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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Perry Cataldo, Idol's Bad Boy

BabyDaddy Perry Cataldo has a bad boy past and TMZ couldn't wait to dish out the dirt on the guy. It seems Perry Cataldo had let his temper get the best of him and was arrested with a concealed handgun. Fighting in a bar; I've known a few guys to walk on that wild side a time or two, wonder if he's a biker? No information on that, at least not yet.

Good to know he's working on turning his life around, signs of a great guy the way he's raising his boy. Kid obviously adores his Pop. You don't raise a great kid like his without having some valid parenting skills. Nobody's perfect. Hell, I love Bad Boys.
Perry Cataldo, Audition: vid c/o idolfanatic4

The guy's got a good voice, nice sense of melody. Potential here, let's see how Hollywood treats him.

"Born to be Wild: Steppenwolf/Easy Rider vid c/o WilliamKnak

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