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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Riding High on the CL Fan Club Bus

Now where'd they leave CBB?
Man, that's rough. R.I.P., CBB...

Hell, there's her cellphone...
video c/o strat2caster

This recorded with Robert Johnson playing "Travelling Riverside Blues" on his square neck Gibson Hound Dog Dobro tuned to "open G".
"Travelling Riverside Blues" is a blues song written and recorded in Dallas, Texas by legendary Dallas bluesman Robert Johnson.


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    That's completely hilarious Sunny! It does seem as if all freaks in the Soul Patrol decided to congregate to this one little fanatic blog where they have conversations among themselves about everything but themselves and then are stupid enough to allow this nonsense to be publically viewed.

    I can only imagine who these women all. Apparently they are older with grown children. I suppose it's possible that they are all going through menopause at the same time. There has to be some explanation for this behavior?

  2. Thanks, man I had a little fun and just took a moment of my time. I needed a break from work. LOL

    Forgot about my little buddy, hicksfan7, though. On the backstabbers post my pal from Arizona asked if Eddie the dog was she. hahahahaha! I should have had her running after the bus...

    Next picture I'll link so it can be enlarged. If you want it bigger copy and paste it - I have one printed out on 8x10 photo paper framed on my desk. Someone said I should do a series or a blog of comics featuring the cast and crew of the Fanatics. Folks here love to read them. Did you catch the one to me? RIOT. Oh, forgot to tell the girls, no I haven't began menopause yet... BWhahahaha!

    Thanks, man.