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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol 7 Initial Auditions

So far no one has come out singing "A Change a Gonna Come". That being a good thing, since it's already been done. None of the contestants have really struck my fancy yet, as budding great contestants, but the BabyDaddy from last night, Perry Cataldo with his long ponytail and adorable Mini-Me son, caught my eye. He possesses a decent voice and the judges were impressed. His look reminded me of Henry Garza of the Los Lonely Boys. Perry's story line, his son's Mother's sudden demise. Perry Cataldo's being a man and stepping up and doing right by his boy, intriguing. He just might be around for a while, we'll have to see how his singing commences further.

I had noted the huge influx of the BabyMommas, accompanied by their touching tales of struggle and strife - it only fitting and fair we have a representative of the other side of the coin of single parenting. Mini-Me son, Avian's parting words to the camera, "My Pop’s going to Hollywood".

Controversy seems to be trying to brew over some of the contestants that will enter that hallowed ground of the final 50, then final 24 going into the show this year. Topic being that several of the contestants have had prior music experience and even record deals. I'm not holding that as an unfair advantage considering none have actually 'made it' - if they had they'd not be on this reality talent show.

American Idol's premise to find that undiscovered talent. Undiscovered defined within my understanding as talent most of us, the general public, have not heard of them before. It's not like any seasons before had featured contestants that had recorded Cd's or been performing in bands for a number of years. Subject of this blog spot to name one. Another past contestant that comes to mind, Bo Bice. Last night during the San Diego auditions a gal by the name of Carly Smithson, formerly known as Carly Hennessey tried out. The judges knew of her, apparently she'd tried out previously in season five. She's a girl from Ireland who had experienced visa problems and so was disqualified after making it through to Hollywood. She's apparently not new to the recording business as she had previously been signed to MCA and issued an album that fell flat with sales in the 400 range. There's a video out on youtube put together by the recording company. Now some think that she should not be allowed to compete on Idol and I disagree. Obviously she's still a struggling artist - and man, I have to give her kudos for her tenacity and determination, she hasn't given up. She fits the Idol criteria in that she is undiscovered talent. Certainly someone saw her ability and potential - but for the mass public obviously we do not know who she is yet. That makes her an undiscovered talent.

It's extremely early in this reality game called Idol; considering how the show flows, what you have ultimately is a level playing field. The success will go to those who motivate and move the audience to get their fingers in motion and dial that phone.

"Los Lonely Boys" video c/o wierdgirl
Henry's got that crazy hair. Love. That. Guy.

Los Lonely Boys with Willie Nelson
"Cisco Kid" video c/o Sunkdribble90

The new season of American Idol is kicking off.

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