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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"The Policy of Truth"

"The Policy of Truth" c/o Warner Brothers Records

The truth will set you free. Always.


  1. Henry810:29 AM

    Loved your vid, great song.

    Now to speak a little truth.
    Your buddies just made my day. What am I, the number one topic of conversion? I love it. Hee Hee
    No kidding, sparring with the omnipotent MF keeps my old and wrinkled brain cells sharp.
    I don't need my age upped, I don't know how to knit, and wouldn't have time if I did.
    They like to think they know it all, but they know nothing about me.
    they may see a little less of me in the next couple of weeks, some really important things going on here. But I'll find some time I am sure and I'll be back.
    God, that was funny.

  2. Take care, and check in time to time.

    You came up in conversation due the associations...like I do on that Fanatic site. LOL

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Funny thing about truth, you either pretend it's not there (like the elephant in the room) or you face it head-on. I've done things both ways so I am less judgmental of those who find it hard to accept "the truth", those who live in denial.

    I've had to face some horrible truth in my life that should have crushed and broken me into little bits. It almost did. I guess in the end i came out stronger. The better way is always facing the truth.

  4. Same here, and yes, always face it head on whatever "it" is. Thanks for your post.