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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Will It Go 'Round in Circles?

Taylor Hicks' career could be experiencing a circle of it's own. What once began as a growing assemblage of fans pulling together to elevate the man to the top of the season five Idol heap is spiraling into a freak show of toxic, caustic wasted space. True fans have watching in semi-horrific fascination, this relentless on-line tussle of stories, words and women on the beach. Sadly, some fans are opting out of the Hicks' base, exiting lest they become associated with the fanatical group haunting bloggers and gossip sites.

The on-line presence know as MFOYA did certainly do their share to develop turmoil by even bringing up the possibility that some sort of 'sham' was created as a cover for potential Taylor Hicks activities that might not be perceived as exactly 'wholesome'. Regardless, the true blame and shame needs to be placed squarely where it actually belongs; the shoulders of the individual(s) who began the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. Initially, under the guise of desiring to spread more positive information on-line for the hapless Ms. Lyders this group began banding up. Almost immediately it became clear the purpose for this Fan Club was not to come to the side of Ms. Lyders. The true underlying purpose for the creation of this rather pointless and vindictive site, to utilize her name as a way to goad and harass MFOYA. They've taken that steps further, concentrating on voicing their displeasure toward anyone who even posts on the site.

I find the CL Fan Club entertaining and fascinating similar to the way I might find watching a larvae morph into a mosquito. Gross yet, curiously engrossing.

"Creepy creatures" indeed; with Fan Clubs such as this and fans such as these, let's hope that we're not going to see Mr. Hicks involved in more downward circling career-wise, instead winding up in more gossip and spin in magazines.

Eric Clapton and Billy Preston - "Will It Go Round In Circles?" video c/o egnal94

Ah, Mr. Hicks, all of this makes me sad.


  1. Margaret1:15 PM


    You hit the nail on the head. The MFOYA site is controversial but the blog and posters on it come up with intelligent postings. The CL Fan Club represents the worst of Taylor fans - the dregs - the ones he clearly doesn't want to meet up with. They drag down all Taylor fans by their vindictiveness and insane postings. It's clearly better to avoid them altogether.

  2. They're becoming so repetitive, it is getting a little boring; the entertainment quotient simply becoming disturbing.

  3. Observer2:28 PM

    Sunny, well said! It is true, the mfoya site is controversial. But like Margaret said, the posters and the postings are well thought out. They are not maniacal and they articulate their thoughts in an intelligent manner. I am just so embarrassed at the recent posts I've been reading on the Radar site as well. Now THEY TOO can see how unintelligent and classless some of Taylor's fans are. There's one there that's calling Radars very own readers "idiots" etc. It's just embarrassing. I don't know how anyone could ever think they were doing a good thing.

    The MFOYA site NEVER claimed to be anything other than what is is. They did not come on the scene pretending to be huge fans and then suddenly turning around and blasting the man. They have been controversial and envelope pushing from day one.

    The online presence of MFOYA comes across as an articulate and calm person who is very fact oriented, seeming aloof in their own way. They certainly don't jump into the pig sty and roll in the mud which is obviously what these fanatics want so badly. When MFOYA makes an error they correct themselves. These other people, I don't even know what they are. They are beyond comprehension.

  4. Henry84:26 PM

    Sunny, I don't even think you believe this bunch of crap. But if you do , well sorry. For the last 3 months at least , I have not read one single word on mfoya that even remotely resembled intelligence. Hatefulness, vindictiveness, revenge, some sort of a God complex, I have seen all of that but wherever that intelligence is, it has totally escaped me. Mfoya has jumped up and down and yelled at the top of her lungs that Taylor really, really cares about what she has done because after all she MUST be cared about. And oh yes, I know I am supposedly upset because they kicked me out, what a bunch of BS that is, If I had cared about being there why did I spend the last few weeks I was there smarting off to them. Did I not think they would kick me out? Contary to popular belief, I am not an idiot.
    There was only one woman, but even if there were more than one, who the hell cares, those little insignifant nothings at mfoya have no right to the details of Taylors private life. And neither does anyone else. No one except those 5 or 6 people who sit there and make up posts under various names care. And I don't even think they care. Their sole purpose in life is to try to cause harm to Taylor Hicks. Or get even with him in some way, or simply to prove themselves right. There are some fairly serious mental issues among that bunch. As far as the other site goes that you have such a problem
    with, I wasn't thrilled when they popped up either. I was disgusted beyond words with mfoya and I thought they would simply bring more attention to it. But at least the people there do not wish Taylor harm. They don't want to spend their time calling him a liar and a cheater, and a deciever. They have not set themselves up to be the one that must straighten him out and force him to apoligize to fans. What utter nonsense. There are one or two that are a little too overly involved to say the least but at least they are not hateful to Taylor.
    And despite the fact that mfoya and her tiny group have told me that he deserves it, he deserves it, 900 times, they never told me why he deserves it. And they never convinced me. I don't think he deserves any of this. He deserves to have some fans that just want to hear his music and quit worrying about his personal life. And for those who will say that I am not consistant, some of us are capable of realizing when we are wrong and straightening the hell out. On the other hand some can not admit to being wrong ever.
    I told mfoya quite some time ago that if she ever suceeded in getting anything published about this stupid and ridiculous story, it would only be something that would make fun of Taylor and his insane fans. Thats exactly what she got. I hope she is very proud. Come to think of it, if she thinks it caused him harm, she probably is. But she can't really harm him, he is so far beyond where she is at, he can't even see her in his rear view mirror.

  5. Anonymous6:14 PM

    oh henry8,

    oh brother. you are getting like Jeanni every day. How truly sad for you.

  6. Observer6:24 PM

    Henry8 are you Taylor's mother or grandmother? You sure sound like it. Taylor's a big boy, I'm sure he can take care of himself. Also, I did not read that article as making fun of fans. I saw it as bringing the rumors to light. They are surprised anyone even likes Taylor Hicks at all. But they actually made a lot of fun of Taylor and then were pretty straightforward with the story.

    Anyway, just went on to the Radar site to read the comments. Check out the pretty interesting post from RADAR themselves:

    This story might be far fetched, but is not impossible based on the photographic evidence and the tips received from various sources.

    Posted by: RadarOnline on January 13, 2008 5:23 PM

  7. henry8, the MFOYA that you have had conversations with is not the same one I have; at least they've never talked about teaching him a lesson nor trying to take him down.

    MFOYA has not in conversation with me ever spoken badly of Hicks. Now in the blog at times there is some sensationalism regarding terminology but that's part of the whole business of this type of focus.

    Regarding God complex, I've never gotten than from MFOYA, they are always calm and rational in discussions with me. Sometimes, like I said there may be some sensationalism, but I don't get God complex. None of the others over there have ever talked that way to me either in chat or otherwise. Perhaps that is simply your internal interpretation and your perspective.

    Then again,perhaps you are right and I just haven't seen it that way or heard that sort of thing from MFOYA. Maybe I have issues along that line and am not aware, and so don't see it in MFOYA. I think it possibly a matter of personality.

    Primarily MFOYA comes off more of a gossip news site rather like some of the others on-line, but a focus on one story at a time. This focus currently, Hicks.

    The CL Fanatics' site has hurt Hicks in countless ways. This whether you or they want to acknowledge. Certainly they only have positive things to say about him, but all five or six of the regulars run around looking for fight and trouble, especially chill.

    She loves to try and draw others out to 'compare' notes - she encourages others, as well as doing it herself, to copy and paste material from other sites to 'use' somehow later for reference. They take it and save it to their computers.(WTF)

    Chill has asked me several times to pull out and compare archives. What the fuck does that prove or what is the purpose? That's some crazy shit. Besides in much of my old archives I'm fawning all over the guy like a fangurl cheering him on through Idol.

    I'm not perfect as a human, and certainly not the model fan that these loons think I should act like but I have never disparaged Mr. Hicks.

    Chill tried to insult me the other day to 'return to obscurity'. I have never emerged from obscurity to return to it. This is simply an on-line blogspot and I'm a blogger and freelance writer. I'm not envisioning blasting into some form of stardom from joining on-line discussions about Mr. Hicks' life and whether he's been smitten by the Hollywood bug to create tall tales.

    I believe his life is his business as well, henry8, but I'm not naive to think now he's a celebrity nobody will question him and no gossip will spring up around him. I also will not run around verbally assailing anyone who dare even enter a conversation questioning his life or motives. That's fanaticism.

    Too, I have never allowed anyone to dictate whom I befriend. I never was a follower, even as a kid, wasn't one who went along with the crowd about who is acceptable to speak to and who isn't. I don't plan to start that behavior now.

  8. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Sunny, I too have been reading the mfoya site since Sept. I chatted in the public chat and now in the private chat. I've also had the "privilege" of seeing CL in person. I can make up my own mind. I think they are two people, but that is besides the point. I have also seen henry8/jat in there before. I have also NEVER EVER heard mfoya say anything like they want to destroy Taylor or anything remotely even close to that. I have never heard them speak badly of Taylor or his talents. I think anyone that it's that chat would agree with that sentiment...so no, you are not crazy or misinterpreting. I have heard MF say "I have this info and it's my right to do what I want with it." I agree. If somemone chooses to make poor choices and trick people into believing something other than what is true (especially a celeb) then getting caught (by anyone) is always the risk you take. I don't agree at all with this fake nonsense because I did at one point admire Mr. Hicks was being so real. I don't think he's so real anymore. That's the truth. No one is going to tell me what to do either. My money is as good as anyone elses, but that doesn't mean I'm letting the wool get pulled over my eyes and I will NOT be bullied into thinking conventionally because that is the politically correct thing to do. I would rather be considered a "hater" than disillusion myself and stick my head in the sand because it is easier. The Fanatic CLub is just that. They are fanatics and any kind of fanaticism is scary. There is a fanatic on the Radar site posting pictures of Taylor with women trying to prove that he is not gay. WTF? Thanks for the blog.

  9. Henry87:07 PM

    Sunny, you may not be a follower as I also certainly am not but you have been snowed big time. I was on the secret part of their private board and I know what they are. But you are only going to believe what you want, so be it.

    and to the one who is afraid to leave a name, Jeanni means well but we are not in the least alike and you know that. That jab didn't hurt a bit.

    And this is the best one, that I think I am his mother or protector. Thats not me, I'm not the motherly type. It mfoya that wants to make him own up to the error of his ways and straighten him out not me. I'm quite sure he doesn't need my protection or anyone elses but that doesn't mean that I can't tell someone who is being an ass exactly what I think of them.
    And if you don't think that article was making fun of mfoya and Taylor and his fans, than honey, you flunked reading comprehension. And I didn't .
    And now you are pointing to posts on radar. I am not adding to that bunch of fake posts. Radar will became Splash and ever more fun can be made of Taylor and his fans. I hope you are very proud of what you have done. Taylor Hicks can and will take care of himself, he in no way needs my help. I do not protect him or even defend his honor. He can do that. But I can call an ass an ass and I will do that.
    Sunny, you can believe what ever you want, but I listened to private plans months before this crap went public, months before you were involved. I know what I am talking about.

  10. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Why did this even have to be brought up here??

  11. Anonymous8:33 PM

    JAT what are you even saying? On that private board (which every mod and admin on the TMS site belonged to) there was NO Taylor bashing EVER, only Caroline speculation which you took a nice big part in and a lot of Boogie board pranking which you participated in. There was no private plans to take Taylor down, there was no private undercover scheme. WTF? I too was on that board and I don't make stuff up just to prove my point. In case you want to jog your memory, there's posts you made on MFOYA for months and months, they are right there in plain sight for anyone to see. Stop the nonsense.

  12. TaylorFan4Life9:21 PM

    henry 8 - You "listened to private plans"?!?!? Do you have any idea how that sounds? Like a conspiracy theory. I thought you weren't down with those. Oh wait, it's only the ones implicating Taylor that you disparage. As Sunny said, Taylor Hicks is a famous person. And--you may want to sit down for this--it is commonplace to speculate about the romantic lives of famous people. Hicks is not exempt. The reason why you get labeled as acting like a smothering grandma is because you are popping a blood vessel over the fact that he is not afforded special treatment.

    And Radar made their position clear with their response in the comment section: They had multiple sources for this story. No way would they have written about it once--much less do a follow up--based on intel from one fansite (mfoya.)

    It's all too obvious that you have an ax to grind with the mfoya people. But you may want to consider that people who wield axes tend to look crazy. Just a thought. Heh.

  13. Observer9:41 PM

    Sunny, also all the CL Fanatic site has done is attempt to create a "fan war." Thank GOD mfoya doesn't give them the time of day. Until that site came into existence, people just ignored MFOYA if they weren't into reading it. These lunatics think they are what? Protecting Taylor? What a joke. This about nothing other than a bunch of losers "with WAY WAY too much time on their hands", in fact so much Goddamn time that they created a blog about a blog (quite a few only one got pulled thanks to MFOYA) and spend all day talking on it. Now that is some REAL time. MFOYA is at least interesting and has a purpose. What's that other sites agenda? Their job is to micro-analyze MFOYA's every move and micro-speculate MFOYA's every move. And that is supposed to accomplish what? Because so far it's accomplished NOTHING, other than made them all look totally rabid and frothing. I don't think MFOYA has a God Complex, but hell, MFOYA should with all this "attention." These pathetic individuals actually spent Xmas day posting on their psychotic fanatic site. The MFOYA site was dead that day. Right there, it's pretty simple to see who the psycho's are. They can't even take a day off on Christmas.

  14. Henry812:26 AM

    Yes, she has a purpose and exactly what would that be?

    You guys were popping blood vessels while I was relaxing.
    Truth hurts, doesn't it babeee?

  15. Henry812:39 AM

    Hee Hee Hee
    Sorry I insulted your looks but that isnt't the most flattering pic I have ever seen of someone. I know you could do better. I am glad to see that my old friends haven't lost their touch about being able to hack into anyones private boards and chats. Really sweet folks they are. Yes, Sunny I was totally disgusted with you today. You have joined people whose sole purpose is to harm Taylor Hicks and has been since the old AI boards and VFTW days.
    I can not imagine what kind of hate and obsession makes you keep at this so long.
    But you guys have a blast I'm out of here. I have lots more important irons in the fire.
    But I wouldn't forget about me.

  16. henry8, it took hard evidence to believe, I really wanted to like you. MFOYA was right about you all along. They tried to warn me. I just had to get smacked on the head to believe it.

    You're right this pic on my site is not pretty, I have no makeup on, and hell I know I'm not the most attractive woman to walk the planet. I don't pretend I am...

    Funny thing how sane and normal you all think you are; the reality so far from truth.

    People like "Cee", aka "JAT", aka henry8, aka Soultime are one of the reasons I stay out of forums and most fan sites.

    To the CL Fan Club, before you get too smug about JAT, she's spoken about each and every one of you too when she was once allowed into MFOYA chat. All of it so 'glowing'. Ms. Jeanni she privately thinks is a complete certifiable lunatic. Mfoyasucks and hicksfan7, she's no fan of yours either...descriptors that come to mind relating to you two were, "pathetic, stupid, unintelligent", to name three; chill, you'd ban her from your chat and board ... but that's for another time perhaps.

    Forget about you "Cee"? How could I? You'll just pop up someplace else under a different name. Yes, MFOYA was right about you, perhaps they are right about a lot more as well. Cheers, whoever you are today.

    Regarding chill's comment about me blogging about her; it's not really about You more about the type of You in the world relating to Hicks' fans.

    Y'all have a nice day and stop analyzing my homely little picture. Let's see one of you now...sheesh.

  17. TaylorFan4Life6:47 AM

    Sunny, They made fun of your looks?!?! Are these people for real?? Are we in junior high school?? That sez all we need to know about henry 8 right there.

    For the record, you look good! I think it's awesome that you put your photo up. Now, like you said, let's see how theirs holds up against yours!

  18. taylorfan4life, yeah, JAT/henry8/Cee/Soultime and the rest of the crowd insulted my face, I'm wierd looking and homely LOL Yes, they are normal women alright.

    If you're reading the RADAR there's a poster on there doing it too, so it's obvious where that particular one comes from.

    Apparently they were all sitting around scrutinizing my photo. Damn my parents and our genetics.

    Jr. High indeed.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my looks, but vanity is not my issue. Hell I know I won't crack a mirror but man, I'm certainly no real beauty. I'm ok with that.

    Main thing that had me sad for 15 minutes; Ms. ManyNames duplicity. She made a comment once how wrong I had her pegged and that was the only real truth she's given me.

    Silly me. Silly too any of them on the CL board to be trusting her. That place is just providing an outlet for her to talk Taylor Hicks. She's blasted them all to me. MFOYA should have her head on the body of a serpent too.

    She had her picture up on myspace until yesterday. She and I had e.mailed back and forth there.
    If you read her first comment by KithyLynn, you'll see Ms. ManyNames had one of herself up. 'Cute' a nice way to put it...

    Regarding looks, well, good thing she removed that photo. She who lives in glass houses and all that. LOL

  19. Henry89:26 AM

    One last response Sunny and that is it.
    I said you had a homely picture in a private chat.I did wonder, in private chat, why you would not put up a better looking picture for your blog. A private chat your friends hacked into as they have done into many others. But thats okay. Thats the kind of thing they do and much worse but thats okay because it is them. They make horrific fun of Caroline Lyders looks in public where she could be hurt by it, but thats okay cause thats them. They have called her place of employment and checked on her whereabouts,found her address, all the things that stalkers do but thats okay cause everything they do is wonderful. They have made fun of everybodys looks all over the internet,in public and private, I have a list a mile long, but thats okay because its them and they are perfect. And then one of them gets on here and says "they made fun of your looks?"as if they would never think of such a thing. Have they forgotten what the name of their blog is? Thats the reason they came into exsistence, to make fun of your ass, and to make fun of Mr. Hicks and his girlfriends ass, and most importantly to make fun of the fans. How sweet. You think they haven't made fun of you Sunny? Think again. Have I ever made fun of some fans, I sure as hell did, but no more, whatever I may think of some, my efforts will go towards bringing them together not dividing them. As mfoya knows, a house divided can not stand and that is her main mission. To divide and conquer. Shes pretty damn good at it too, isn't she?
    No doubt, I joined in the "making fun" while in their chat. I wanted to stay for a time. And at first I wasn't thrilled with some things said at FanSite. And theres one or two things that still don't thrill me. Is anybody ever completely happy with everybody on a site? I also needed to discover a few things , get the last vestiges of mfoya kool-aid out of my system. I am proud to say tho, that she never once convinced me of anything.She only thought she did. Now as for what else I said, I did say that I thought what was said about mfoya being Aaron was looney. But I will take Jeanni over mfoya any day cause she means Taylor Hicks no harm, shes trying to help. Mfoya is trying to harm. And I really don't know what you are talking about with mfoyoasucks she is a very nice person, and Hicksfan7 I wasn't even aware of until recently. Possibly I agreed with some nonsense about something they said, I really do not remember, I played along a lot. Lot longer than I should of. There was nothing left to find out. You are playing with the pond scum of the Taylor fan world Sunny and they are right about nothing. They are fools and worse. They are liars , they have asked me to lie for them.
    The stupidest thing I ever did was get involved with them and I am having a hell of a time getting their stink off of me. You've come a long way Sunny, since the days you were first impressed with Mr Hicks and his talent. You should be proud, he probably would be. good-bye.

  20. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Sunny, nothing I dislike more than two faced liars who spread rumors that aren't true. henry8 is scorned indeed. She is a person that just wants to talk to anyone willing and isn't particularly picky. She tries to talk about taylor like she knows him personally and now she does the same thing about Mfoya. Neither give a shit about her. She definitely has a screw loose. Unstable is a word that comes to mind.

  21. henry8/JAT/Soultime/Cee, to all of you, regardless of who and what is said by anyone else; I had imagined (that's what I did obviously) that we understood each other.

    As you told me once I was wrong about you, as you will eventually find out - you have been wrong about me. The whole lot at the Fan Club are. We will see who has the last laugh. One thing, it's been a definitive learning experience.

    Bad taste, stink? That's what I feel now when I think of you and folks like you. Karma baby.

  22. Margaret10:33 AM


    I have known some great Taylor Hicks fans and they're still out there somewhere in cyberspace. But as I said, some of the remaining ones left in the fan base are the dregs, the worse of them: Jeanni/MissyScarlett, Blondebabe, Chill, Hicksfan7, JAT to name a few. These are ones who reside at the 'CL Fan Club' that has nothing to do with being fans of Caroline Lyders. I'm sorry you were taken in by JAT. She backstabs both sides in turn and used to play one side against the other but she truly belongs with that group.

    Don't let them get you down. They're not worth it.

  23. Hello Margaret, I was sad about henry8/JAT/Soultime/Cee for about 15 minutes. "Soultime" that's funny.

    Hey, I was warned. Regarding her long diatribe and telling me the MFOYA group makes fun of me too; hell I'm a funny (looking) person, just ask Ms. ManyNames. LOL

    One thing, I want to thank my three "friends" who have sent me 'word'- many times now - for whatever your reasons, thank you.

    Yes Margaret, there are still some good guys out there.

  24. One more thing Ms. ManyNames, this comment, "Have I ever made fun of some fans, I sure as hell did, but no more, whatever I may think of some, my efforts will go towards bringing them together not dividing them."

    One more example of your duplicity. Good 'bringing together' work today, last night, and I'm sure in the future.

  25. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I'm pretty sure people make fun of CL because she was playing Taylor Hicks' fake girlfriend.. Apparently Jat thinks its real and she STILL made non-stop fun of CL. That is messed up and shows what kind of person someone is. I also wish Jat would remind people what "chats" her old friends broke into? Oh that's right , she's making things up again to pepper her story. At least mfoya has the balls to call people out in public and not behind their backs while acting like they are "buds" to their face. That is snake behavior. Jat is a two faced snake . It's sad that this old ladies whole existence is Taylor Hicks. Did u check out that myspace page? lol. damn, what about her own kids? She probably backstabbed them or did something messed up to them too and now they don't talk to her. Because something is off with this woman.

  26. I agree, something must be awry with Ms. ManyNames.

  27. Anonymous11:12 AM

    sunny just so you know nobody in mfoya chat has ever said a bad word about you. so don't even start wondering because it never happened. the only comment ever made was that you let those fanatics get to you and you shouldn't. In fact, hardly anyone even talks about them. They are simply not a big topic of convo. And henry8 is making things up in spite to make you wonder and feel bad, just as she is making all the other things up as well. She will lie and manipulate and yes play sides off of one another. If mfoya had let her, she would still be chatting there. This woman is a basket case.

  28. Anonymous11:30 AM

    "As mfoya knows, a house divided can not stand and that is her main mission. "

    hahaha. Jat knows MFOYA's main mission! I wonder if Jesus whispered this in Jats ear as she was sleeping? This must be the mission that was planned for months in advance in that super secret private forum.

    Back to reality - anyone who knows mfoya knows mfoya doesn't give two shits about Taylor's fans and ignores them pretty much always. The fans dividing and fighting is their own doing. They're like wild animals and all they do is fight with themselves.

  29. Hi you. It is true I let the Fanatics get to me; but I've finally overcome that obstacle. My first experience with such targeted irrationality.

    On Blogcritics.org at least they're focusing on your story most of the time, not you personally. LOL

    I know from my weekly or so visits to chat, little is ever said about the Fanatics. I know why MFOYA put her out. That has irked Ms. ManyNames ever since. She's remained on the Fanatics site mainly to try and irritate MFOYA.

    MFOYA is a big topic in their chats, and occasionally they like to bash my name around. ;) ManyNames apparently holds court as somewhat of a MFOYA expert and guide for the Fan Club. Gives her a purpose I suppose.

  30. Regarding the wild animal comment, and pertaining to the certain players at hand, I see that now - and snakes.

  31. Anonymous12:03 PM

    More like wannabe expert. (Just like she's an expert on Taylor.) Jat knows nothing about MFOYA because that wasn't something anyone talked about. She's clueless of who is truly behind that name and whether it's 1,2,or 3 people. She's clueless of how it became what it is today. She's just clueless period.

  32. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Sunny, I can't believe someone would call you unattractive. I think you are a very cute lady. Those putting you down have poor self-esteem issues. Don't let them get you down!

  33. TaylorFan4Life2:13 PM

    Sunny, you are a very classy person. Exactly the kind of fan Taylor needs. I've been in mfoya chat. No one has ever said anything disparaging about you to my knowledge. In fact, a couple have expressed a respect for you arriving at your own conclusions. This is the way it should be.

  34. SuperGirl8:38 PM

    What kind of fucking dramallama happened in here?

    Henry8, this is for you. ALL ABOARD, SUCKA.

  35. Thank You Supergirl! I needed rescuing from the trials and tribulations, the disappointments, the insults. You must have heard me sending out that S.O.S. Wo was me.

    Seriously. Man thanks. You're the goods.