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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ch-ch-Chain of Fools

The Taylor Hicks' Girlfriend site is humping MFOYA for attention once again. Yes, the mind-muddled prose challenged fans at the Caroline Lyders Fan Club have been hiding and spying with wild abandon on MFOYA's site. Seems they may have been experiencing somewhat of a brain boggled frenzy at MFOYA's recent posting, "Bereid me op voor het zal zijn moeilijke... waarheid kwetst..".

Checking out the post, I read how cute my little buddy hicksfan7 can really be. She is such a 'pleaser', striving so hard to be chill's little helper. Hicksfan7 valiantly attempts to demonstrate her devotion to the Fanatics.

Striving for creativity, she features 'me' as saying, "Icky words come out of my mouth just like dirty oatmeal." (Looking around at my posts, I have failed to find the 'icky words'.) Anyway, you go girl, jump right in with the Fools. Get down and dirty! Make chill proud.

Meanwhile celebrity(not)blondebabe, not to be left-out struggles mightily hoping for a mention. (Here you go.) In her always completely idiotic, raving brilliant manner she taunts, "Well…Henry8…I will be glad to take the brunt of your assassins…".

You see the topic had focus on henry8 and Jeanni being considered 'stars' regarding being commented about on MFOYA. You know you've made it when... Yes, I'm sure she'd rather it be all about her - starved for attention much, chica?

Seriously, click the link to their site above, it's a great opportunity for a laugh out loud moment.

"Shove het omhoog uw rearends. Dank u voor de lach, Liefde, Sunhildebroom.

"Chain of Fools" Aretha Franklin video c/o Ultracoolsixties

Oh, one more thing, this just in from RADAR Magazine, Taylor Hicks and His Maybe-Fake Girlfriend" article presented by Neel Shah. Some Glamour about Neel Shah.
To The CL Fanatics, Have a Festive Friday!


  1. chill, being the well, whatever it is, says to me on her site, "Yo no hablo español. ¿Qué significa chica?"

    which translates into:

    "I do not speak Spanish. What means girl? It means that Sunny it is a maleante"

    Yeah chica that's brilliant. What means fool? It means that chill it is a copycat.

    I'm so impressed.

  2. hicksfan7 you stupid ass, I put the comment here for your ass to read. Not to get hits - what are you mentally challenged? You hit my site a dozen times a day, yes you do, so I knew you'd be back. Idiot.

    I can't post at chill's so I wrote this here for you all to find. Get a clue. Next post you are all Land of the Lost. Brains. hahahaha

  3. SuperGirl9:04 PM

    Maybe it's because I just got home from the company holiday party (held at a wine bar, which is awesome in and of itself), but this is fucking HILARIOUS.


  4. It's been a fucking hilarious day Supergirl.

  5. BTW Supergirl, THANK YOU! Made my evening when I returned home. You totally ROCK! hahaha

  6. SuperGirl11:34 PM

    You're very welcome. I try my best. You know, since I'm you and all. HA.

  7. Anonymous3:14 PM

    supergirl, as usual, you produce the laughs!

  8. SuperGirl11:08 PM

    You're darn right I do, anonymous person who isn't me, I swear.