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Thursday, January 17, 2008

RADAR Magazine Rumbling in the Jungle of Taylor Hicks' Fans

Counting Crows, "Accidentally in Love"
video c/o kathyjones007

Radar Magazine posts an article focusing on one topic I've been talking about - the part of Taylor Hick's fan base freaking out, creating havoc, mayhem and in general acting like wild animals. Let's pause and reflect while we listen to Jethro Tull's "Bungle in the Jungle" video c/o jturner225

Venturing into the world of the fan base has been - well for lack of a better word, interesting. I yearly get into the fray on the A.I. Boards, it's been amusing and entertaining. I hang with the Worsters on VFTW and just have a little fun with the Idol season. Previously I had tried to hang out in the Hicks' fan forums as a means to stay in touch with what might be happening in his career, but there'd always be a certain group hanging on the board just a smidge too intense for my taste.
It's a jungle out there.

"Idiots". indeed.

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