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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sending out an SOS

Dedication to the Girl Wonder, Supergirl, for all the brilliant things she does: saving sanity one Brain at a time. Lyrics
The Police; "Message in a Bottle" video c/o OBellusO

(Thank you for stopping by, I adore you chica!)


  1. SuperGirl12:04 AM

    Again: FUCK YOU: I WIN.

    Does this mean that "they" are going to start talking about me at the super-secret MFOYA chat now? I WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE I AM AN ATTENTION WHORE.

  2. Start? Been. You're quite Famous! Better watch your back, Soultime/Jat/henry8 get a look at your pic and well, if you don't look ready for Glamour Shots, you can't cut it in her and the Fanatics book.

    I don't care, I have my 'secret weapon'!

  3. SuperGirl11:34 AM

    I'm famous!

    Internet fame is all I've ever wanted! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.

  4. Same here - as someone recently said, "Go back to obscurity!" You know, I never realized I had left it.

    You know you've made it when...