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Sunday, January 06, 2008

MFOYA Mirror Goes Up. MFOYA Mirror Comes Down.

The Taylor Hicks fan world continues to implode. Apparently stresses over the topic of Caroline Lyders combined with a brief respite while Taylor Hicks gave some free concerts in Manila topped with the parting of J Records, have many fans teetering on the precarious edge of that shelf called sanity.

A new site was born, I believe yesterday, titled, "MFOYA Mirror". Formulated with written premise to provide a voice for Taylor Hicks fans to post responses to commentary and accepted postings read on the infamous MFOYA site. Copyright infringement was violated, immediately entrusting the demise of the newborn MFOYA Mirror blog site. Speculators, mainly the crowd that had gathered to post their snark and witticisms believe that the on-line presence known as MFOYA had the site removed.
"Spinning Wheel" Bo Bice c/o twinkltz425

Colorful and pornographic messages came up on the MFOYA Mirror, written allegedly by poster Jeanni of chill's Caroline Lyders Fan Club. The posts centered around her sexual attraction to and her desire to do "the naughty" with MFOYA. Too, posts written under her name expressed a keen desire to put her lips around Mr. Hicks' "stick". Naturally Jeanni denies having taken a walk on the wild side within the liberties of a non-moderated site.
"Walk on the Wild Side" c/o noCoffee

With promises to be reborn like the fabled Phoenix, this post from the mfoyamirror individual, found on the Caroline Lyders Fan Club:
(Think the sites are related?)
mfoyamirror // January 6, 2008 at 8:15 pm

Just for your information, Wordpress did not make me shut down the blog. I shut it down. I got an automated message from wordpress that I had to respond to because obviously someone reported the blog (gee, wonder if it was the six of them that were coming to the blog from MFOYA private chat?) Ya think? The reason I deleted it is there were some unbelievable XXX rated comments that made me blush, to say the least. That’s not what the mirror site was put up for. I will be putting a new blog up with the same concept, and my first post will be copying the message I’ll receive back from Wordpress to prove to you that they did not delete it. See you then. xoxoxoxo

(Of course, the insults and jabs directed toward and about me were just hunky dory.)

First knowledge for me, regarding the MFOYA Mirror blog came tonight; I received a 'tip' and link to the site. The tipster asked me to read the blog. Then as I was about to post something witty (in my mind at least) in response to the spewer, celebrityblondebabe, the blog went "poof". It was Amazing.

One of the inhabitants to this new and now newly defunct site, my own personal 'fan'. This obsessed individual also frequents Splash and over the past months has developed a fetish about my lipstick, my lips and MFOYA's ass. To you, my sick, sad freak:
Prince, video c/o albana

This one sticky example of the chaos and psychosis evidenced by some of Taylor Hicks' fans. This site, MFOYA Mirror, was set loose within the rabid fan base of Taylor Hicks, sans moderation, and swiftly formulated a frenzied font-crazed crowd. In the minority, and to their credit, a few posters expressed they had genuinely gathered with the sole intent of having their voices heard. Alas, faster than you can stomp a defenseless Bug, the phrase, "the lunatics are taking over the asylum" sprang into life.


  1. SuperGirl12:56 AM

    It just warms my cold, black heart that grown folks can wank as hard and as fast over fandom as the teeny-boppers.

    And of course you're kissing MFOYA's ass, Sunny -- you're not following the party line! TAYLOR HICKS UBER ALLES, remember?

  2. Taytaysfan1:59 AM


    It's easy to see exactly what happened to the mirror site. Someone over at MFOYA took it upon themselves to post under Jeanni's name and throw porn on the site.. thus.. allowing the site to be pulled by the owner. I have no doubt that we will be seeing a response from MFOYAMIRROR that will put to rest once and for all that the site was not pulled.

    Why should MFOYA be concerned about that site anyway, remember they don't care! LOL

    Jeanni might be something else.. but I doubt she has anything to do with the porn.

  3. Well, one thing taytaysfan that henry8 pointed out, if that would have been Jeanni, the posts would have been much longer...LOL

    The site was pulled for copyright infringement not the porn anyway. Apparently the blog owner wasn't even aware of the real reason from her posting on chill's.

    That blog was bashing on me heavily with my own personal inverted fans posting using versions of my 'handle'. Cute. Loved the insults and that celebritywannabebabe's attempts to psychoanalyze me. Reading that gal's posts anywhere are a trip back to 3rd grade. She just parrots that chill. *rolling my eyes*

  4. Supergirl, I said this long ago in the blog, if only I'd just start marching in time in that goose-stepping line, all would be well. Seig Heil!

  5. hicksfan76:32 AM

    Sunny and Supergirl - no need to act so superior - that "goosestepping" goes both ways - and nowhere stronger than at MFOYA.

    I am surprised at the copyright infringement - is that a standard thing for wordpress blogs? is it posted somewhere on the blog that it is copyrighted?

  6. Anonymous6:37 AM

    My goodness the Taylor fan community just gets stranger and stranger.

    Hahahaha! The girls are wigging out.

    Love your blog Sunny. Glad you are getting the hits via the "fan club" and mfoya. Rock on sister girl.

  7. Anonymous11:36 AM

    This is hilarious! Have not been following this, but how did the porn get on this blog? You mean to tell me the owner of that blog was not monitoring the blog? To be honest, I would not put it past that Jeanni to post that stuff. She's like a ticking time bomb.

  8. Apparently the individual with that blog was just letting it run wild; the "kids" got a little crazy.

    That idiot celebrityblondebabe tried her best to put together coherent commentary about my state of mind, all the while looking like a complete loon in the process. Good times. *chuckle*

    Then the real fun started - someone or more than one began posting porn commentary using Jeanni's name. Naughty Ms. Jeanni.

    Too bad they couldn't be left alone like that, folks of that ilk need babysitting.

  9. SuperGirl3:24 PM

    Sunny and Supergirl - no need to act so superior - that "goosestepping" goes both ways - and nowhere stronger than at MFOYA.

    Hey, I never said that both sides of this "issue" -- MFOYA and their tinhats and the ones who feel it's their duty to "defend Taylor's honor" -- weren't being cracktacular. Because they both are.

    I'm just saying that there's a third side to all this. This third side is filled with cat macros and laughter. So people shouldn't accuse those on this side about being for the other side. There is no "for" or "against" here on this third side. There is only snark.

  10. SuperGirl, save your breath, I've been trying to keyboard that into folks head for months, they won't listen.

    Oh, and man, please don't snark about any of this, it is deathly serious... Should you cross that line, your soul is then damned into Hell and prayers will come forth for your instant immolation... man.

    The whole on-line ordeal is one surreal situation. That's why I like your cats - LOL

  11. SuperGirl5:18 PM

    SuperGirl, save your breath, I've been trying to keyboard that into folks head for months, they won't listen.

    I...I'm sorry. I thought we were dealing with rational, logical people here. MY BAD.

    Oh, and man, please don't snark about any of this, it is deathly serious... Should you cross that line, your soul is then damned into Hell and prayers will come forth for your instant immolation... man.

    No wonder I feel so burn-y! I thought it was from lack of lotion, BUT NOW I KNOW BETTER.

    The whole on-line ordeal is one surreal situation. That's why I like your cats - LOL

    I WIN.

  12. Henry87:04 PM

    Wherever I go tonight, I wind up dying laughing, so I must not be "dead" serious. When I first knew mfoya, it was all snark and humor or so I thought. Then all the sudden someone got dead serious and mean about straightening Taylor out, making him realize the error of his ways. Give me a break.
    I'm not sure what I'm doing half the time but I do know two things I am sure as hell am not doing, one is defending Taylors honor, chuckle chuckle is all I can say about that. The other is falling for loony theories and people who think they are wielding power of some sort. Lot of plain 'ol nuttiness goin on out there.

    I had quite the laugh over your goose step remark, since a couple who left some time back said to me the "HItler" was just to much.

  13. BWHAHAHAHA Supergirl, you do win. LOL

  14. To my friend from last night. I think in some cases, the adage keep your friends close and enemies closer might apply.

    I would always like to see more, and always keep information confidential. Adds nicely to my current project.

  15. Here's a posting from my 'friend' henry8 left at chill's.

    henry8 // January 8, 2008 at 8:23 am

    I think you are right. I left one last parting gift for mfoya. I thought Sunny might figure it out but I think her jealousy over the girlfriend has gottten in the way of her reason. I don’t know, maybe its something else.
    At any rate, now the MF’r has went to posting things to try and make people feel stupid or uncomfortable to be a fan of Taylors. Anything to try and get rid of one more fan.
    I was never an original member of the SP, and had my complaints about certain aspects of it, but her goal seems to be to bust them up and run off as many fans as possible. She really should find a more profitable way to spend her time.

    to henry8, since I can't post at chill's and you'll be by here:
    I have no jeolousy about CL, I have made that abundantly clear. I am not of the same sentiment toward Hicks that many of your cronies are - I like his music but I'm not attracted to the man. He's not my type. If you were coming to my blog with some evangelical idea of 'changing me' that's really the disturbing thought. Way out there man.

    hicksfan7 // January 8, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Henry8 - I will not post there.

    In fact I have made a pact with myself not to post on Sunny’s any longer either, and not even TRY to post on MFOYA. MY NY’s resolution.

    just sayin’….

    So... my little buddies have decided I am way too evil to even read this blog. Now that is Fanaticism defined.

  16. One more:
    mfoyasucks // January 8, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Sunny is sleeping in MFOYA’s bed, no doubt.

    Glen Closelike! How freaking scary is that! Yikes!!!

    Interesting. I think I'll need to do a blog about this soon. LOL

  17. Henry811:17 AM

    Sunny-found your project comment interesting. Maybe my orignal thought will turn out to be right yet. I AM sorry about the jealous remark, although I think that is some peoples problem, I really dont' think it is true for you. I was just truly disgusted last night about a number of things.
    It is Taylors voice, talent and intelligence that is attactive, but without them he wouldn't be Taylor Hicks. Course I don't know how anyone could deny that he is pretty easy on the eyes. I have to wonder what your type is. J/K

    I don't believe that I said I wouldn't post here. I was speaking of another idiotic blog. I probably was not clear. Bad day/bad night.

    No, I have no evangelistic tendencies and I wouldn't know how to go about changing you since I don't know what the hell you are in the first place. You are one of the few people that confuse the hell out of me sometimes. On purpose, perhaps.
    You know good music and todays blog was very good.

  18. I'm glad to see you aren't boycotting me like hicksfan7. Made me sad to think you'd not be coming by with your Taylor support.

    I'll miss hicksfan7 - her debates and issues are interesting. Oh well.

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog of today. I'm sure some will chalk that one up to more of my "sicko" ravings as they post it on Splash. LOL wow

  19. appalled4:04 PM

    It makes no sense that some fans would get so bent out of shape about topics online having to do with a musician and attack anyone and everyone they can all day long who doesn't agree with their fanatical ways. Sorry, that just makes no sense to me at all. Fanatic isn't a strong enough word for these lunatics. Fanatic Caroline Club? Lunatics! I can't even believe the spew I have read there. The mfoya blog says if you don't believe us no problem go elsewhere. The fanatic Caroline site says FUCK YOU JEALOUS WOMEN if you believe it. There is something wrong with these people.

    henry8 really nice to attack sunny in the first place calling her jealous when she has only been nice to you and I read this blog often. And then you come here and post on her blog and backtrack. You are two faced and that is nothing to be proud of. And all of you with your obsessions with Mfoya, Sunny and the posters there is just sick.

    You wrote this on the Fanatic site

    henry8 // January 8, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Jeanni- I noticed there were no comments there. Please lets keep it that way. These people were a joke to radar and a joke all over the internet.
    Don’t give them the attention.

    Why don't you listen to your own advice and get a life Henry8?

  20. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Well said Appalled. Talk the talk, walk the walk. Any site that adores those complete delusionals missyscarlett and blondebabe has a screw loose. They're like cinderellas wicked step sisters, only they are psychotic as well.

  21. Thanks for stopping by y'all, but henry8 did say sort of that she was sorry.

    Leave your real handles next time or that Fanatics site will think I'm sitting here talking to myself. LOL

  22. SuperGirl9:26 PM

    If you're talking to yourself, does that mean that I'm really you, or does it mean that you're really me?

    "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together..."

  23. "Expert textpert choking smokers,
    Don't you thing the joker laughs at you?
    See how they smile like pigs in a sty,
    See how they snied.
    I'm crying."

    I am the walrus...LOL

  24. Henry81:55 PM

    Why is it that everyone seems so worried about my life. Good God people I don't have time for any more life, I've got all I can handle.Believe that.
    And I know that I am less obsessed than anyone here, but you know, believe what you want.
    I just love annoying the hell out of people, haven't you figured that out yet?

  25. yes, henry8 I've pretty much figured that part out - still welcome you into my little on-line home whenever you feel like visiting. Sit, write, and take a load off. ;)