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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Funny Side of Religious Manipulations

Oy Vey, The Light is Bright and showing the way!
It never fails to intrigue me as well as amuse me by the ways Christianity or for that matter any form of religion is sometimes manipulated in an attempt to glorify a writer or speaker. This ploy is often incorporated to coerce the gullible into believing your point of view. I mean, after all, if the Lord's name and or scriptures are used it must indicate this speaker is saying the truth; speaking on the Right side for the Lord, ergo they too are pious, correct, enlightened and to be believed and honored, celebrated.

Casting of demons a common theological standpoint in many sermons, too, this idea is often misused in everyday arguments by individuals striving to make a point. Often these practitioners guilty of the same crimes they damn others for - yet think misguidedly, by incorporating a Christian theology, they will be abolished of their 'sins'. This misuse of the Christian theology, harkens back to pagan rituals in which curses cast upon others to cause harm or wish ill will; mainly as a conceptualization and motivational tangent to gain 'victory' over their target of wrath or enmity.

"Losing My Religion" R.E.M. video c/o marelolucio

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