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Sunday, January 06, 2008

What's the Frequency...Taylor Hicks?

Taylor Hicks recent events and news on the internet is seemingly building to a crescendo. The on-line drum roll that began building dissension is rolling within the fan boards into an all out cacophony of written explosions. On-line drama is being evidenced between blogs and boards as well as within the same board's forums, their members, their moderators. Topics of debate and discussion: Taylor Hicks/Caroline Lyders romance, J Records and Hicks parting ways.

Information emerging from MFOYA have posters reporting that the long-standing site, The Boogie Board forum has closed up shop (temporarily, I'm guessing) due to "management issues".

TaylorMadeSoul.com has had an problem with the number of hits to the site establishing errors within the data base, resulting from the amount of interest directed at a thread covering the same topic the on-line presence known as MFOYA initiated many months back. This single thread on TMS, last count was well over 50 pages of responses; it wound up looking like this for now.

I decided to print this particular posting which I think makes a humorous and accurate appraisal and synopsis regarding that TMS thread discussion. What KEB writes could fit into most of the other fan board forums and web site discussions:
KEB, a member from New York on TMS wrote:

Watching these two threads is like watching an old gladiator’s movie everyone swinging trying to see who they can kill or at least maim.
We have attacked each other and questioned the reputation and circulation of some start up magazine. I have seen people who don't give a rat's ass waste more time and energy trying to convince everyone they don't care. If you really don't care then stay out of the thread there are more places to play in TMS then here.
Beyond TMS blog wars are raging. You think MFOYA is crazy check out the anti mfoya sites the inmates are running the asylum out there and it is insane.
What is my take on all this: a very tongue in cheek article was written in a magazine know for not taking much of anything too serious, in fact it is a snark fest.
The Hollywood credo still is no publicity is bad publicity as long as they spell your name right.

T-A-Y-L-O-R H-I-C-K-S. Yep it's all good.

My next step this morning was to go in search for information on the Taylor Hicks 'official sites'. (It's Sunday, I'm 'playing' on-line for a while.) Sadly I found no information or enlightenment regarding any on-line brouhaha. I did discovered one thing of interest - for me anyway - hitting my links and then searching google, I seem to be missing something. Looking for the paying fan site formerly known as Taylor Hicks headquarters and formerly published in my links as taylorhicks.com I kept getting directed to this link - Taylor Hicks Myspace page. I finally found the paying fan site under taylorhickshq. Again no information on any of the topics of interest, merely solicitation for memberships. Interesting?

Missing links? Missing boards? Missing information; I have to ask:
"What's the Frenquency" ... Taylor Hicks?
REM video c/o wikkitclown


  1. hicksfan74:06 PM

    I gotta say - it HAS gotten pretty nutso everywhere ya turn on this subject. TAYLOR HICKS brings out the PASSION in everyone!!

  2. henry86:25 PM

    TaylorHicks.com has been redirecting to Taylors myspace for awhile now. Since that site was one that was ran by the record company , it was one of the reasons the the "dropped" news did not surprise me. I would think that surely Taylor would have known that was happening, and he sure hasn't seemed unhappy lately. Then on the other had maybe his attention has been directed elsewhere and he didn't realize the web site had changed. Who knows?

  3. SuperGirl6:33 PM

    I can sum it up even more succinctly.


    Also, tl;dr (too long; didn't read). Not your post, of course -- everyone else's. Those were a whole lot of words for people who don't care, you guys. Seriously.

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" -Dan Rather's famous line.

    I was reminded of that and something else to do with famous newscasters and not Taylor Hicks. Or maybe indirectly about MFOYA and the power of the internet.

    A couple of years ago, a famous news anchor introduced some document evidence that was supposed to prove something about some political figure running for election. Something BAD. Those documents were loaded onto news sites and pored over on this news-centered forum site that was very popular. The whole thing centered on whether in the 1970's, on typewriters used by the miliary, the document could have a super-strike that could make something like "7th" but with the 'th' elevated higher than the 7. The document had this date format but, guess what, the people on those site, some of which had experience with these kind of typewriters, found this was impossible. The documents were then shown to be forgeries and found to be made on a word processor of recent origin. The documents were discredited, the person who provided the documents were discredited, and the famous newscaster was put out to pasture. This proved out the collective brain power of a bunch of people who came together on the internet for a common cause.

    People have underestimated the power of the internet, and people's collective intelligence/observations - and it's been their downfall.

    - Margaret

  5. hicksfan77:41 PM

    so now we lost the mirror site because MFOYA PEOPLE posted nasty nasty disgusting comments to make wordpress shut it down.

    real nice.

  6. hicksfan77:45 PM

    supergirl - I think when people say they "don't care" they mean they don't care who taylor dates or doesn't date -that it is his own business, not that they don't care what others write about him.

    just my opinion of course.

  7. henry88:04 PM

    I didn't see any extremely long post here. But there sure are some.
    Some when they day they don't care really mean it doesn't matter. The only thing I care about is the attempt to turn Taylors fanbase into a useless hysterical mess.

    (little sarcasm)
    That was sweet the way mfoya took down the mfoyamirror. You go girl. You're getting smarter everyday.

  8. Supergirl, I loved that cat picture in your post on TMS - BWHAHAHA!!! I might have to join that site.

    henry8 I read your phone call posting on chill's and it was funny, creative, and I know it is exactly as you think - like always.

    hicksfan7 did you really think that that MFOYA was going to let that mirror wordpress keep on, and man, they were turning it into a bash Sunny festival. LOL I was directed to read it tonight right before the Big Bang. "Kemosabi" takes care of Tonto. j/k

    Besides, man, you all were getting pornographic over there. Somebody gets really tweaked over the thought of my lips on MFOYA's ass.

    My stalker/fan from Splash, one of the CL Fanatics was present and accounted for... LOL

    Celebrityblondebabe is likely a product of cousins intermarrying. To that delusion fool, having passion and emotions doesn't equal multiple personalities. It means you're not on lithium or whatever pills she's munching.

    I am all about passion.

  9. Margaret, that is a bit of interesting and most likely forgotten history, I remember the event. Man, thanks for posting. The internet is an incredible tool. Words, more powerful than any sword, indeed.

  10. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Sometimes the stupidity of Taylor Hicks fans astonishes me. The spinning of why the parting of ways being the most ridiculous. He was dropped by them. Taylor did not communicate this matter to his fans. What is new? His smile does not mean squat. Knowing this was coming out in the press would most likely cause him to smile even harder as a mask. If he bought out he would have said so to avoid the media slamming him. Being dropped is embarrassing and can have negative raminfications on a musicians career.

    And now we have the excuses to why MFOYA shut down the mirror site. No amount of prank crass messages on a blog can cause a blog to be shut down, when all the blogger has to do is delete them and block IPs. MFOYA had that mirror site shut down due to copyright infringement.

    I find it interesting that almost every site set out to bash MFOYA is now having issues. Either MFOYA has some kind of computer powers over the entire internet, or these ridiculous site are not meant to prevail.

    I am tired of the lack of savvy of this mans fan base. Sometimes I wonder where these people came from.

  11. hicksfan79:04 PM

    So Sunny - do you have any idea who might have posted disgusting comments on the mirror site using Jeanni's name? just askin'....because it wasn't Jeanni.

  12. hicksfan7 I have been on and off computer today, and no I have no idea who posted that smut about Jeanni. How do you know it wasn't Jeanni for sure? She found no moderators and went mad with freedom perhaps. Had to spill her deranged thoughts for all anyone knows for sure. Certainly was graphic.

    Besides, I just found out about that crap shortly before the blog went 'poof'. I got word on it, read it and it went buh-bye.

    Let's look at it like this...who posted crap about me? Using my name in their handle, etc... Yeah, wasn't that a laugh riot... sheesh.

    Let's take that asinine Non-celebrityblondebabe trying to sound like she has at least a ping-pong ball sized brain attempting to psychoanalyze me when she's most likely munching lithium tabs. Poor broad just parroting what bloody chill tries to push about me.

    Yes, indeed, the CL Fanatics represent such a sane and pious and nice group. I hear doves cry when I read there. Truly.

  13. Anonymous, copyright infringement means nothing to this group. Word going around now is MFOYA possesses superstrength type powers to halt internet traffic and kill blogs or something. Man, that's one powerful on-line presence.

    According to 'some', my lips are all over MFOYA's ass, so glad I'm not on their bad side. ;) LOL

  14. henry811:32 PM

    Aw, shucky darn, turns out the great and all powerful mfoya didn't shut down anybody. Stay tuned.
    sunny, you know perfectly well Jeanni didnt post that. when did she ever have a two line post?
    Hee Hee

    People are fighting=mfoya is happy.
    alls screwed up in Taylor world.

  15. I know henry8, dead giveaway it was not Jeanni, the sexual fantasies did not run on at least 3 paragraphs. LOL

    Oh, wait, perhaps that was a ruse to throw everyone off... j/k

  16. SuperGirl12:32 AM

    supergirl - I think when people say they "don't care" they mean they don't care who taylor dates or doesn't date -that it is his own business, not that they don't care what others write about him.

    Oh. Well, see, this is what happens when my Give-A-Damn breaks, and I don't read the majority of the posts on the subject. It leads me to post cat pictures with stupid captions on them.


  17. taytaysfan2:08 AM

    I don't believe it was jeanni either, but you must admit.. MFOYA and the gang wasn't likin' the place.

    MFOYA went on a posting spree since the post were not sent to moderation. MFOYAMIRROR will resolve this issue, but I know MFOYA won't listen.. they have a hard time with the truth. JMO

  18. So, have any of the members who paid dues to the "Official" Taylor Hicks site that is now caputs get any feedback on what happens now to their memberships? Just curious how that would work.

    Bo Bice has a paying site, but when he changed from his first site to his second, the monies paid by members transferred over until the date they were to expire. JFYI

  19. Henry82:09 PM

    What Taylor Hicks site where you have to have a paid membership is down? The only site where you had to have a membership is TaylorHicks Headquarters and that is up as far as I can see.
    TaylorHicks.com which I have always been told was ran by the record company has been redirecting to his myspace for some time. I was glad to see it down as the record company never, ever at any time put any effort into it. But that is not a paid membership site.

  20. henry8, silly me I couldn't find it yesterday...like I said, I don't go there.

  21. henry84:28 PM

    Perhaps you should.

  22. henry87:12 PM

    I forgot Sunny to thank you for thinking my "phone call" was funny and creative. I posted it on TMS and Jeanni brought it over. Which was okay, but she does go a little over the top at times.
    I was going to put it there but would have set it up a little differently.
    Anyway, the only point I was trying to make with it was that at some time there would have had to have been some initial contact and it would have had to have been just about that silly IMO.
    Oh , I know some would say it was a serious business dealing. Sorry, no one could have kept a straight face for that.