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Friday, January 04, 2008

"Where Ever I Lay My Hat"

Taylor Hicks' real life is increasingly resembling this song, "Where Ever I Lay My Hat". Alec Harvey of al.com. interviews Taylor Hicks about his recent tour in Asia. Mr. Harvey, broached the topic of Taylor Hicks' named love interest, Caroline Lyders.

He wrote,
" Hicks also has time for other things.

Although he still declines to discuss his personal life, he has been linked to Milwaukee TV anchor Caroline Lyders. After his appearances in Asia, Hicks headed to Milwaukee before heading back down South.

Hicks is affably evasive about where "home" is these days.

"For now, if I'm in one place for two weeks, then that's where I live," he says. "Milwaukee is one of those places."

Mr. Hicks also voiced surprise by the reception of his American Idol finale song, "Do I Make You Proud", saying,
"`Do I Make You Proud' is a nice-sized hit in Asia," Hicks says. "People know me over there because of that. It's amazing that the song I didn't think was right for me has taken off over there."

Apparently the managers running Hicks' camp have not filled the man in on the internet buzz regarding American Idol and Taylor's appeal generated from that part of the globe. Asian Idol, incorporated that song in their finale and folks familiar with the Eastern culture would understand 'the why' regarding the appeal. The Asian culture strongly values family, work, history, and tradition. Making your ancestors, your family proud, having your name viewed in a positive light, important.

News about J Records dropping Taylor Hicks was not brought up, but the prospect of opening a club in Birmingham was, with Mr. Hicks saying details were being discussed but nothing firm or signed regarding the venue.

"Where Ever I Lay My Hat" c/o BoogieBoardVids

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