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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks "Naked in the Jungle"

Taylor Hicks, "Naked in the Jungle".
skeeter226 comes through again with a great video

Catching up:
Article in a local Palm Springs' paper Hicks' was seen hanging out, writes, "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks kicked back in the outdoor cigar lounge and puffed on a stogie. The gal writing the piece adds, "Superficial assessment: Looks trimmer than usual. Hair also seems less gray. Taylor Hicks getting cute."

From the description, "Freshly rolled cigars. Tiny bottles of gin. An ice luge for shots of vodka. Strangely hypnotic go-go girls in white bikinis."
Sounds like a recipe for a good time to me.

Yet another review from Manila gives Hicks' praise and appreciation for his performances during his stay. In Neil Ray Ramos' article titled, "Hicks gets Slick", "Just like when he slowly but surely won over many to his cause during the fifth season of the popular TV singing contest, American Idol, Taylor Hicks broke stereotypes and exceeded expectations when he flew in recently for a short visit and to perform in several gigs."

Mr. Hicks has a new DVD "Whomp at the Warfield" due out this year and promises of a new self-produced Cd.

There - we're caught up. Almost....

One more thing, my personal inverted fan club dubbed erroneously the Caroline Lyders Fan Club; sorry CL, I have no idea why they've abandoned you like they have, continue with The Sunny coverage. This lovely little group(ies) - of mine are still hanging on my every post. Considering their obviously erroneous claim that the only folks who care about me or what I write are those at MFOYA, I think they might need that "intervention", and a 12-step plan to get over following me around and posting everything I write. Tag yourselves, chill, et all in the ones "who care" category. You all obviously do. Still, they continue to try and suppress my freedom to speak.

Check ya chicas later.
Chill and her "Obsession" c/o gkkaul7

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