who finished fourth, has sold more music but Hicks made that season one of the most successful yet for the franchise regarding viewer response and excitement. During season five Mr. Hicks 'owned' Idol, I wrote a piece regarding my thoughts on blogcritics.org, 19E and American Idol Owe Taylor Hicks.

Most of the Taylor Hicks news alerts that I have read say basically the same things:
Reality TV World includes this in their article, "Hicks' self-titled debut dropped at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 album sales chart during its first week of sales in early December 2006, selling 298,000 copies. By March 2007 the album had sold 640,000 copies, but had dropped to 136th on The Billboard Top 200 album sales chart and had Hicks hoping he wouldn't become the first Idol winner to see his debut album sell less than a million copies."

Celebrity Mania has this to add to the situation, "Hicks thus becomes the second former Idol winner to get pushed out from the company in the space of three weeks. Earlier, the label dismissed Idol's Season 2 champ Ruben Studdard after his third LP "The Return" turned out to post very slow sales numbers."

TV Fodder posts, "Looks like Taylor Hicks is the underdog again."

Beth Gaston Moon of Blogging Stocks writes, ...only about 18 months ago, when Taylor Hicks was crowned the winner of American Idol Season 5. Fists pumping, and with "Soul Patrol!" being invoked, the gray-haired soulster prepared for a life as America's next pop superstar.

How fickle we are as a nation of fans. Reports from Entertainment Weekly now indicate that Hicks has lost his deal with J Records..."

This excerpt from Billboard says, "Hicks told Billboard last year that he had signed a three-album deal with the label following his "Idol" victory, and that "We all knew what we were getting into when we signed the contracts." This especially revealing now with this current turn of events.

Truly Taylor Hicks is not a top 40 styled artist, he will never be that, but he has the potential to break through the popular music ceiling, create his own space. Folks who say that his genre of music should not be heaped in the commercial music pile forget Ray Charles, forget Otis Redding. What about Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, guys who have a different stylings, delivery and artistic approach yet have achieved much commercial success. Commercial success can not be just defined as being a James Blunt, or sounding like the rest of the mainstream players in their genre; it's finding that niche, that special groove. Taylor Hicks can certainly deliver entertaining tunes live, but he's had years of practice. Being able to communicate that live vibe, that live magic, that live passion onto plastic will be the defining aspect to enable the man to truly have his voice heard.

J Records and Clive Davis were never a good fit for Mr. Hicks. Taylor knew that from the beginning, and during that interview with Billboard said as much. It was the best he had to work with at that time. Choice, seize the opportunity and go with what it may offer.

Mr. Hicks comes across as a fierce and courageous fighter with vision. During A.I.5 he impacted the show's viewers by his heart full of hope, drive and determination. Taylor Hicks reflected back at us a glimpse at what we all seek, whether openly or secretly in this world - the ability to lay your passions, your soul on the line and make it happen and succeed. Throw your caution to the wind, leave that devil at your back and go for it. The door at 19E has closed, fans will just have to see what door Mr. Hicks has in mind to open next.

Cat Stevens "Peace Train" c/o geofront88

"Open Doors" c/o ciciboy19

Sunday, January 06, 2008

MFOYA Mirror Goes Up. MFOYA Mirror Comes Down.

The Taylor Hicks fan world continues to implode. Apparently stresses over the topic of Caroline Lyders combined with a brief respite while Taylor Hicks gave some free concerts in Manila topped with the parting of J Records, have many fans teetering on the precarious edge of that shelf called sanity.

A new site was born, I believe yesterday, titled, "MFOYA Mirror". Formulated with written premise to provide a voice for Taylor Hicks fans to post responses to commentary and accepted postings read on the infamous MFOYA site. Copyright infringement was violated, immediately entrusting the demise of the newborn MFOYA Mirror blog site. Speculators, mainly the crowd that had gathered to post their snark and witticisms believe that the on-line presence known as MFOYA had the site removed.
"Spinning Wheel" Bo Bice c/o twinkltz425

Colorful and pornographic messages came up on the MFOYA Mirror, written allegedly by poster Jeanni of chill's Caroline Lyders Fan Club. The posts centered around her sexual attraction to and her desire to do "the naughty" with MFOYA. Too, posts written under her name expressed a keen desire to put her lips around Mr. Hicks' "stick". Naturally Jeanni denies having taken a walk on the wild side within the liberties of a non-moderated site.
"Walk on the Wild Side" c/o noCoffee

With promises to be reborn like the fabled Phoenix, this post from the mfoyamirror individual, found on the Caroline Lyders Fan Club:
(Think the sites are related?)
mfoyamirror // January 6, 2008 at 8:15 pm

Just for your information, Wordpress did not make me shut down the blog. I shut it down. I got an automated message from wordpress that I had to respond to because obviously someone reported the blog (gee, wonder if it was the six of them that were coming to the blog from MFOYA private chat?) Ya think? The reason I deleted it is there were some unbelievable XXX rated comments that made me blush, to say the least. That’s not what the mirror site was put up for. I will be putting a new blog up with the same concept, and my first post will be copying the message I’ll receive back from Wordpress to prove to you that they did not delete it. See you then. xoxoxoxo

(Of course, the insults and jabs directed toward and about me were just hunky dory.)

First knowledge for me, regarding the MFOYA Mirror blog came tonight; I received a 'tip' and link to the site. The tipster asked me to read the blog. Then as I was about to post something witty (in my mind at least) in response to the spewer, celebrityblondebabe, the blog went "poof". It was Amazing.

One of the inhabitants to this new and now newly defunct site, my own personal 'fan'. This obsessed individual also frequents Splash and over the past months has developed a fetish about my lipstick, my lips and MFOYA's ass. To you, my sick, sad freak:
Prince, video c/o albana

This one sticky example of the chaos and psychosis evidenced by some of Taylor Hicks' fans. This site, MFOYA Mirror, was set loose within the rabid fan base of Taylor Hicks, sans moderation, and swiftly formulated a frenzied font-crazed crowd. In the minority, and to their credit, a few posters expressed they had genuinely gathered with the sole intent of having their voices heard. Alas, faster than you can stomp a defenseless Bug, the phrase, "the lunatics are taking over the asylum" sprang into life.

What's the Frequency...Taylor Hicks?

Taylor Hicks recent events and news on the internet is seemingly building to a crescendo. The on-line drum roll that began building dissension is rolling within the fan boards into an all out cacophony of written explosions. On-line drama is being evidenced between blogs and boards as well as within the same board's forums, their members, their moderators. Topics of debate and discussion: Taylor Hicks/Caroline Lyders romance, J Records and Hicks parting ways.

Information emerging from MFOYA have posters reporting that the long-standing site, The Boogie Board forum has closed up shop (temporarily, I'm guessing) due to "management issues".

TaylorMadeSoul.com has had an problem with the number of hits to the site establishing errors within the data base, resulting from the amount of interest directed at a thread covering the same topic the on-line presence known as MFOYA initiated many months back. This single thread on TMS, last count was well over 50 pages of responses; it wound up looking like this for now.

I decided to print this particular posting which I think makes a humorous and accurate appraisal and synopsis regarding that TMS thread discussion. What KEB writes could fit into most of the other fan board forums and web site discussions:
KEB, a member from New York on TMS wrote:

Watching these two threads is like watching an old gladiator’s movie everyone swinging trying to see who they can kill or at least maim.
We have attacked each other and questioned the reputation and circulation of some start up magazine. I have seen people who don't give a rat's ass waste more time and energy trying to convince everyone they don't care. If you really don't care then stay out of the thread there are more places to play in TMS then here.
Beyond TMS blog wars are raging. You think MFOYA is crazy check out the anti mfoya sites the inmates are running the asylum out there and it is insane.
What is my take on all this: a very tongue in cheek article was written in a magazine know for not taking much of anything too serious, in fact it is a snark fest.
The Hollywood credo still is no publicity is bad publicity as long as they spell your name right.

T-A-Y-L-O-R H-I-C-K-S. Yep it's all good.

My next step this morning was to go in search for information on the Taylor Hicks 'official sites'. (It's Sunday, I'm 'playing' on-line for a while.) Sadly I found no information or enlightenment regarding any on-line brouhaha. I did discovered one thing of interest - for me anyway - hitting my links and then searching google, I seem to be missing something. Looking for the paying fan site formerly known as Taylor Hicks headquarters and formerly published in my links as taylorhicks.com I kept getting directed to this link - Taylor Hicks Myspace page. I finally found the paying fan site under taylorhickshq. Again no information on any of the topics of interest, merely solicitation for memberships. Interesting?

Missing links? Missing boards? Missing information; I have to ask:
"What's the Frenquency" ... Taylor Hicks?
REM video c/o wikkitclown

Friday, January 04, 2008

"Where Ever I Lay My Hat"

Taylor Hicks' real life is increasingly resembling this song, "Where Ever I Lay My Hat". Alec Harvey of al.com. interviews Taylor Hicks about his recent tour in Asia. Mr. Harvey, broached the topic of Taylor Hicks' named love interest, Caroline Lyders.

He wrote,
" Hicks also has time for other things.

Although he still declines to discuss his personal life, he has been linked to Milwaukee TV anchor Caroline Lyders. After his appearances in Asia, Hicks headed to Milwaukee before heading back down South.

Hicks is affably evasive about where "home" is these days.

"For now, if I'm in one place for two weeks, then that's where I live," he says. "Milwaukee is one of those places."

Mr. Hicks also voiced surprise by the reception of his American Idol finale song, "Do I Make You Proud", saying,
"`Do I Make You Proud' is a nice-sized hit in Asia," Hicks says. "People know me over there because of that. It's amazing that the song I didn't think was right for me has taken off over there."

Apparently the managers running Hicks' camp have not filled the man in on the internet buzz regarding American Idol and Taylor's appeal generated from that part of the globe. Asian Idol, incorporated that song in their finale and folks familiar with the Eastern culture would understand 'the why' regarding the appeal. The Asian culture strongly values family, work, history, and tradition. Making your ancestors, your family proud, having your name viewed in a positive light, important.

News about J Records dropping Taylor Hicks was not brought up, but the prospect of opening a club in Birmingham was, with Mr. Hicks saying details were being discussed but nothing firm or signed regarding the venue.

"Where Ever I Lay My Hat" c/o BoogieBoardVids

Here's another from BoogieBoardVids:
"My Home's in Alabama"

Taylor Hicks Gets Dropped. Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

Taylor Hicks joins Reuben Studdard in the listing of American Idols dropped by J Records. The industry as a whole is a fickle bitch, so all I can add is 'shine on you crazy Diamond' regarding Mr. Hicks. Carry on.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dire Straits - "Private Investigations"

"Private Investigations" c/o Alchemyforever
It starts slow, but man, wait for it...
Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler - "Private Investigations" video

You can hear the Django Reinhardt influence. Sweet, sweet tune.

"Its a mystery to me
The game commences
For the usual fee
Plus expenses
Confidential information
Its in a diary
This is my investigation
Its not a public inquiry"


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Radar Magazine

The Taylor Hicks' fans, at least in the on-line world, have been following a story about a brief vacation Mr. Hicks enjoyed many months back, in Maui with a blonde companion, later named as being Caroline Lyders. The world of the Taylor Hicks on-line fan world, has experienced its ups and downs since the man competed on Idol. The situation that has arisen, stemming from the romp in the surf in Maui, has become yet another issue creating division among some of the fans of Taylor Hicks'. Focus of the topic, subject for division, Taylor Hicks' companion, as well as the subject whether celebrities really should or can expect fans to remain out of their private lives.

Venturing into many of the mainstream fan forum type sites a reader will find the majority of the posts revolving around Mr. Hicks' music, questions about future albums and tours. There are the typical 'fangurlly' posts about Taylor Hicks' physical appeal and his dancing styling. Seldom, though usually presented delicately in a 'politically correct' manner, mentions are brought up about Mr. Hicks and Ms. Lyders.

Many of these fan forum sites have no desire to wander into a territory that could be considered potentially libelous or smack of any legal ramifications. As in the world of tabloid magazines, web sites that venture into tabloid territory can be held accountable for any misinformation or lies they might spread and therefore perhaps be held under cause for a law suit. Too, with fan forums, the goal is recognition from the subject, preferably positive. Having a 'good name' in the fan world, especially any mentions by the subject, drives memberships, and so go hits. This enables the owner of the site to increase the viability of their site. It might be denied by most of the site owners, but goal in mind for these sites possessing forums, to generate some kind of income for their time and efforts, and of course to cover that precious bandwidth. Not an easy task.

Trouble in 'Taylorland' began again cropping up following the frolic in the surf with a mystery companion. As his fan base buzzed with questions about her identity, an e.mail was issued to the fan forums complete with clues about her identity allegedly sent by a member of Hicks' inner circle. The clues lead to Ms. Caroline Lyders of WISN in Milwaukee. Problem that arose, a further rumor that it was not actually Ms. Lyders on the Maui sand with Mr. Hicks.

Initially I thought nothing of Mr. Hicks having some fun in the sun. The guy works hard, has ample opportunity to meet attractive women to spend quality time with, so good for him. Curiously rumors began to surface and persist that there was some type of bait and switch in progress. That the lady on the beach was not Caroline Lyders. The legs of this story walked straight to the now infamous site, MFOYA. Claims are that the lady on the beach with Mr. Hicks was someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ms. Lyders but did not perhaps possess her 'pedigree'. This story of the possibility of a 'fake girlfriend' scenario sparked more talk and debate. This story too, seemed to follow rather closely on the heels of another gossip rumor that speculated and questioned Mr. Hicks sexual orientation. Someone - of course - their name "Anonymous" - had come forth with stories that Mr. Hicks' appeal to his female fans, the majority of his fan base, would be in vain. Said rumors brought up Rock Hudson and Doris Day comparisons.

Ms Lyders, although she has not come out with direct confirmation that she and Mr. Hicks are in a relationship did agree to be interviewed, published in the Milwaukee On-Line, submitted by Drew Olson, Bobby Tanzilo, Andy Tarnoff and Andrew Wagner. In an excerpt from the interview, "Yes, Taylor and I are friends," Lyders told Tanzilo Wednesday morning, "and as a journalist I respect your asking. But beyond that, I'd rather not comment on my personal life."

When this story was emerging regarding Ms. Lyders becoming a friend of Mr. Hicks, information also came forth that she was already engaged in a long-time relationship with another man, Aaron Ruffcorn. Seemingly when the pictures and the story broke about her accompanying Mr. Hicks to Maui, Mr. Ruffcorn was unaware of the state of his relationship with her. Speculation arose that somehow Mr. Ruffcorn was involved in generating the doppleganger story, which has proved unfounded. Currently, Ms.Lyders is no longer in the employ of WISN, and in pursuit of other options. Regarding the status of Mr. Ruffcorn and Ms. Lyders, no more information has been issued.

The on-line presence known as MFOYA has stood by their findings that a 'sham' has been established in an effort to cover for Mr. Hicks. Whereas "Anonymous" had inferred that reasons for the photo shoot was to negate rumors that Mr. Hicks was gay, the focus at MFOYA has remained simply that Ms. Lyders was selected as a 'front'. She was to be a cover up for whatever the Hicks' camp thought needed coverage and paint a happy relationship picture with an individual of good credentials.

Frankly I can't see the logic nor the common sense for anyone in the Hicks' publicity corner to perpetrate this scenario, but then I am not privy to the ideologies behind 'making celebrity'. I'm not one to 'wrap my brain' around that type of scheming or machinations. As has been pointed out repeatedly by MFOYA, Hollywood creates this type of illogical bait and switch story line all the time. To MFOYA's credit this has proven true time after time in the world of Hollywood.

The Radar Magazine article that hit the newstand this week and is posted on MFOYA, does not state anything of definitive fact nor name names of the supposed real players involved. It remains unsubstantiated whether or not the tale of two women really, is truth and indeed has 'legs'. Instead, the Radar Magazine publication choses to take the path of revisiting the topic of Mr. Hicks' sexual orientation, writing, "Mindful of long-standing gay rumors about the star, Hick's camp was quick to publicize the canoodling as the soul singer's hetero coming out party..."

Radar Magazine follows this up with retelling the cover-up story which coincides with MFOYA's perspective, concluding that no one from either Ms. Lyder's camp nor Mr. Hicks' camp would step to the fore and confirm either the relationship or lack of one. It's still an unresolved issue and so will more than likely continue talk among interested parties in the on-line and now, possibly, outside the on-line fan world. Some say this is the 'tip of the Iceberg' with more news imminent. Regardless of whether this is indeed the tip of an iceberg that could sink the Hicks' ship or just a flash in the pan that will sizzle and fizzle out, it is indeed a winding maze of a tale.

"The Maze" c/o stacy311 (one of my favorite Hicks' songs)

Sympathy for the Devil - a song for MFOYA

Taylor Hicks gossip circulating around the Caroline Lyders story hit the newsstands today in - so far, "Radar Magazine". This issue out now, featured on the site I have frequented due to the interesting blogger, MFOYA. This is a video and song for them. c/o zeleyak
"Sympathy for the Devil"

To those who want to make more of my words than is there, take this for what you will:
"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" c/o JDL9615

Ride on man, to each their own soul, their own heart. Be true to you.

Happy 2008 everyone, from Idol Blues.