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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monkey on My Back

....drum roll, the Bachelor of Arts goes to:
(click the pic)
I've got a real monkey on my back who's apparently just "Ape" over me.

A few nice old tunes:
c/o feznfrat "Monkey Business" The Hollies

James Brown; "Sunny" video c/o gazelloni


  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Who is the heck is reader? OMG, what a mental case. I hope that she is not a real fan. I think it's a troll.

  2. It's the same person that posts on Splash. I have that article set to hit my email when a new post comes up. I get all the new posts without having to go on that site.

    Either a gossip site troll or someone really deranged. Maybe there's folks out there hired to bait others in the gossip blogs, who knows.

  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Reader is hicksfan7

  4. You are dear Reader, and I have you now on statcounter. I hoped you'd bite back so I could make sure. Thanks.

  5. To Hicksfan7, I saw you were by, and because you will be back; "reader" is a trollster on Radar who likes to mess with me - apparently I draw out the mean in some folks. ;)

    They came here to blame you for their behavior on Radar. I knew it wasn't you, they are much too focused and well, they're smart. Not that you're not smart, just they're smart in a different, mean and devious way. You may be not nice to me, but you're not evil and scheming. They get off on it.

    The tangled webs we spin on the internet. Man. I need a beer. This whole mess is disturbing.

    As far as copying and pasting commentary I learned that from the CL Fan Club. You all drew first blood on that little ploy. Besides it is the only way I can talk to you nice folks since chill is being like 'that'.

    Here deliver this message:
    Chill's Sunny pic and commentary were funny, BTW.

    Too regarding the James Brown "Sunny" I knew you'd take it like that. You've always ranted on my ego. Now scoot, report back...

  6. Anonymous9:45 AM

    How funny Sunny the lurkers come read and return to their sites and talk about you. Then comment on your manners. LOL

    Got your back, if you know what I mean. You got real fans in those Fanatics. wow