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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sympathy for the Devil - a song for MFOYA

Taylor Hicks gossip circulating around the Caroline Lyders story hit the newsstands today in - so far, "Radar Magazine". This issue out now, featured on the site I have frequented due to the interesting blogger, MFOYA. This is a video and song for them. c/o zeleyak
"Sympathy for the Devil"

To those who want to make more of my words than is there, take this for what you will:
"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" c/o JDL9615

Ride on man, to each their own soul, their own heart. Be true to you.

Happy 2008 everyone, from Idol Blues.


  1. Henry811:13 AM

    Little sympathy left for a paticular devil.

    But thanks for my favorite song of all time. If I had the ability to write a song, "My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys" would have been the song I would have written.
    One thing about cowboys, they always seem to know whats their business and what isn't. And the good sense to leave people alone to live their own lives and keep their own counsel.
    Very good blog on TMS about the Radar article. You might want to read it if you get the chance.

    signed Henry8/Jat(aka the stupid loon) Hee Hee and also soultime and karoray. (I need fewer names)

  2. henry8, I will post what I think of the Radar article and MFOYA in another blog, later.

    Yeah, I love me some Willie Nelson, and this song.
    Love this stanza:
    "My heroes have always been cowboys.
    And they still are, it seems.
    Sadly, in search of, but one step in back of,
    Themselves and their slow-movin' dreams."
    Somehow the song hit me as a fit with Hicks' scenario, his career, the 'talk', the whole past year. I think momentum will begin to build for the man, provided he stay the course with some of the changes he's just begun to incorporate. I'm pulling for him.

    Your friends at CL Fanatics were trying to slyly run me down again. They must have decided in their private 'chat' to go easy and try to be less blunt. It's like someone from their site watches MFOYA every few minutes - soon as anything new hits MFOYA they are on it and as soon as I post anything, bham, they have retorts. I don't think they even read me, they just see my name and run with it. Someone sends me emails to let me know I'm in their discussion. Wonder who that is? (I don't think it is you, they don't write like you.)

    My reply last night on MFOYA held no disservice to Mr. Hicks, just that hey, MFOYA has brass. You know they do, henry8.

    I felt badly that Junebug was harsh toward you - outside of this mess I think you two might have been on-line friends.

    Happy New Year.

  3. henry8 send me the link to that article. Haven't seen it yet.

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Happy new Year, Sunny!

    May this be a good year for you, that you get a new car(!) and your Lupus doesn't bother you (i will pray that).

    Don't let the rumors of Taylor being with CL in Atlanta fool you. They were planted rumors. He was with Bill and buddies, getting drunk i'm sure. Mfoya confirmed this 100%. You know Mfoya's track record.

    I think the Radar article is the tip of the iceberg. Every act has consequences and this sham stuff brings Taylor into some very rocky waters. He will make it through with some big lessons learned.

  5. Thank you for your well wishes. Man, tok the words from my blog post I"m going to put up soon. Icebergs. LOL Same page I guess.

    Regarding the rumors, from what I have heard MFOYA is on target about Atlanta. It soothes the Fanatic hearts to read and think it though. Ah, what works.

    I can say I wasn't getting hits from Milwaukee for a short time and now they're back, although the hits to the blog from WISN have ceased. Interesting.

  6. mfoyasucks, aka chillsuckup writes on the Team Chill site:
    mfoyasucks // January 1, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    Okay, who is sending Sunny emails regarding conversations in chat? LOL. Once again, the Sunny one wants to feel important but it isn’t working. The only thing I remember in chat that remotely had anything to do with her was the conversations we had regarding her thoughts on the latest Radar rag issue. And yes.. it is a rag.

    My stalker could not leave my blog alone for even one day. She must subscribe, waiting with baited breath for my next words. You baby are the one creatively trying to imagine what I'm thinking about myself. You hate to think I might have an insider in the Fanatic Club, I'm sure, but it's not the obvious one you might think...

    You're welcome any time to actually post here, don't be such a fraidy cat. Stop posting my blog all over Splash too, that's truly pathetic.

  7. mfoyasucks // January 1, 2008 at 4:50 pm
    (off the CL fanatics' site)

    This is to Sunny,

    I do not post at Splash, I can’t even get the page to load for me.. so I have no idea what is being posted over there. It must piss you off though.

    And as for an insider over here? I could care less, I say everything openly. No secrets. I could care less what is brought back to you site. Doesn’t bother me a bit.

    Hey I'd deny it too if I were you. It doesn't piss me off, it's just sad.

  8. Anonymous12:02 AM

    hi, this is a well written blog. I love mfoya's site. I don't post much anywhere but read everything. The radar article is a pretty huge deal. I am really surprised MFOYA or whoever managed to get this published. Just because it's not an easy thing to do as you probably know. The article is neutral which is good, but it's going to cause a big stir especially during Idol season now. I enjoy that magazine too actually. MFOYA's made their point and I see this blowing up even bigger if I had to make a bet because i think taylor is guilty of what he's being accused of. Why or whatever, doesn't matter. But this whole "it's no ones business" is just so plain stupid. Taylor made it everyone's business. I love how the ones that say it's no ones business partake and post more then anyone else.... yada yada yada and it's no ones business.

  9. Henry81:38 AM

    Sunny, I hardly know where to begin. No I do not think MFOYA has brass, I think she has obsession and a over inflated sense of importance. Big difference.
    No, Bug and I would not be friends, I could not be friendly with someone who thinks some celebrity owes her a explanation about anything in his private life unless he is breaking the law.
    He is under no obligation to tell her the truth about anything and he is not going to learn a lesson from anything that some deluded, obsessed fan says.
    And you do Taylor a disservice everytime you allow someone to think that their silly little opinions of how he lives his life is going to have any effect on him.
    They would like nothing more than to think that they have some power to effect his life or career. Well, they can dream on. It ain't gonna happen. And why would they want to embarrass him or have a negative effect on his life or career? What the hell did he do to them?
    You don't know any of the conversation that has went on between me and various people at MFOYA. I have heard "Taylor deserves it" one to many times not to know that someone is angry. Why, who knows?
    Of course, they are close friends of his, so close that they have to lie, deceive and trick to get information about where he is and who he is with. Information that is of course none of theirs or anyone elses business. I know all about what great "fans" they are of Taylors. Just as long as his actions meet with their approval.

    And oh yes, The Radar article was so impressive, after all it made the teenager giddy. It was laughable. All they succeeded in doing was to get someone to mention the ridiculous gay rumor again. A pimple on a gnat is of more importance in this world than they are. Its past time they figured that out.
    And I have seen very, very little conversation about you in chat. Of course I am not there all the time.
    I haven't emailed you, tried to once about something, it kept coming back to me, wasn't important anyway. And sucks seems way to busy to be worrying about pasteing stuff. Every site has a few over involved folks, but I would just be guessing so never mind.

    And what do you mean that it soothes the fanatic hearts to believe it. Believe what?
    Are you talking about Taylors whereabouts? I didn't need them to tell me. If I needed to know I can find out myself. I didn't need to know. Seems he was in Atlanta, not at he ball game, and no mention of the girl friend. So??
    Hope he had a great night. Don't know if the GF is still part of his life. Probably she is in some capacity. But I don't care. Thats one of those things he must take care of all by himself. I don't think hes looking for advice from anyone. Looney tunes signing off.
    Tha-thats all folks.

  10. With that intensity, rather than just posting on other's sites henry8, you should start your own blog.

    I don't know all the machinations behind the minds over at MFOYA, I only hit their chat about once a week, and we just talk Taylor music mainly. Some may feel he owes them something, perhaps, but I've not run into that very much. Regarding Junebug, you can think what you want to of them, but you really don't know them, you're just making conjecture.

    As far as 'sucks goes maybe she's not the one coming to my blogspot sometimes over 7 to 8 times per day, posting my blogs on SPlash, etc...but she certainly takes my stuff over to CL daily. So regarding her time frames, no I don't think she's that busy, she seems to be on-line a lot. I have a decent tracker, time frames match up. Maybe it's not her but it is a CL'er. Regarding the chat, I really don't care about how much I am discussed, that wasn't the point, point made the modifications they are making in the way they are bashing me and word from one of their own. No matter.

    Stand up for them all you wish but they really haven't done Mr. Hicks a lot of favors either.

  11. To Anonymous, it is curious how for so long it's been complete denial over the story about Mr. Hicks' companion, and now it's 'leave him alone'. Waiting for the "Leave Taylor Alone!" video. Talk like this is to be expected with celebrity. It happens.

    Regarding the truth in the MFOYA story - whereas there is some evidence painting a unique picture for a doppleganger tale, nothing conclusive - yet.

    The world of celebrity is a strange one, they sometimes switch partners like 'normals' switch shoes. Publicity that to a 'normal' would hurt their life seems to often help their careers...so who's to say.

    True that Taylor and his pals did make this, to everyone who is interested, their business. It's been handled rather strangely.

  12. Henry89:22 AM

    Sunny--Just one thing, you say I don't really know anyone, thats its only conjecture.
    I actually know quite a bit. But be that as it may, why is it fine for every one else to indulge in conjecture but not me.
    The folks at MFOYA seem to think they live at my house. They know exactly what I am like, why I do what I do, what I think and why I think it, and the fact is they have never been right about any of it. They tell me that I think I have a special connection to Taylor. WTF, nothing could be further from the truth. They tell me that I can't admit that Taylor would do anything wrong. You couldn't get more ridiculous than that if you tried. Truth is, I know as much, maybe more, about them as they know about me. So if they are allowed to indulge in conjecture, so am I.
    I have not known the online MFOYA nearly as long as some, but I have known her since the day she rose out from under her "Rock".

  13. Anonymous10:38 AM

    henry8, you seem to have some serious issues here. Maybe you should consider some kind of therapy offline since this seems to distress you so? I visit all the sites and you spend an incredible amount of time discussing this matter over and over again. Especially MFOYA. You have some kind of obsession with MFOYA? Whatever MFOYA is saying is panning out to be true. They say Taylor will be here or there and he is. Continuously they are right... More than I can say for ANY of the fools running around stressed out over a matter that doesn't involve them.

  14. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Not sure what happened to my post, so I'll post again....

    Has it occurred to anyone that MFOYA is someone from Taylor's camp? His romantic life is keeping the buzz about him - it makes perfect sense. CL has benefitted also and it keeps people talking. Remember, it's when nobody talks about you anymore that you have to worry about.

  15. taytaysfan12:50 PM

    Why pick on Henry8, she has her right to voice her opinion and defend herself. I have spoke with henry in MFOYA chat, she is not insane, jealous of Caroline Lyders or MFOYA for that matter. It seems when the heat is on MFOYA all the followers come to her aid.

    Sunny, nice post. I'm happy to see that for the most part you agree with me. Radar didn't really tell us anything new, informative.. only rehashed MFOYA ramblings. Time will tell what is in store with the bait and switch "scam".

  16. hicksfan67:01 PM

    You hang in there Henry8 - you're doin' just fine. And don't sweat any comments from someone who will only comment anonymously - pffft.

  17. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Well, Sunny, Mfoya just left a rare compliment for you on the blog!

    Hustler:"Just googled Radar and Taylor Hicks and the first thing that popped up was Sunny’s blog.. guess she’s really capitalizing on mfoya’s traffic…"

    MFOYA: "As she should. If it gets people to read her writing then it’s a good thing."


  18. Henry88:37 PM

    anonymous, when will you develop the balls to leave your name?
    If you weren't so sad you would be funny. I do get under your skin, don't I? Good.
    Believe me, MFOYA causes me no real distress of any kind. Shes just sort of an annoying bug that won't go away. But you know sooner or later it will get swatted.
    Almost nothing that MFOYA says is true and even if it were, so what? Oh, she knows Taylors whereabouts much of the time? Well good for her, not sure I'd brag about that. And why does this matter involve you any more than it does me? Not sure I understand why you are allowed to be involved but others aren't. Whatever. Don't worry about the "incredible" amount of time I spend on the internet. It amounts to very little compared to what you guys spend. MFOYA doesnt' stress me, because I know what truly important , life and death issues are, this is just a distraction.
    And if I stumble over any therapists I'll be sure to send them your way. You guys would be a challenge.

  19. "Anonymous" I've been out all day, and so the posts are on hold until I get home.

    Sorry for the delay. Good points.

  20. taytaysfan12:14 AM

    I'd love to know what difference it would make in our everyday lives if the scam were true? Will it really have any affect on us? I know it wouldn't for me. I still don't see why this subject is so upsetting to those over at MFOYA.

    After all of these months.. Sigh...

    I'm glad I don't get all worked up over this issue, it isn't worth it now really?

  21. The issue interests me in the way it affects the fans, the on-line and now perhaps off-line community involved.

    MFOYA interests me. henry8 interests me. The idea behind the story interests me.

    Get worked up about it? No. The only thing that has 'worked me up' about this issue is a certain Fanatic Site that began dogging me for just posting on MFOYA. That said, I guess you could say that mindless, irrational fans interest me.

    Regarding the ramifications of the scam on you or I taytaysfan, it won't affect us either way in our appreciation of Mr. Hicks. Same holds true for henry8. That's why we are interested.

  22. mindingmyown11:45 AM

    henry8 since you don't know taylor hicks how would you ever know if anything mfoya says is true or not? You wouldn't. It's so amazing to me that fans that are so outside of this situation actually think they have some kind of knowledge to make statements about what is or isn't true. Get a grip. What MFOYA does is their business, what Taylor does is his. This is between Taylor and MFOYA. I don't see MFOYA attacking fans, I see MFOYA calling out and challenging Taylor. Doesn't even affect the nosy fans and its not their business what either side does.

  23. Well said "mindingmyown".

    MFOYA avoids interacting with the MFOYA bash sites and their minions... Me, well, I gotta go to bat from time to time, I'm not as controlled obviously.

    Vested interest perhaps, and well, I'm just that crazy. It's my sad sick rebel soul. My Freak Flag still flies, indeed. LOL

    That said, MFOYA has never insulted Taylor's music, nor his talent, so we're good.

  24. It's noon,CST. I will be out until tonight, moderation is on - leave your comments and I'll post them when I get in later. Thanks.

  25. Henry86:05 AM

    MFOYA calling out Taylor Hicks.
    I need an whole herd of those little rolling on the floor laughing icons.
    Overinflated sense of importance, anyone?