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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Taylor Hicks: Life is a Highway

News on Taylor Hicks getting dropped by J Records took on a new slant yesterday. Previously it had been scripted in press releases that the man had been 'dropped'. Terminology regarding this news was prevalent in newscasts, on-line and in the regular press. Yesterday word issued, from J Records that the company would remain interested should Hicks want to return after he's completed his independent work.

Hicks is perhaps electing to try a road less traveled, but perhaps eventually becoming a more prominent avenue to market his music. Increasingly musical artists are currently exploring this route, which would work well, especially if your name is already in the market. Considering Studios and production billing take a huge chunk out of the profits out of the sales of albums, the ability for today's consumers to easily download tunes and whole albums right off the internet, it certainly makes fiscal sense, at least on paper. Perhaps eventually we'll see artists eschewing the long-time ideology of needing a studio to record successfully, as more artist elect to utilize that big wide and free tool - the internet - as a much more cost effective way to market and manage their music. It might be possible we see a turning in the industry to having management companies handling the touring promotions and product marketing development, leaving the artist free from the historically known drain the Studios with their contracts impact on an artist's creativity.

In this article issued on MTV.ca, Radiohead and it appears Coldplay as well, are going it without labels.
"What's good for Radiohead is apparently good for Coldplay. According to various reports, including one from British newspaper the Daily Star, Coldplay may be mulling a departure from EMI, the band's longtime label home. Radiohead ditched the label and released its last album, In Rainbows, independently online."

Taylor Hicks currently is signed up with Creative Artists Agency, also known as CAA Speakers. This organization provides organizations and companies access to a variety of entertainers, and sports figures available for speaking events. They also provide services that include marketing through entertainment, "strategic counsel, communications, and philanthropy consulting". Mr. Hicks' page with the company is located on the site in his bio.

So Mr. Hicks getting "dropped" by J Records, indeed appears to be not the exit ramp off that highway he's been traveling all these years. Yes, Taylor Hicks, one door closes...
"Soul Thing" fan video by KarinP

To see concert footage: PaytheDevil's.
"Life is a Highway" (for some comic levity) Rascal Flatts with video c/o AgentKrissy


  1. Henry81:39 PM

    Finally got back to what I was doing. I stole the soul thing vid for my myspace, thats a good vid. I may have to have a couple more myspaces, I'm running out of room. I always liked the album version of that song, that alone made it worth buying.
    Did you see that they took the album version of Heaven Knows off of his myspace and put up the live version off the DVD. It is really good.

  2. This has certainly been a very interesting week. It is unfortunate that the negative spin was the first headline.

    I feel like I have been travelling "Down the Jagged Road" this week and someone forgot to turn on the lights.

    I think we are going to see many changes in the music business so perhaps we should fasten our seatbelts.

    Best wishes to Taylor on his journey wherever it takes him. I think it will been a very interesting trip!

    Thanks, Sunny, for posting my video on your Blog.


  3. KarinP that is one fine fan video, I was happy to find it. Enjoy reading you on Bloom's site.

  4. I did not like the "Heaven Knows" tune off the Cd, but the live version is better. Good move. I think the Soulman is coming around.

  5. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Too bad they used the San Francisco show for the 'Whomp at the Warfield' (stupid title) DVD. The concert was half full and not as good a show as he did at the Beacon Theater in NYC. That one was superlative, fans said. I guess at least there's a DVD to buy for those who want to buy it.

  6. Something to be said for the marketing minds he's been listening to the past few years - time for that to change too, I'd think.

  7. Henry81:00 AM

    I have been listening to the HK and Maze live versions from Whomp At the Warfield today. Really like them, can't wait to buy the DVD, and wish he would put out a live CD of it also. Knew several who were at that show, the seemed to like it.
    Its been a fun day. LOL