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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pond Scum, CL Fan Club, Similarities

Over at the Caroline Lyders' Fan Club yesterday they devoted yet another day to insult me and twist my posting I left at MFOYA. You know Pond scum does coagulate together on the surface of the pond...

My post that captivated them yesterday, "I think the intensity of emotion regarding Mr. Hicks’ honesty hits fans because of what he has to say in his book, how he presented himself on Idol.

As a follow up to this story hitting RADAR, and perhaps about to snowball elsewhere, a statement from the man to his fans might be a good idea. Not a statement just addressing this situation about Ms. Lyders, but to address the craziness of some of the fans. He’s the only one in a position to try and unify the whole mess, not one of his spokes people; that won’t cut it.

MFOYA, you’ve upset the apple cart and the fruit is bouncing all over the road. Some of the fans are going completely over the edge, but perhaps they were already dangling their legs over the precipice. Reality, it’s a nice place to visit, folks."

It's true MFOYA upset the apple cart in many of Hicks' fans lives, just look at the CL Fan Clubbers. They all come to visit this site daily just looking for ways to make fun of me and rant insults in a misguided view they are helping Taylor Hicks. Really a sad way to live out your days.

Yesterday's observation from my little buddy, hicksfan7:
hicksfan7 // January 19, 2008 at 5:48 pm
"and now the poor thing has delusions of her phone ringing too…

Apparently this post, Call Someone Who Cares, was somehow perceived to be directed towards Mr. Hicks... Really why that association? It was directed elsewhere.

Some on the site profess to striving to attempt to unite the fans again, she wrote on this site recently, "Have I ever made fun of some fans, I sure as hell did, but no more, whatever I may think of some, my efforts will go towards bringing them together not dividing them."

That must be why she continues to post on the CL Fan Club and join in on their attempts at making fun of everyone and anyone they perceive to be not part of their group. She also decided in chat on the CL board that she was one fine looking lady.

From chat:
JAT: but why would you get a homely pic of yourself and put it on the internet

mafoyasucks: she is a loon.. she had a nice blog until she lost it with all of this shit

bluesgirl: so that's her best shot?

she used to post on AI

mafoyasucks: she posted another shot of just her eyes

bluesgirl: she did have a nice blog then

JAT: I had a older one of me on my myspace for a while but I was drop dead gorgeous!

From the looks of that photo MFOYA's assessment of JAT's age hitting late 60's to early 70's might not be far off.. (pic of henry8, Soultime, JAT, Karoray)
To me he just got caught having a vacation fling and felt like he had to spend some time to make it look like a real relationship so the churchie fans wouldn’t think it was just a booty call.
and as recently as December 1 she posted at MFOYA and in chat:
Just A Thought
December 1, 2007 at 8:32 pm
Sittin down town at a railway station
One toke over the line
Maybe two tokes.

Well at least she likes to party.

Yes, like the pond scum coagulates on the surface of that pond, these Fan Clubbers hang together, thick and green.
"Who Cares" Gnarls Barkley LYRICS
video c/o vo0doodude


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Sunny, these losers lack creativity. They don't know how to blog and be funny,all they do copycat and cut and paste. TIF (mfoyasucks) is an older woman (she is also such a idiot that she accused a 15 year old of being MFOYA) Jat looks to be at least 70+ (everyone has agreed she is not well), Chill has grown children (she is older as well). Nope, these aren't high school girls. What is even sadder is that they are so slow that they interpret EVERYTHING incorrectly. You want Taylor to call you now? Anyone that would interpret your post that way is because they are moronic and shouldn't be let out of the house- let's not mince words. Morons. This war they've taken up against MFOYA is hilarious because nothing they have done has helped Taylor Hicks at all - in fact made it worse for him and MFOYA is always check mating them anyway. This last thing with Radar? My God. That was hilarious. They should go back and look at all their posts of what they THOUGHT Radar was saying and feel real dumb...REAL dumb.

  2. Hi you,
    Thing is, when they come here and want to post I put it up. On the CL Fan Club site they can dish dirt on me with all the aplomb of the schoolyard bully, and of course, not let the other side be heard.

    That said, it makes them look more stupid when they knock MFOYA for not letting some of their nonsensical ramblings through.

    JAT is acting like a woman scorned because she was ousted from MFOYA. Clarification, not so much for her comments on the site as much as her duplicity everywhere else, I imagine.

    I paste the comments from the Fan CLub so they know exactly what and whom I address, lest they misinterpret. They have that propensity.

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    yes you called it right once again Sunny - those pondscum!
    those bunch of "name-callers"
    that gang of blog-post copiers and pasters,
    those rotten mean-comment makers
    that stupid dumb-ass post-copier to someone's MySpace
    (oh wait that was you)

  4. Cee, I mean, JAT, or is it henry8 or karoray today? Letting you know what that is like baybee. You can't draw first blood and not expect me to knick back. Ever fenced baybee?

    That was a Counter-Time move. Now you go run and make nice in the world of uniting fans while you run amuck Making Fun of Everyone Else's asses. Screw you and the High Horse you're trying to ride.