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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Radar Magazine

The Taylor Hicks' fans, at least in the on-line world, have been following a story about a brief vacation Mr. Hicks enjoyed many months back, in Maui with a blonde companion, later named as being Caroline Lyders. The world of the Taylor Hicks on-line fan world, has experienced its ups and downs since the man competed on Idol. The situation that has arisen, stemming from the romp in the surf in Maui, has become yet another issue creating division among some of the fans of Taylor Hicks'. Focus of the topic, subject for division, Taylor Hicks' companion, as well as the subject whether celebrities really should or can expect fans to remain out of their private lives.

Venturing into many of the mainstream fan forum type sites a reader will find the majority of the posts revolving around Mr. Hicks' music, questions about future albums and tours. There are the typical 'fangurlly' posts about Taylor Hicks' physical appeal and his dancing styling. Seldom, though usually presented delicately in a 'politically correct' manner, mentions are brought up about Mr. Hicks and Ms. Lyders.

Many of these fan forum sites have no desire to wander into a territory that could be considered potentially libelous or smack of any legal ramifications. As in the world of tabloid magazines, web sites that venture into tabloid territory can be held accountable for any misinformation or lies they might spread and therefore perhaps be held under cause for a law suit. Too, with fan forums, the goal is recognition from the subject, preferably positive. Having a 'good name' in the fan world, especially any mentions by the subject, drives memberships, and so go hits. This enables the owner of the site to increase the viability of their site. It might be denied by most of the site owners, but goal in mind for these sites possessing forums, to generate some kind of income for their time and efforts, and of course to cover that precious bandwidth. Not an easy task.

Trouble in 'Taylorland' began again cropping up following the frolic in the surf with a mystery companion. As his fan base buzzed with questions about her identity, an e.mail was issued to the fan forums complete with clues about her identity allegedly sent by a member of Hicks' inner circle. The clues lead to Ms. Caroline Lyders of WISN in Milwaukee. Problem that arose, a further rumor that it was not actually Ms. Lyders on the Maui sand with Mr. Hicks.

Initially I thought nothing of Mr. Hicks having some fun in the sun. The guy works hard, has ample opportunity to meet attractive women to spend quality time with, so good for him. Curiously rumors began to surface and persist that there was some type of bait and switch in progress. That the lady on the beach was not Caroline Lyders. The legs of this story walked straight to the now infamous site, MFOYA. Claims are that the lady on the beach with Mr. Hicks was someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ms. Lyders but did not perhaps possess her 'pedigree'. This story of the possibility of a 'fake girlfriend' scenario sparked more talk and debate. This story too, seemed to follow rather closely on the heels of another gossip rumor that speculated and questioned Mr. Hicks sexual orientation. Someone - of course - their name "Anonymous" - had come forth with stories that Mr. Hicks' appeal to his female fans, the majority of his fan base, would be in vain. Said rumors brought up Rock Hudson and Doris Day comparisons.

Ms Lyders, although she has not come out with direct confirmation that she and Mr. Hicks are in a relationship did agree to be interviewed, published in the Milwaukee On-Line, submitted by Drew Olson, Bobby Tanzilo, Andy Tarnoff and Andrew Wagner. In an excerpt from the interview, "Yes, Taylor and I are friends," Lyders told Tanzilo Wednesday morning, "and as a journalist I respect your asking. But beyond that, I'd rather not comment on my personal life."

When this story was emerging regarding Ms. Lyders becoming a friend of Mr. Hicks, information also came forth that she was already engaged in a long-time relationship with another man, Aaron Ruffcorn. Seemingly when the pictures and the story broke about her accompanying Mr. Hicks to Maui, Mr. Ruffcorn was unaware of the state of his relationship with her. Speculation arose that somehow Mr. Ruffcorn was involved in generating the doppleganger story, which has proved unfounded. Currently, Ms.Lyders is no longer in the employ of WISN, and in pursuit of other options. Regarding the status of Mr. Ruffcorn and Ms. Lyders, no more information has been issued.

The on-line presence known as MFOYA has stood by their findings that a 'sham' has been established in an effort to cover for Mr. Hicks. Whereas "Anonymous" had inferred that reasons for the photo shoot was to negate rumors that Mr. Hicks was gay, the focus at MFOYA has remained simply that Ms. Lyders was selected as a 'front'. She was to be a cover up for whatever the Hicks' camp thought needed coverage and paint a happy relationship picture with an individual of good credentials.

Frankly I can't see the logic nor the common sense for anyone in the Hicks' publicity corner to perpetrate this scenario, but then I am not privy to the ideologies behind 'making celebrity'. I'm not one to 'wrap my brain' around that type of scheming or machinations. As has been pointed out repeatedly by MFOYA, Hollywood creates this type of illogical bait and switch story line all the time. To MFOYA's credit this has proven true time after time in the world of Hollywood.

The Radar Magazine article that hit the newstand this week and is posted on MFOYA, does not state anything of definitive fact nor name names of the supposed real players involved. It remains unsubstantiated whether or not the tale of two women really, is truth and indeed has 'legs'. Instead, the Radar Magazine publication choses to take the path of revisiting the topic of Mr. Hicks' sexual orientation, writing, "Mindful of long-standing gay rumors about the star, Hick's camp was quick to publicize the canoodling as the soul singer's hetero coming out party..."

Radar Magazine follows this up with retelling the cover-up story which coincides with MFOYA's perspective, concluding that no one from either Ms. Lyder's camp nor Mr. Hicks' camp would step to the fore and confirm either the relationship or lack of one. It's still an unresolved issue and so will more than likely continue talk among interested parties in the on-line and now, possibly, outside the on-line fan world. Some say this is the 'tip of the Iceberg' with more news imminent. Regardless of whether this is indeed the tip of an iceberg that could sink the Hicks' ship or just a flash in the pan that will sizzle and fizzle out, it is indeed a winding maze of a tale.

"The Maze" c/o stacy311 (one of my favorite Hicks' songs)


  1. Just A Fan2:19 PM

    The whole MFOYA site is a sham. For the record: I tried to post a comment there in the beginning that I had accidently bumped into Mr. Hicks and CL in a private place with no press, cameras or fans around. They are a real couple. Period.
    I mistakenly thought that the people of this disgusting site (MFOYA) really believed what they were spewing, but to my total shock, they refused to post my comment and instead posted a notice that they would not allow posts about fake sightings to confuse their so-called facts.
    This is a very sad little group of wanna-bes that are attempting to get their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of TH & CL. Truly pathetic and disgusting. Please, I implore you all – do not give it to them. Do not log onto their site and maybe, just maybe it will go away.

  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Who cares what his sexual orientation is?Does that mean I will no longer like his music if he's gay?While it's interesting to read tidbits of Taylor outside of his music, this story is neither here nor there, as it does nothing to take away from his musicianship.Way too much time on some people's hands I guess.

  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I was trying to get away from this MFOYA/Taylor/Carolie stuff and so I was watching an old episode of "I Dream of Jeannie". Why is it that Major Nelson says he spent a lot of time in WISCONSIN and there was a character in the episode from fictional town of Four Corners, ALABAMA?? Next I'll be seeing the title as "I Dream of MFOYA"!! I need a break!!! Don't suppose you can do a photo chop with MFOYA as Jeannie and Taylor as Major Nelson?? LOL.

  4. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Oh and baby-faced Major Roger Healey on "I Dream of Jeannie" reminds me a lot of Taylor's good buddy Bill! I really give up now!! LOL.

  5. We're all so "anonymous" these days... regarding his sexuality, it hasn't anything to do with his music, that's true.

  6. Man, after my day I needed a laugh, to the second "anonymous" the Dream of Jeannie", really funny. LOL

  7. Henry811:48 PM

    Well of course JustaFan, that sounds very familiar. You never want to confuse your followers with the facts, you know.

  8. Taytaysfan12:16 AM

    Just a fan, I totally agree!!

  9. Henry812:22 AM

    Sunny-you probably found the TMS blog but I meant to leave it and forgot, even if you did see it, you should go back and read it to the end. Its past 50 pages now, don't know where it will be tommorrow. I have been absolutely, totally falling out of my chair laughing. This is why I love TMS.
    The funniest picture there tho will only be funny if you reognize the faces but all the rest is hysterical even if you don't recognize that one.
    And Sunny you tell me, who was Scotty? OMG LMFAO
    Heres the link, remember it takes it a while before it turns funny.

  10. Anonymous10:56 AM

    There's a lot of people desperate to prove mfoya wrong and none of them have been able to do it. I also like that mfoya doesn't give these people the time of day and I'm sure that is frustrating for them.

    Taylor and Caroline were not a real couple. People are fooled if they bought into it. I read that TMS thread and it's called kool aid and bills brother worship. I am one of the people that does not think Bills brother knows the truth because he probably can't be trusted with it. sorry i don't think mfoya would give tms or any of them the time of day. mfoyas got the power right now, not tms.

    henry8, you sure put a lot of focus and time on these sites and mfoya. it must bother you so much that radar published this article and made you look ridiculous for doubting. Sounds like your embarrassed? thats understandable.

  11. I read through the thread; henry8 was tickled that Scotty lost it although I missed that post, perhaps it was deleted? I did not read every page, rather skipped through though.

    Kinda sad about Bill's brother, Wes, seems he's unemployed and rather enjoys the on-line attention from Tappanga and co. He said he was there to stand up for a 'buddy', i.e. Taylor. Self-validation made through his pic with the hot blonde, I'm guessing. Not bashing him, just an observation.

    Thread seemed typical of most fan forums, biased, and well, there was that Jeanni again... There was one poster that was interesting, the chick with the jokes, "SuperGirl". She was funny, wonder if she posts at VFTW? Love her tinfoil hat pics. Just basing my assessments from the comic levity she brought to the thread.

    I don't know this board so not familiar with all the 'players'.

    I think that there's a place in henry8's heart angry she's not included or allowed to post on MFOYA. She had been there since the beginning. I met her on the board.

    I know that the site has rights to post only material fitting the message, and doesn't want it to turn into a Splash bash fest. I understand that thinking. Not saying henry8 would do that, but others if allowed on would.

  12. Henry81:42 PM

    Oh God, Sunny , how do you get so wrong? There is absolutely no way you could understand how glad I am to not be a part of MFOYA. I would have posted there more if I could have cause I loved giving them fits but no more, wouldn't even try. For a time I would send them a message cause I knew they would read it. But I don't even have the desire to do that now. You guys are so funny. Don't feel too badly for Wes, hes not unemployed, he doesn't need to work right now, seasonal and all you know. We know the blonde. They seem happy. Glad for them.
    Look ridiculous and embarrassed? I am sitting here giggling. I'm not the one who lost it like a loon on TMS yesterday and was obviously embarrassed enough to go back and delete what she could.

    Don't worry your little heart Sunny, the last people I want to be included with is MFOYA.
    The pictures and humor on TMS were just great yesterday. So nice to hang with rational people.
    If you are interested in the best of the best of the posts, I broke my own rule againist copy and paste and the best ones are on CL site. That was just too good to pass up, I may never quit laughing. Oh yeah, I REALLY want to be included in that. Heeheeheeheehee

  13. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I read that TMS post while it was happening and Scotty never lost it. He made fun of Wes by using CAPS and exclamations and then left. not really that interesting.

  14. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I'm not familiar with TMS or any of the posters on that site either. I know it's famous for it's fan fiction, but I'm not into that stuff. This may be the 4th or 5th time I've visited the site. I have a feeling that thread gave them a lot more activity. So, Wes is Bill's brother? I didn't even know that.

  15. hicksfan78:18 PM

    Anonymous said... "mfoyas got the power right now, not tms" -
    SO WHAT "power" would that be? Power to do what? or to cause someone else to do what? I just don't get it. Call me stupid. (for the 100th time).

  16. I am glad to hear you are cool with everything MFOYA Henry8, and life is good. I just was concerned because word was and is you've been knocking and they won't let you in... Man, I'm all for fairness.

    Regarding TMS, I did not think it was like a greatest hits of funny, it was OK. I liked that chick SuperGirl's posts with the cat and the tinfoil.

    Regarding Wes, man he said he was unemployed... I dunno, just got a strange vibe off the guy. What the fuck really do I know anyway?

    I know regardless of anything I'm always happy to see you. Sometimes I wonder why, but ;) - I think it's your damn honesty and frankness.

  17. "Anonymous" you sound like me, I don't know the fan boards and their occupants. Regarding Bill Will and Wes, New to me too. Man, there's a Big ol' on-line Hicks world out there.

  18. hicksfan7 I have never called you stupid, my guess you are far from that...

    MFOYA dug into an idea, a story and managed to make somewhat of on-line history.

    Bottom line too - Taylor's name has been kept in media and now surging outside of the on-line community. Man, talk is talk. We have to work what is available to get the man's name in the focus of the world of celebrity. This is not going to hurt him.

  19. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Henry8, I'm not trying to take sides here but I'm an active member of TMS and am wondering which post are you referring to that MFOYA "lost it like a loon?" Just curious? Are you talking about the Scotty posts? If so there was no "lost it like a loon" posts in the entire thread for him either and nothing that was deleted. So....what exactly are you talking about? Maybe you read something no one else on TMS read. Or are you just making things up and spreading rumors? Because if that is the case that's not cool. Some of you need to grow up. Just sayin.

  20. I guess it wasn't just me. I never found anything wacky either about Scotty. Maybe they and henry8 were just sleep deprived. They were posting about not going to bed that night over their thread... just a thought.

  21. Man, I am tired - by "they" in above reference I meant Henry8 and the TMS crowd thinking that Scotty "lost it". Never found anything other than chicks raining compliments on the one lone dude posting.

    Regarding hilarious - henry8 get some sleep tonight. Really.

  22. Henry81:25 AM

    Good Lord. The denial is waist deep.
    Sorry, but I've always been told that Caps are yelling. people kept telling "Scotty" that they didn't care. That has always pissed her off. Course, she would always come back with "But you don't know him"
    Couldn't really say that to Wes. And when someone yells.
    Course she never would say why he deserves it other than hes a liar. Well Whoop te do.
    Sorry , thats losin it and she went back and took it down. I liked the one where she said she wasn't a fan. May have actually have told the truth for once. If you would like to see them, I put them on CL , they were just too good to miss.
    Sunny you told me not to conjecture, but as usual it all right for everyone else. Wes owns his own business, hes doing fine, he jokes around a lot, a great amateur photographer and just seems like a really nice guy. I have alway gotten a real good vibe from him.
    I will continue to read at mfoya, because I want a heads up about what ever damage they are going to try next. But I feel dirty and creepy while I am there.
    I read your post at mfoya, tonight, sunny, I give up.

  23. I don't know what you're giving up about - I just wrote about Bhammer's post. I love good snark, she's very good.

    Was I to be appalled? Anarchists more or less fit perfectly the mindsets of parties involved who like to shake that snow globe called life to watch the flakes fall randomly. Bhammer is one smart poster. I needed that last night after my day yesterday. You see I actually 'work' and live - off the internet. Year beginning is always brutal in my line of work. That was great comic relief.

  24. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Henry8, seems you don't interpret posts in writing very well. It was pretty obvious to me and most others that Scotty's caps and exclamations points were making a jab at how Wes was writing. Wes was using all Caps and Exclamation points in almost every post. LOL. Then when Scotty left he used Caps and Exclamations to say goodbye "OUT!!!!!!!" LOL. Pretty obvious what his tone was. He was messing around. Also I don't think that was MFOYA either. Anyone that reads mfoya can see they don't write emotionally. I have never seen someone so obsessed with MFOYA. ???

  25. "Anonymous' it's obvious why Wes was posting and why the gals fawn over him -the much ballyhooed ties to Mr. Hicks. Therefore, the man (Wes) can do nor write anything wrong.

    henry8 is of the mindset as are many that unless a statement is completely positive and glowing, nothing else is acceptable towards or about Taylor Hicks. I get that, I understand it.

  26. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Sunny, Henry8 reminds me of the typical senior citizen fans that Taylor Hicks has. They fill their days up with Taylor Hicks because there is nothing else and they can't deal with the reality of his mistakes.

    What I find interesting is the obsession all these people have with MFOYA. It is really something else. Especially henry8. She refers to MFOYA as if they have some special friendship, the same way she refers to Taylor Hicks. Henry8 seems to convince herself that she knows people that are strangers to her. I find that odd. Jeannie does the same thing. These people don't know who MFOYA is other than someone they might have interacted with behind a computer. I just find the obsession with MFOYA so weird. If people are obsessed that's understandable, Taylor is a celeb. But MFOYA is a blogger. WTF?

  27. hicksfan78:32 PM

    henry8 - woohooo at least we can have our comments posted now:


  28. hicksfan78:33 PM

    so Sunny and Anonymous- forgive me - but I still don't see what the "power" is....what am I missing?

  29. Henry812:08 AM

    And Sunny, that is a bunch of crap.
    I sincerely and truthfully will say that I doubt if there are many more realistic about Taylor Hicks than I am. As many people that I talk to in private could tell you. But any critisism I might have will not be in public, he gets enough of that. And again with the conjecture and assuming that you know what I and others think.
    You don't get or understand anything about me. I like the online Wes, for himself. I suppose I never would have met him except for his connection with Taylor but that has nothing to do with whether I like him or not. He is funny, and seems truthful and modest. A great combination. I am quite sure that he is not going to introduce me to Taylor, and I would not want him too, Although I would love to see Taylor perform live , I have no interest in meeting him. I really don't see the point. I have met more than one person online because of Taylor but whether I like them or not has nothing to do with Taylor.
    I simply have never run into people as smart as the folks at mfoya. They know everyting there is to know about everyone, what they think and why they think it. Such brilliance must be hard to bear.
    And anoymous what you said about Scotty's posts was neither right nor obvious. Spin it all you want. I don't fall for your bullshit and I never did, I just kept quiet for quite awhile. For my own reasons.

  30. Same thing happened with Gray Charles, albeit he was a 'pro' Hicks positive kinda guy - during the Idol days at least...some of these same folks are embroiled in this little bruhaha.

  31. Holy crap on that link; hicksfan7, man I really feel like I have fallen through a rabbit hole. It continues to amaze, and in a strange way interest me where all this goes. Man, I hadn't had a hit of Window Pane in years but dealing with some of the likes of the Hicks' fan world isn't much different than a hit of that sometimes... wow. Inside, Outside and Upside down.

  32. hicksfan7, the power? Well it's in the interpretation really.

  33. henry8, I disagree with your assessment of Wes. Man, the guy is sitting there in that signature pic with a shit-eating grin on his face, a cute blonde on his lap and you call him "Modest"? WTF? He's anything but that. His writing styling (including grammatical challenges) scream "Look at me I am important!!!!

    Please spin that crap about Wes elsewhere I am not going to be blind or dismiss that comment nor eat it like good cake... To say he's Modest (yes I am capitalizing that for a reason) is ridiculous.

  34. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Sunny, I agree with your assessment of Wes. Any of those guys that post there are wanting their ass kissed and they get it and then some. Half of those women aren't saying what they really think because they want to say the 'right' thing for him.

    Sorry, the guy is a loser. Hanging on TMS? Hanging on ANY fan site is pathetic. Where's the respect in that?

  35. hicksfan78:02 AM

    to Anonymous ...re: you continue to refer to Henry8 as being obsessed with MFOYA - seems like YOU are obsessed with Henry8's obession - LOL LOL

  36. hicksfan78:03 AM

    Sunny - seriously, THAT is what I am asking for - "the interpretation" - I guess I really am slow.

  37. Henry88:37 AM


    I guess I left out the part about his wacked out sense of humor.
    By modest I was thinking the of the fact that he seems unassuming. But you know you are right, it was a poor choice of words. I mean you should have seen him in his green pimp suit. (it was a chop,okay)
    But he loved it. Yes, I should have chose a different word.
    And why does that pic with the girl friend bother you so much. Its just a nice picture and there is a reason why its there. And its not the one you have chosen to hang on it.
    And anonymous, there you do again, you know nothing about how I spend my days. But you should follow me around, I would wear your ass out.
    Oh wait, maybe you are, you know sooooooo much about me. NOT.

  38. henry8, the pic w/the blonde doesn't bother me 'so much' it's just that it is the pic he selected in his signature. Most folks use something to define themselves by in that area of the post; a phrase, a picture, a banner.

    I could care less who that gal is, maybe it's his sister for all I know. I do know guys and they like to promote themselves around women sometimes by having pictures of or associating with attractive females to elevate their status around other women.

    Look, I don't know the guy - I'm sure he's a nice fellow toward all of you on the board. My first impression was he's showing off for all of you. He loves the attention obviously, but hey, a lot of men are like that. Nothing bad or wrong in his behavior, just an observation. 'Modest' is an overused word like 'humble' these days to try and make someone seem like such a great person.

  39. SuperGirl3:52 PM

    here was one poster that was interesting, the chick with the jokes, "SuperGirl". She was funny, wonder if she posts at VFTW? Love her tinfoil hat pics. Just basing my assessments from the comic levity she brought to the thread.

    I liked that chick SuperGirl's posts with the cat and the tinfoil.


    Yeah, sorry -- someone pointed me here, and because I'm an attention whore, I came here to say WHAT UP.

    But, seriously -- thank you, Sunny, for being normal. This is rarity in any online fandom, much less the SOOOOOOOUL PATROOOOOOOL WOOOOO.

  40. Henry84:10 PM

    He a very, very, funny and nice guy, period. Seems like Taylor has a few old friends that are very good people. I wish he were around more. But like all of us he is pretty pressed for time.
    Are far as banners are concerned, they change a lot but I look for him to keep that one for awhile.
    Shes a keeper.

  41. Anonymous5:40 PM