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Monday, December 31, 2007

Taylor Hicks vs Ball and Chain: Does the story have Legs?

Today, I spent a few moments reviewing the status of the Taylor Hicks fan sites I have held in focus this past several months. On the Eve of 2008, I stopped by to read MFOYA and found poster, Junebug had written another article. This one cites two examples of the view from the MFOYA aspect, of what gains they see Caroline Lyders achieving by her association with Taylor Hicks. Junebug holds forth:

Exhibit A: In the first week of October, staged photos of Hicks and Caroliar walking together in NYC start popping up. Lo and behold, it is reported on October 5th, by her cronies at Milwaukee Buzz, that Caroliar is interviewing for a position at WCVB in Boston.

Exhibit B: December 14, NewsBlues reports that Caroliar is auditioning for WJLA in DC. The blurb even mentions her (fake-ass) relationship with Taylor. Bam! Caroliar worms her way onto Tay’s recent December Asia tour. (Too bad for Caroliar, she’s such a big fat nobody that in a roomful of reporters from all over Asia, not even one was remotely interested in asking Hicks about her or taking a pic of her. )

Junebug closes with, "...judging from this latest Memphis trip, Hicks is trying to do the right thing. In fact we (ok some) are cautiously optimistic that he has turned a corner and we support that wholeheartedly. Here’s more evidence that Hicks is choosing his music, his career and his real personal life, over lies and fake girlfriends: He will be in Atlanta for New Year’s Eve…without Caroliar/Caroliability."

"Ball and Chain" Janis Joplin c/o Ronnie7311

Regarding the MFOYA story and whether it has 'legs', well that of course brought me in mind to play this video:

We'll soon see what's The Deal in terms of MFOYA, Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders.
"The Deal" c/o Tara72:

Meanwhile Team Chill seems to have decided to take a slightly higher road than they've been driving on; this blog posting reflects a 'kinder, gentler' chill crowd. We'll see how long this lasts... the thought of "Walking in Memphis" seems to have soothed the savage heart beats.
This video is from me to Team chill and the Pill Gang: c/o laceup1967
John Lee Hooker, "Turning Over a New Leaf"

My wishes for all in the New Year, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Truth, Justice and man, I need a new car.

This song dedicated to The Soulman,Taylor Hicks: "The Healer" Lyrics video c/o jazzmanl

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taylor Hicks Invited to Perform, Only Interview Aired

Taylor Hicks' halftime performance was not aired on ESPN - Mr. Hicks was invited to the 'dance' but all the television viewers were able to see goes like this:

Well, at least he was able to get that much airtime and looks like a great view of the game. Mr. Hicks does love his college football.

Mr. Hicks performs in Memphis, here is the Vimeo, c/o edjorg:

Taylor Hicks - Maze tags - Memphis from edjorg on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Steamroller Blues

The jukebox in my mind had this playing this morning: video c/o Pitiova

Friday, December 28, 2007

One more Poke at the Fantasy World of the CL Fanatic Site

One more CL Fanatic for the road:

Apparently my bash site "pals" came over and read the blog last night, because, you know, they never read me, my work is in vain, because no one posts here, no one reads my work. All for naught...

'mfoyasucks', or aka 'kisschillsass' says,
"Here we go again.. Sunny gets upset if someone copies and paste her nice work but seems to think it’s fine to do so herself..

"Okay, Sunny.. First off I said that seldom anyone replies on your blog..I didn’t say anything about how many people read your blog.. I have read your blog many times before MFOYA and rather enjoyed your writings..

Kissing Ass.. awe, come on Sunny.. you invented the word, right. Your lips are all over MFOYA’s ass!

My response:

Who are you to imagine that you can pass judgment over me, make fun of my writing and think I should not respond? Let's understand, this chill person insults me on a regular basis, but in your eyes that is OK, she can post negative commentary about me on her site and others, yap about me in her little private chat, but if I respond, I'm the stalker. Other way around, I think. Too she comes here yet never will leave her name and most likely would deny she's ever posted here. Anonymous, is such a big word.

What egos they all have to think it is acceptable to rip up others but let anyone say anything about Taylor Hicks, and well, Hell should swallow them whole. That's a definition of crazy. He's just a guy. I have been a fan of his for a long time but I don't think the man parted the Red Sea nor can turn water to wine.

The comments regarding my copy and pasting of the posting from the site,let me enlighten. On my blog I specify and request no copy and pasting because sometimes I found my blogs and articles pasted on other sites with the person copying taking credit for my words. That is different than copying postings off of a web site my friend.

I think I'm through poking that ant hill for now.
Adam Ant "Friends or Foes" c/o myrrd


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Team Chill Celebrates the Season/Live and Let Die

In Honor of Team Chill and their Christmas Spirit:
c/o boritom

Checking on Team Chill and the Pill Gang here's how I found this sweet bunch of gals celebrating Christmas Day. I read they were trying in their own misguided way to discuss a post written by MFOYA contributor, Junebug.
My commentary can be found within the parenthesis.

chill // December 25, 2007 at 2:59 pm

Wannabe girlfriend sat on a wall,
Wannabe girlfriend had a great fall.
All the MF posters, And all the MF worshippers
Couldn’t put wannabe girlfriend together again!

(She's a poet too!)

gypseestrampsnthieves // December 25, 2007 at 8:17 pm

They’ve proven once and for all that they really are the scum of the earth. Who tells lies about another human being on Christmas Eve?

mfoyasucks // December 25, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Can you believe this dumb ASS left this message over at mfoya….

December 25, 2007 at 7:04 pm
Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas Taylor!!

(Yeah, 'mfoyasucks-kisseschillsass', nice way to not bash anyone during the holiday, man!)

chill // December 26, 2007 at 11:06 am

“S” (that would be me) give it a rest! Not in the mood for you today. Go stalk someone else, would ya? Christmas Eve works for you but not Christmas Day? Give me a break, hypocrite.

ETA: Here’s the comment I’m referring to that’s in my spam box, just so you know what I’m talking about. LOL!! Guess who it’s from?

“Christmas Day and y’all bashing away the day.

I’m sure you make Taylor proud, good will toward men and all that.”

Why won’t she leave me alone? hahaha She seems to think bashing Taylor and Caroline on Christmas Eve is okay though. Go figure. I’m beginning to think MFOYA and she are lovers.

(sharp as a tack that one...)

mfoyasucks // December 26, 2007 at 12:48 pm

They deserve each other, Chill.

(she should call her self 'chillsuckup')

Christmas Eve.. the lovely Junebug bashed the poor man to shreds, but gave it a rest on Christmas Day? Yeah, whatever?!

Face it Sunny, you’re better off remaining over at MFOYA with your own kind.. Scum… Or better yet, go back to your blog where no one even bothers to reply.. All that hard work and no one gives a damn.. Sad to be you!

hicksfan7 // December 27, 2007 at 7:03 pm

mfoyasucks - Henry8 replies to Sunny’s blog, I do sometimes but she doesn’t always post mine up. whatever.

(look back chica, I have published every one of your posts and extended you every politeness and hospitality, even when you've been not so polite, yet you in turn behave how? Nice.)

mfoyasucks // December 27, 2007 at 7:18 pm

I know some reply to Sunny’s blog, to each their own. But lately, you’ll notice she seldom has anyone replying to any of them.. unless it has to do with Caroline or Chill. Sunny is obsessed with Chill. I do think she had a nice blog going before she got involved with MFOYA,, since then it’s went downhill.

(first it says no one reads here, my efforts are in vain, then it says I had a nice blog...flip. flop. flip. flop. Regarding obsessed with chill, rather amazed and amused at the idiocy and hypocrisy she likes to run with on her site. It's fun to read some of the posters kissing her ass like Jim Jones followers...)

Look folks, two wrongs never make a right.

Ah,what the hell,it is Christmas:
"Live and Let Die" c/o downtoascience

"The Seeker"

c/o afiendishthingy

"Running Blind" Godsmack

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taylor Hicks' Coverage by Gerry Alanguilan

Taylor Hicks, in the video in this link provides an interview in Manilla recorded by Gerry Alanguilan, at the Hard Rock Cafe, Glorietta, Makati, Philippines. In this video clip, Taylor Hicks performs "Just To Feel That Way" during the 2nd night of his three-night concert tour of Ayala Malls. Mr. Hicks performed this tune at the Greenbelt 3 Park. It's not my favorite song of his, but Gerry does a great job in the filming, love it when the cameraman has no shake! (Great job Gerry, thanks for these little 'jewels'.)

This video has the Taylor Hicks' filmmaker, providing his perspective and views on Mr. Hicks:

Gerry's wife is fortunate, he's one sweet, funny guy - not to mention he provided some of the best fan coverage on Taylor Hicks' Manila performances. What he says about watching American Idol the entire season five held true for many folks who have become fans of Taylor Hicks. Here is where you can find Gerry to express your thanks for his coverage if you haven't already!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - "Nevermind"

Magni and Birgitta Haukdal

OK, that was sweet, let's wash that out with this hard hitting guitar guy - oh yeah, it's still Magni:
Doing the Beatles:

Doing Nirvana:

Interview with the Iceman coming up in January.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Taylor Hicks' Christmas in Manilla Medley

Our man, Taylor Hicks, in this over six minute video sings his medley including "White Christmas" and "Merry Christmas Baby" from Manilla, c/o thegreatdrei. Taylor Hicks is in fine voice, love the improvisational jazz skats he puts in the song. Mr Hicks gives a big shout out to the Soul Patrol.

Merry Christmas from Idol Blues.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunny's Sunday Choir Music

It appears I have missed out on some fine music reality television. Sadly the constraints on my time, left no time for "Clash of the Choirs". This morning a few emails and one alert brought to my attention exactly what I've missed. Patti LaBelle and Nick Lachey turned out to be the top two contenders out of a field including Kelly Rowland, Michael Bolton and Blake Shelton. Each singing star went back to their home town, held rehearsals and picked their choir members. This contest had the Team winnings devoted to particular charities, prize money $250,000.

One of my favorite audition videos: c/o CrazyLady747

Patti LaBelle and Team LaBelle take us to church:
"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" c/o jmaxcpr

a nod to Carrie Underwood:
"Jesus Take the Wheel" (Absolutely beautiful, one of the show's best.)

Team Lachey, Nick Lachey's team wound up with the Big Win. One of their offerings:
"Unwritten" Natasha Bedingfield. Video c/o phillymac2543

The show winning song:
"Flight of the Bumblebee" video c/o bentncrazy

Nick sings his single:

Watching the videos on youtube gave me a greater appreciation for all the players in this show, especially Nick Lachey. Mr Lachey, for me, had been simply this guy hooked up with Jessica Simpson, had sang in a boy band, and has his image continuously in the entertainment magazines. Nick Lachey, through this show comes across as one great guy. Handsome, charming and an obvious kind heart. I've become a fan.

After watching Nick Lachey's singing - and he can sing; he doesn't possess that vocal depth I hear in Taylor Hicks' voice. Why Mr. Hicks hasn't simply blown the roof off of the music industry yet evades me, but there are many facets incorporated that need to lock together for that level of success.

I hope NBC will do another "Clash of the Choirs", it seemed to be a well-managed show with a great premise, charity. NBC delivered a smooth appearing production, with taste and class. Writer strike on-going, this would make for a great 'series' within itself providing they find the stars willing to do the work. Should NBC decide to do this again, a smart move on the part of Taylor Hicks' management would be to sign him up.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Very Cool Elvis Tune

Like A Baby

You were playing with me like a baby
Well you can bet that some day
Ill forget just like a baby

Friday, December 21, 2007

Taylor Hicks Fans Heads UP

One site, the Caroline Lyders Fan Club claims to be "the good site" for the real, I mean Real Taylor Hicks fans to flock to - all the latest true blue Taylor Hicks information; no lies and absolutely no snark. This pic their creation, yes, it is PURE Fan Love heaped out daily by the Chill-ster site.

Let me take you, kind readers, on the latest journey into the world of love, puppies and bunnies, to the 'Chill' site. Let me lift this insightful commentary from the ever intellectually minded 'Chill' for your perusal:
"chill replied:

The comments over there are so over the top!! Are we sure that these are not ex-wives of Taylor’s? haha"
Yeah that's a smart and snappy line ol' gal.
and, acting like she doesn't hit my site daily...I see you darling.


Can I ask a question here? I’m just catching up on your blog. Forgive me, I work six days a week. LOL! Is the journalist telling us she was undercover? bwhahahaha".

All I can add is , man, Chill, envy is a very unattractive quality, and if you work 6 days a week, yo' sure find time for blogging.

Have you not realized, Chill-pill, as I guess it may have flown like turkey feathers in a tornado, I was having some kind of fun at your expense. The fact you (chill) feel toward me the way you do justifies my efforts. I was playing you like a song.

Like me or hate me, one thing Chill and some of the rest; you wish you were like me. It's Obvious.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taylor Hicks Touring Manila with Caroline Lyders

Taylor Hicks remains on tour in Manila, in this photo, he opens presents from some adoring Pinoy fans. Taylor Hicks is apparently being well received and appreciated. (We thank this fan for publishing her photo.) And look... who's that petite blonde standing next to him? Yes, Caroline Lyders is indeed on holiday with Taylor Hicks.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thrilla in Manila: Taylor Hicks Hits the Malls

Taylor Hicks won't be enjoying a white Christmas, not where he's spending the holidays. Even so, this is an excellent time of year to visit the Philippines; Christmas is a very festive time of the year.

My Father was an Officer in the Air Force while I was a kid. We spent a few years in the Philippines at Clark Air Force Base, outside Angeles City. I rode around in more than a few jeepnies with my nanny, Rosita. She had relatives who farmed and I would go with her to visit them, my main goal to ride atop one of their carabao. She'd toss me up there and lead me around. The animals were friendly and easy going.

Our house had concrete floors and walls. Most of the walls were a decorative cement block with mesh to keep insects and lizards out. Rosita and our gardener, Ernie would once a month take everything from inside the house out on the lawn and scrub the house down ceiling to floor. I'd sit on one of our couches outside sometimes to listen to the other neighbors' noises. We had a cement wall around the property with a wrought iron double gate for the drive entry, so you couldn't really see the other neighbors. The lady next door was always blasting her radio. Every time I hear that old song, "Downtown" I'm taken back to my yard in the Philippines, lying on the couch listening to that song, Rosita bustling around. My kid sister was born there, but she did not get to enjoy the experience, we left for the States when she was just an infant.

Aluminum Christmas trees bring me back to being a little kid living on the Islands. My Mother had ordered one from the States. One of these days I'd like to have another one like it.

It should be an interesting and enjoyable stay for Taylor Hicks on the Islands, overall the people are wonderful, this time of year exciting and the country beautiful.

Starting today Mr. Hicks will be performing mini-concerts in and around Manila Philippines. He will be entertaining at these locations:

December 18 - Glorietta 4 Park
December 19 - Greenbelt 3 Park
December 20 - Trinoma

Monday, December 17, 2007

Taylor Hicks Goes to Asia

And Asia is gone on Taylor Hicks. Mr. Hicks made a guest appearance on Asian Idol during the finale which aired over the past weekend. Reports from Asian publications and reviews have Taylor Hicks igniting a new appreciation for the harmonica as well as Mr. Hicks' styling of soul music. During the Asian Idol broadcast, Taylor Hicks performed "Heaven Knows", one of the tracks off of his eponymous album, "Taking it to the Streets", a Doobie Brother's cover, and his American Idol finale song, "Do I Make You Proud".

This cover, my favorite performance by Taylor Hicks on Asian Idol.
"Taking It to the Streets" video by glotrovato

I had a "flash" this might happen when I first heard Mr. Hicks was scheduled to perform on the Asian Idol finale - a group sing of "Do I Make You Proud". I find the production somewhat of a mess, and I don't favor this "We are the World" type version of "Do I Make You Proud". Saving grace, the infusion of some Soulman power-vocal grit, mid-point of the song.

Schlock, my Name is Idol. (video c/o asianidolvideo)

Maybe it's just my reading the man's body language, his speech patterns, but I'd wage a bet Taylor Hicks wasn't wild about this group sing situation. He's says all the right things, when discussing this part of the show certainly, but there's a certain vibe I'm getting off the man. Like the way he says, "...we will all be singing it...together" when talking about the "Do I Make You Proud" number. Something in the way his eyes moved when he said that sentence made me smile. Check the interview:
Interview with Taylor prior to the show:

It was a good move for him to go to the East and spread some soul, "Heaven Knows" he received massive exposure. This performance Mr. Hicks sounds rather rushed and verging out of breath; it's almost frenetic.

Man, this would have been the right place for the man to do this song:

(video by skeeter226, directed my way by henry8)

Taylor Hicks moves on to appearances in the Phillipines:
Glorietta: December 18, 2007 Glorietta 4 Park 7:00 PM Concierge Hotline: (632) 752-7272
Greenbelt: December 19, 2007 Greenbelt 3 Park 8:00 PM Concierge Hotline: (632) 757-4853
TriNoma: December 20, 2007 Activity Center 7:00 PM Concierge Hotline: (632) 901-3000 Meet & Greet after each show

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm So Excited

Stevie Ray Vaughn: Anyone who appreciates great music and great guitar need to remember this lovely man.

I will never forget him.

Taylor Hicks vs The 50th Annual Grammy Awards

Taylor Hicks nor his eponymous album, Taylor Hicks, see no mention in this year's upcoming Grammy Awards. Am I shocked and surprised? No. Instead, A.I.5 fourth place finisher, Chris Daughtry, scores big with four nominations. His band, Daughtry, sold 3.2 million copies of their self-titled debut, making it the most popular album of the year according to the Billboard reports. It seems Daughtry rocked the charts over the likes of Akon, Fergie and Carrie Underwood. The Grammys air February 10th on CBS.

The entire listing of nominations can be found here, 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

It will be a telling point to see how Daughtry fares when the band is put up against the likes of U2 in the category, "Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal". Accompanying U2 and Daughtry in this competing category, Greenday, Nickelback and White Stripes. That's a huge sign of success and the indication that Chris Daughtry is in this for the long haul. It's a blazing hot honor to be included, in my humble, or sometimes not so humble opinion, in the same category of competition with these groups, but man, especially U2. Blazing. I am duly and truly impressed.
"Crashed" set to Spiderman 3:

Bruce Springsteen, politics aside, has been a favorite of mine since his E Street Band era with the great Big Man, Clarence Clemmons. He may not be up for best album, but he's received a number of nominations, including one for "Once Upon A Time In The West", a track off, "We All Love Ennio Morricone" [Sony Classical]. In that category his biggest competition most likely will be Steve Vai, "The Attitude Song", this track from,"Sound Theories Vol. I & II" [Epic/Red Ink].
"The Rising" by ZenderC (Nice rocking tune.)

A band I have followed and seen many times, Spyro Gyra, surprised me, they are nominated in the Pop Instrumental category for their "Good To Go-Go" album. Amy Winehouse and Kanye West are all over the nomination categories, with my pulling for Winehouse. She may be running down a rocky road with a big monkey on her back, sport the strangest ball of hair ever seen in our lifetime complete with alien eyeliner, but she's brilliant, I love her sound. I'm actually interested in the Grammys this year, much more so than last years' 49th show. The artists are more controversial, the works more interesting overall.

Regarding Daughtry, it will be a definitive sign of his place in the music world, how he fares in the Awards. Man, Daughtry may be the one who truly breaks free from the American Idol stigma. All of this said, this does not diminish my admiration for Taylor Hicks, better luck next album, and word, be more you. Hicks, re-open that book of Mack-Daddy powerhouse soul.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Stepford Fans

Taylor Hicks enthusiasts rallying together on the site known as The Caroline Lyders Fan Club, embrace their inner robot. Advertising their desired mindset in the creative picture posted on the web site, Chill and company say, "Call Me a Stepford Fan".

OK,Taylor Hicks' girlfriend's fans, you are Stepford Fans.

Team Chill also say they're getting tired:

Hell, so am I:

Taylor Hicks news from Asia finally appears on his web site, let's not rush this webmaster... News on the site have Mr. Hicks performing on the Asian Idol broadcast December 16th.

Taylor is also scheduled to perform for three consecutive days in the Philippines, at these three locations of the Ayala Malls.

Glorietta - December 18, 2007 @ 7:00 PM @ Glorietta 4 Park
Greenbelt - December 19, 2007 @ 8:00 PM @ Greenbelt 3 Park
TriNoma - December 20, 2007 @ 7:00 PM @ Trinoma Activity Center
You can check out the Taylor Hicks Headquarters for further information.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taylor Hicks vs The Lone Ranger

Taylor Hicks recently off to his trip to Asia, leaves behind that 'masked man' fighting the fight for Truth, Justice and... really, who was That Chick on the Beach? Will we see Taylor Hicks frolicking beneath the Cherry Blossoms with That Chick? Which Chick? Stay tuned. In the mean time:

A fiery keyboard, typing with the speed of light,
a cloud of turmoil and a hearty "Hi-Yo Shammers!
The Lone Ranger MFOYA rides again!
Return with us now to those
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!
The days of Truth!
Of No More lies!

Let's harken back to days of old and heed the call, beware that renegade CL FanClub Horde: (Can you find the "players" in this video?)

(submitted by his faithful Indian companion, aka Tonto to you...)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taylor Hicks sings "Merry Christmas Baby" plus a Holiday poem written for MFOYA and Sunny. Aw

Taylor Hicks sings "Merry Christmas Baby!" in this rocking the Rock video. Adding to the festivities of the season, MFOYA and I have a holiday poem written just for us. Man, I love the holidays, how about you?
I'm now truly in a holly jolly festive mood after reading this very clever little ditty adapted from the original. (Find in the link the original poem written by Clement Clarke Moore.)

With Apologies to Mr.Moore
Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the land,
not a whisper was heard, perhaps they were banned?
The faithful just sat with their ears to the ground,
hoping that mfoya soon would make a sound.
Other loyals slept, tucked, snug in their beds.
While visions of photochops danced through their heads.
Sunny at standby, mfoya at her keys
about to send out it’s latest tease.
(c/o makingfunofyourasses)

Taylor Hicks Rocks the Rockefeller, sings Christmas tunes, video by blondi0001:

This isn't Taylor Hicks, but it is "Rock 'n Roll Christmas": George Thorogood

Happy shopping.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Walking the "Tightrope"

I guess it's time I come clean with some information regarding Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders. Do I really think that there are two women involved in this scenario? Do I think that there is a bait and switch at work between those frothy waves and the chilly streets of Milwaukee? Do I think Taylor Hicks had some ulterior motive to have one gal on the beach and create a fake girlfriend situation? Have I ever really? Did I drink the cherry Kool-Aide served up fresh and icy by the gallon anywhere... like on MFOYA?

The answer for all of the above, "No". It defies logic or reason.

I did engage in speculation on the situation with Taylor Hicks. I have posted the pictures of Caroline Lyders and commented on what I saw within the context of the images in the photographs and what that can do regard to lighting, etc.. I have enjoyed the debates with the posters on MFOYA, in fact I like them. (No, Ms. Jeanni from the Chill-pill site, it is NOT Aaron Ruffcorn.) I have enjoyed my time in chat on MFOYA (and no, I will never give out the password, they entrusted me with it and it's 'in the vault' to quote Seinfeld).

I have - OK, several times, I have gotten fed up with the harassment I received from the Caroline Lyders Fan Club - just because I posted on MFOYA. That in itself was sufficient to create ill-will. I tried, when I first found the CL Fan CLub site to post and get along with them, but they knew who I was and did not want to let me in...I even entered chat a few times, first time I felt like the Inquisition had returned with the exception of TFHzone, she has remained nice to me throughout this situation. I wanted to read and listen to their point of view, but they had to keep poking me with that on-line stick pulling my cyber-hair and push my buttons, so hey, I gave it in return.

The latest infraction of having my blog spots tampered with - for whatever that reason, completely bowled me over and blew my mind. Who knew anyone associated with any of this was wiley enough to do such a thing? Certainly not me.

I promoted MFOYA for one reason, her sheer talent at commanding attention, her talent at capturing imagination. MFOYA let me in, but never really said why. I figured it was perhaps my blog spot - the fact I was a Taylor Hicks supporter with a blog that had been around a long while, or maybe something else. Perhaps my winning wit and well, whatever, they let me in and never questioned me. MFOYA certainly did not treat me the way the Caroline Lyders Fan Club bloggers have, that much is true. Too MFOYA tickled my brain. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's just the basic underlying renegade mindset my DNA implanted within me. Perhaps I am that crazy. Who knows.

That said, read through any of my postings on MFOYA's site or this one and anyone will have a tough time finding anything I may have said negative about Ms. Caroline Lyders. Rather I have expressed several times that I felt badly for her throughout this little on-line hoopla. One other thing, take a moment folks, and man, look at where you are - this is a Taylor Hicks fan blog.

Several folks have been concerned that this blogger has drunk that sweet,icy Kool-Aide once too often at MFOYA - just so you know, this blogger is fine and Kool-Aide free. I just had to walk that "Tightrope".
Stevie Ray Vaughn

video by wash61

It's a delicate trick. Especially without a net.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, I am Excited

Taylor Hicks Idol Blues blogstress, and blogcritics.org sometime contributor, may get an early Christmas present. I know I have been sometimes naughty so perhaps all I will get is a lump of coal, but here's hoping...

I covered "Rock Star: Supernova" for Reality TV Calendar and blogcritics.org during the last season run. I tried to be completely unbiased but wound up becoming a big fan of Magni Ásgeirsson the rocker from Iceland. I intuitively knew that Lukas Rossi was the hand-picked winner by Tommy Lee, the master of disaster. Even Lukas has saved a bit of one of my pieces on his website. It is here. Rossi indeed a talent unto himself, but Magni my favorite of the talented group assembled for this really entertaining show put together by Mark Burnett.

This is one of my favorite tunes Magni performed:
"Dolphin's Cry":

I loved Nirvana, I'm a huge closet grunge junkie but detested any band who dared tried to cover Kurt Cobain; it was pure travesty.
Until Magni:
"Smells Like Teen Spirit":

This tune exemplifies Magni's grace, talent and why "Supernova" the Rockstar band failed - stupid band head honcho. Magni is blazingly sexy, a complete musician, an Artist.:

Being the on-line participant I can be with these reality music shows - the only reality shows I care about - I lived on the Rock Star Boards. (Research for articles of course...) I found myself writing on Magni's 'blog' weekly like a fangurly fangurl. I embarrass myself, seriously. One of the weeks the fans were to campaign for a song for each performer to, well, perform, I made a huge on-line board push for this song. (Sort of the way I rallied for Taylor Hicks to do "In The Ghetto" on Elvis week.) I thought it a real 'winner' for that week. It was.

This is one of my favorite new tunes from Magni on his new album. It's heady, sexy, emotional, dramatic and full of deep soul. This video was taken during a practice session.

Asian Idol to Recycle Taylor Hicks Idol Tune?

I'd say 'say it isn't so' if it wasn't glaringly apparent it just might be. Taylor Hicks' first single released from his win on A.I. 5, if what I have been reading this morning is correct, "Do I Make You Proud" - is being recycled. I am all for recycling but this form of recycling takes that idea and makes a turn for the bad. That song had it's place, it's place was Taylor's finale song. Granted it's a rather saccarine schlocky tune, but it fit Taylor Hicks' Idol campaign and win. I know some of Taylor Hicks' fans might think this is a great thing, but having the producers behind the Idol shows use that tune again on Asian Idol, basically diminishes the song, not to mention in some vague, heard-it-before way, cheapens the whole Asian Idol experience. Come on, there are some songwriters out there folks just dying to have their song sung on Idol, please, go mine some new talent. (Oh, yeah, that might cost a few bucks.)

"Do I Make You Proud" seemed made for Taylor Hicks for a number of reasons, to start, he was the Unlikely Idol, a gray-haired guy who wore polo shirts and casual jackets and looked way too old for the competition. He was a come from way-behind Underdog that somehow mastered the art of competing in this show and to boot, like a great savory cream gravy, a crazy mad fan base sprung up like nothing else seen before or since on Idol. Taylor Hicks' fanbase, called 'Rabid' by many, known as "Soul Patrol" by most, has made their own form of history. This fan base became an entity all of themselves, making a recording artist's fans more than just a group of record collectors and concert attendees. This group carried Taylor Hicks on their collective shoulders to the show's top spot, against all odds. Granted some members of the "Soul Patrol" are taking the "Patrol" part a little too far in the actual meaning, but I'm saving that for another story.

"Do I Make You Proud" seemed almost a tribute to these members of the "Soul Patrol".
Because of you I am standing tall,
My heart is full of endless gratitude,
You were the one, the one to guide me through,
Now I can see and I believe it's only just beginning

Even the chorus seemed reflective of the man, to be a surviving musician in career that pays for a lifestyle, from years of struggle and hardship.

This what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you proud
Stronger than I've ever been NOW
Never been afraid of standing out
But do I make you proud

I guess I've learned, to question is to grow
That you still have faith, is all I need to know
I've learned to love, myself in spite of me
And I've learned to walk, the road that I believe

I admit to shedding tears while he sang it, man, I was just like David Hasselhof. I really think Asian Idol should find another song. The songs for the Idol contestants should try and represent them to a large degree. Granted there's nothing wrong in someone else later recording that song, but to have it used again, recycled really into the finale song for another branch of Idol, that just doesn't work for me.

Word out although not confirmed on either Taylor Hicks' myspace or his "Official" website, he's rumored to appear on Asian Idol. Granted it's not new news that he was planning to take a trip East to Asia currently, so this rumor may very well be true. The only place I have found this mentioned is in Wiki and while Wikipedia is a fun place to visit with sometimes accurate information, anyone can build a Wiki page and anyone can add information to the pages. Certainly if you use Google and put in the Asian Idol + Taylor Hicks search you pull up many articles, but none with direct mention, only tag lines.

On this forum (click the word forum) there seemed a little surprise that Hicks' would have a following overseas, but I know from my blogging experience on this blog spot, he was followed quite avidly by many Asians while he was on the show and since. My latest Clustermap is my third since I began this blog spot, with having to rebuild and restart the blog a few times due to crashes and 'outside interferences'. Each time I have restarted, the Asian countries always have a strong showing in visits. This trip East for Taylor Hicks would be very advantageous for his career and most likely record sales. That said, it sounds quite probable Taylor Hicks will make an appearance. I just hope the show doesn't have some sort of 'sing off' in mind with multiple versions of "Do I Make You Proud" sang by the Asian Idol contestants and Taylor Hicks. That would be a little over the top in schlock.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I Was Hacked; A Stranger Was in My House

I wasn't going to bring up this topic but have since decided to do so from some emails I've had coming in with questions.

Blogger is an easy or should I say easier system to hack into than the other website systems out there. Accessing it from any computer all you need is an email address and then a password and you're into a blogspot.

I have many folks who subscribe me and therefore access my email address, which is step one to enter blogger. Some have read me for a long time and know some personal information about me, and too, there's the email communications. Lately I have had emails coming through by someone who knows certain things about my personal life, yet when I email reply the messages don't go through. I get the 'not accepting emails' response or 'invalid email'. I prefer that anyone who emails me allows emails in return, quid pro quo and all that.

I've so much to learn in this world of on-line relationships, fansites and fan boards.

The other morning when I pulled up blogger and logged in, I discovered a post that was not written by me but directed toward an on-line entity that I have promoted in my blog. This individual is obviously creating so much ill-will and frenzy that not only I am being aggravated on other websites because of my on-line association, now I have had my blog hacked. I am thankful that whomever did this cunning little stupid 'trick' did not delete the blog nor harm it in any other way. I have ran through template and all looks OK, nothing strange. My Bo Bice blog was interfered with a simple posting deriding his new Cd.I immediately deleted both of the postings but they were still on the blogs during the night while I slept, unaware.

Reasons for this violation and maneuver? Perhaps to intimidate me enough to drop any association with the individual their posting was directed toward, or cause me to end this blogspot. I have had several emails of late imploring me to stop my promotion or discussion of this controversial entity, with an "or else" clause.

I know that anyone tracking me via any statcounter program can't find me - they'll be directed to a warehouse far from my residence; I figured it was just on-line fan intimidation tactics and they were angry with me for my associations.

I understand angry, I get upset when I'm ripped up by another site(s) for no other reason than consorting with the controversial individual I selected to promote here. Naturally I am angry I have been violated in this way, but I've contacted those I need to regarding this matter, and of course, the password has been changed. Search activated to locate the ISP and the perpetrator who has written that posting I have deleted. One thing I will say, the search is leaning toward an address in Alabama. One thing this event is doing on a positive note; feeding my story I'm working on regarding fan sites, fan boards and on-line relationships.

I do say thank you to whomever entered my site and wrote that post here and on the Bo Bice blog, thank you for not completely destroying either place, or deleting the sites, that could have happened so things could be worse.

This has seriously creeped me out as I guess was intended.

On that note, relating to the previous access here:

Try to get back in buddy, it won't happen again.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lucia Micarelli, Rock 'n Roll Violinist

Idol Blues doles up a new musical darling this morning. New due to the fact I've never put her up in this blog before. In the event you haven't heard of this young lady (24 years old), she tours with Josh Grobin, has toured with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Her performance in this video can only be described as "fierce". Lady has some insane talent.
Cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir":

She is absolutely brilliant.

Here's a video to provide you with insight to this extraordinary young woman:

Lucia's myspace page.
For those who like Wiki information.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Sunny Side of Prozac

Man this is one really appropriately funny pic for the topic. Now all Chill's "embellishments" to what was actually said and typed are quite creative, regarding my commentary - I did rant at her but her post and this pic are hella funny.

Man, that's good.

But the pansies part? Seriously. Check out the Caroline Lyders Fan CLub, I'm carrying on like Gawd knows what... Laughing my ass off. No wonder so many of you guys are emailing me the stuff you are... had to go check out the source and see for myself now I had a moment. Really funny.

BWHAHAHAHA. Jesus Lord. That's one entertaining blog read.
Yeah, that does make me "Crazy" Gnarls Barkley:

I love each and every one of you who were worried about me. Maybe Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Wednesday's Idol Blues Video Communications

Fine Young Cannibals

Beatles: "Nowhere Man" (rainshine2s)

(Or, in some cases, Chill Nowhere woman.)

On a Sunny note:
One of my favorite songs: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds":


Pout and Shout an article providing one writer's perspective on the fan world issues and problems. Authored by Mireya Navarro.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Taylor Hicks Fan Wars: The Woman, The Mystery, The Photos, MFOYA

Taylor Hicks, to repeat an already recognized point, stands as the most polarizing and exciting contestant to date, to appear on American Idol. I remembered back during his run on the show how his fanbase adopted the 'us against the world' attitude. In several instances, cyber-battle lines were formed with the Hick's fans pitted against the other A.I. contestant fan bases similar to a sporting event. The tighter the competition perceived between Hicks and the other contestants the rougher the on-line controversy and fan forum baiting. One of the main reasons Taylor won was his fans - from those fans emerged certain leaders, that became like cyber 'generals' that worked the other fans into almost a militant lather come A.I. voting night.

What was evidenced during season five with the competitive push to get Taylor Hicks the win - after the dust settled and the man received his crown, the infighting began amongst the fans. It seemed once the competition was over, the types of fans who reveled in fan board wars and fighting had to find other 'missions'. These 'missions' carried forth on-line with the intent to 'protect' Taylor from one issue or another. Heaven save the critic who spoke negatively against the man, or a fan who had anything but glowing commentary on the man. These type of site leaders instead of helping the man's career are creating a state I'll refer to as "fan- cannibalization". It's certainly not positive to promote Hicks by using aggressive tactics. This could be a factor that might be turning folks from the fanbase and possibly off Hicks. I know of many fans of Taylor's who have opted to remain out of the forums and opt to not post to any blogs or sites about him. Venturing into numerous fan forums I witnessed this myself, many are dormant or with very little activity.

Having a Taylor Hicks fan blog, I have watched the trends, seen the fan site tides ebb and flow. I have checked on Gray Charles.com, seen it come on and fade back off-line. GC was one of the master bloggers during the A.I. 5 campaign, and so he is interesting. Recently I had found a site, tfhzone. Reading the site, it felt like Gray Charles was stamped all over it. The site was witty and fun, fresh, a little sassy and snarky without malice. It began drawing some posters with intelligence - several names I remembered from GC's original site. I enjoyed my time there and frequented it daily for a while.

Talk on tfhzone.com turned to a site known as MFOYA. It was curious to me, when the site name up descriptors from those talking about it had the same rather funny cryptic commentary, the site was 'evil', 'mean' and warnings to 'don't go over there'. Like a moth to the candle flame I had to go. I had to open the "Pandora's box" website. I'm just built that way.

I discovered several of the tfhzone.com posters were hanging on the MFOYA site. Interesting, I thought, so I took time to read the site. It seems the target of the MFOYA site were the photos that hit the internet about Taylor Hicks and a blonde babe hanging in Maui. Question brought up, the identity of the woman in the photos.

Looking at the photos MFOYA posted, I recalled reading an email that was on another site that came up in my Google alerts by a guy professing he knew the blonde's identity. Taking the clues and using Google it was not difficult to find a news anchorwoman in Milwaukee, WI, Caroline Lyders as the e.mailer's intended reveal.

I then had to find the gossip site with photos of Taylor Hicks on a beach with the blonde woman in question. I didn't care that Taylor was lolling in the surf with a pretty woman, what caught my attention on this site, were the number of women on the gossip blog who were so mean and vicious in their commentaries about her. I commented that I thought she was attractive, in fact she looks very much like my younger sister, hair style and all.

MFOYA's beef is not with the lady's appearance per se, instead MFOYA questions the lady in the photos identity. I was an art major in college and for a time worked in the commercial art field, drawing people my specialty. I did ads, pen and brush ink work. I was pretty handy at drawing people with pencil, charcoal, even ballpoint pen. I checked out the comparison photos being discussed with an artists' eye. Hanging out on Lower Greenville Avenue partying, sometimes I would just pick up a pen and draw folks on whatever was handy.

Now granted, viewing photos is quite different than looking at the original human standing in front of you. Lighting and angles can be deceptive. I stress, taking in the photo images, what my eyes are taking in as represented by the photos, there are some marked differences between the pictures as well as marked similarities.

Ms. Lyders in her photos taken from the news station, WISN appears to be slighter, smaller, more petite, refined individual than the photos taken of the gal on the beach. The two wear the same earrings, but it's true those studs are a common choice. The shape of their ears are similar, but in the photo of the beach gal, her lobes look fuller. Facial differences, the jaw line. Photos of Ms. Lyders have her jaw line as more narrow and delicate. The image of the Beach gal - her jaw line is more square; it looks heavier with a solid lower line. Their chins are similar shape, but it's a common shape. In the photos, and again note In the photos, the noses look different. The photos of Ms. Lyders have her with a more pointed, more delicate nose, Beach gals' nose rounds out at the end, looks larger, not so delicate. Overall in viewing these as well as other photographs of this mystery, the photos representing Ms. Lyders have her as a more refined appearing, delicately constructed woman, the gal seen on the beach looks more athletic, rounder, fuller.

The eyes and brows look similar although you can't tell the colors in the photos. They both sport short blonde hair. Reasoning for the controversy, that perhaps we are dealing with a doppleganger situation evades rationalization. It's a freaky conundrum to be sure.

I'm not trying to be MFOYA here at all, in fact MFOYA has asked my opinion on these photos a number of times. I have pretty much told them the same as I am writing here. Contrary to some of the Hitler's running other fan sites, I am far from copycatting MFOYA. There are similarities in our writing style perhaps, and we both have tempers, anyone who knows me in real life would attest to that fault of mine.

The major difference between us, this directed to all the 'Genius' Theorists", MFOYA has the inside information, has the scoop on this mystery and controversy. I simply stumbled into and onto a website run by one of the most powerful bloggers to come along in quite a while.

MFOYA is a force of insight and determination. My role is and has been, one of support. It's like saying anyone of the folk who haunt the other boards and support what the site owners have to say are wanting to be like them. That's ridiculous. The difference with me perhaps being that I am not just a poster on MFOYA, I have my own blogspot and write my own material, my own spin.

I've taken a few days away to 'deck my halls' set up my tree/Hannukah bush et al, as well as get my perspective back in order, but I stand behind MFOYA for two reasons. One, they may be right on this - they may be wrong, but they convey their points intelligently. Two, I like MFOYA's spunk, determination, temper and stubborness to adhere to their ideals, they are making a definitive case for their points.

To those out there who may select to aggravate me for standing where I am, I won't be baited any longer, you know how I feel about you already.

To the Taylor Hicks' fans, the infighting is non-productive and harmful to the man's career. Verbally cannibalizing one another is not the way to build a base for a man we all admire.

Ramble On - There's an Evil Howling at My Door

Ramble On
Leaves are falling all around,
Its time I was on my way...

Mine's a tale that cant be told,
My freedom I hold dear;
How years ago in days of old
When magic filled the air,
Twas in the darkest depths of mordor
I met a girl so fair,
But gollum, and the Evil One crept up
And slipped away with her.

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked,
"Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied,
"The one you feed."
(click the wolves)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I Don't belong Here

Man, I love Magni:

And I feel that times a wasted go
So where ya going to tomorrow?
And I see that these are lies to come
Would you even care?

And I feel it
And I feel it

Where ya going for tomorrow?
Where ya going with that mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

And I feel, so much depends on the weather
So is it raining in your bedroom?
And I see, that these are the eyes of disarray
Would you even care?

And I feel it
And she feels it

Where ya going to tomorrow?
Where ya going with that mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

When the dogs do find her
Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
To find it, to find it, to find it
When the dogs do find her
Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
To find it, to find it, to find it

Where ya going for tomorrow?
Where ya going with that mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

When the dogs do find her
Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
To find it, to find it, to find it
When the dogs do find her
Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
To find it, to find it, to find it
To find it
To find it
To find it

You Wonder Why I Fight the Fight and Went MFOYA

Taylor Hicks, Idol Blues has incurred a real life and on-line enemy. It goes by the chilling moniker of 'Chill'.

On this 'cute and darling' puppies and kitties Soul Site she says this about moi:
December 1, 2007. Tags: MFOYA. Uncategorized.

chill replied:

"That’s pretty much been my point all along. Who the hell cares and what the hell kind people are you? To me, you’ve hit it right on the head. A bunch of wannabes! And they don’t care who they hurt or how they go about it, they want recognition, even if it’s cyberspace and even if they are hiding behind screen names. One of the posters over there, an alleged 15-year-old, was heard to cry over the fact that she “used to be famous” over on a board that has since banned her. Very telling statement. Famous? On a message board? haha. Then you have another poster, a wannabe journalist, who tries to play all sides of the controversy and calls it reporting. Another haha. She just wanted hits on her disorganized, messy blog. hmmm, don’t see that that worked. Sad thing is she’s a wannabe MFOYA. Now that’s someone to look up to, huh? Where’s Freud when you need him?'

Meaning, really, that she's one fat fugly Cow of a bitch taunting me on my 'journalistic ideals'. Google me BITCH, name is Jewels Richardson -and where the FUCK are you? NO where!

Certainly I have given up my passion and talent for free at times, but what the fuck have you, Idiot Ass Chill, to offer? Insulting other folk on-line seems to be her only talent.

Man, this is the way many of the Taylor Hicks fans trot. Fugly, Mean and Freaky. This Chill is the poster child of Fucked Up Fan Dom. This is what I have encountered not only now but in the past with the fan base. And anyone wonders why I am hanging with MFOYA. Bunch of mean-spirited morons.

Amendment: Apparently by using 'fat' some think I am now bashing the overweight of the world, which is not my intention. I'm guessing we as readers are just getting a little too P.C.

Unfortunately my temper got the best of me; Chill infuriated me with this and other niceties she's whispered in my ear.

I apologize for losing my temper. I can't guarantee it won't happen again.

Regarding where else Chill is on line, well it appears she may utilize the web for family tree research. Happy swinging Mary Jean Childress-Voegtlin.
Amendment: this individual whose name I was provided as the contact for "Chill" denies being Chill or knowing Chill. So Disregard the contact link provided. She says it is not she...so the source could be in error.

Caroline Lyders Fan Club a.k.a. Oxymorons R Us

Oxymorons R Us inhabit the Caroline Lyders Fan Club:

Listen to the Chicks go "cheep, cheep, cheep."

(My thoughts are in regular type. All spelling is as I found them on the site.)

brightlite (aka DimBulb) December 1, 2007 at 11:01 am

"As usual MFOYA is up to the eyeballs in bullshit again.
The recent post is just a ho-hum as the last 27,000 posts. Lies, Lies. Lies and of course there is the usual 2 people to comment. One being Sunny, aka Mrs. Dash…lol. Who cares is my motto, it’s old already now girls."

One thought chica, if it were your motto why are you writing a fucking 1000 word tome?)

... "What turnip truck did y’all fall off of over there? Since when is speculation considered truth or anywhere near truth? In my book, and the book I am speaking is an Ivy League education"

(Let's pause a moment, a book IS an Ivy League education? DimBulb rants on:)

"conjecture and speculation lead to theory only. Only an asshole would try to convince others that theory is truth without substantial evidence to support it. I guess that makes MFOYA exactly what we all thought then…a substantial asshole. And we have the proof…it is written plainly for all to see in the blog. I think what amuses me the most is the propensity for the continuation of the charade, almost as if they are in a”chant” of sorts. Say it enough and perhaps someone will believe it! Notice the word LIE in beLIEve.

(She rambles on another 200 hundred or so words and continues with thoughts on educating MFOYA.)

Perhaps, MFOYA should take a course in college in statistics and probability, perhaps they should take a course in psychology as well, then maybe…and that is a HUGE maybe they would understand my next comment. It is possible that the woman on the beach was someone other than CL. ANYTHING is possible. It is not probable asshole. Probability is based on factors that logically lead to an outcome that is suitable to the circumstances. It “probably” was CL moron."

(Nope, no negativity to be found on this site. It's rainbows and puppies and cuddly kittens.)

...The photos were published by People and Splash, and they “probably” checked their sources you MFidiot. It’s possible that pigs fly, but unless you jump off the nearest bridge right now, it isn’t probable. You have a self serving bias MFOYA, you and everyone else who ascribes to that insane theory of yours. Self serving bias. Look it up, although it’s possible that you can’t read very well, in fact it is probable that you can’t read. It is probable that you are proficient at photoshop, and probably you have convinced yourself of your own useless fantasy concerning TH and CL."

brightlite (aka DimBulb) December 1, 2007 at 11:04 am

"It is soooooooo good to see you all….I thought I lost you guys. Happy weekend!!!!"

(Yes this soul is so "bright" it got lost trying to find its way back to the site - on the same day. Love the exclamation marks. Such a happy little poster. She's not done with her discourse, let's continue this humorous read...)

brightlite (DimBulb) December 1, 2007 at 11:18 am

I agree so much with all of you. Taylor is real and for real.

(Nah, he's a stuffed animal.)

I have never seen an artist perform with his magic and his gift for “entertainment.”

(Why the quotation marks? It's just entertainment unless you feel he's not really entertaining, then you'd enclose with " " to stipulate you thought the performances were crap.)

I have always said since I saw him on TV, and then in concert , that Taylor has something very very special.
His energy is completely vital. I mean that his essence is tapped into his artistry and expression. It evident when he performs, as it is for all fabulous artists. He is, at his very best when on stage, and LIVE, simply because the energy is vital to his expression. Souls like his recieve vibrations from those around him. He senses energy in the room and it feeds his performance like a fuel to a fire. He may or may not realize this is happening, but I have seen it first hand. The stronger the vibrations the greater the performance for Taylor. AI was a great example of energies he utilized, for there was a tremendous amount of souls involved in the Idol experience, old and young both, and he fed off that."

Wow, Taylor is sounding like Nospheratu. (Vampire to you chica, I'll keep it simple).

"I don’t meanto sound mystical or prophetic, it is the way I am~I just have such a tremendous sense of his energies. When I watche him perform, I was very aware of the aura around him and every time he came close to me, the energy he possessed went stright to me like an arrow. His aura filled me with joy and peace and love. THAT is the real Taylor."

Man, I think she reads my blogs...

"Anyone who knows him, and I don’t “know” him personally, I know him essentially,

This is one mystical chick, like a seer or something. Read my palm, please.

"...knows that he is a very good soul, and very old soul. And MFOYA can kiss my ass, for being such a mean spirited piece of shit. MF will get theirs one way or another. The energy over their is negative and as I said before~ evil.
Love you Tay!"

Yes, a colony of true Satanist On-Line, we are indeed.

Check out my little 'buddy':

hicksfan7 December 1, 2007 at 11:42 am

"…and I can’t stop myself from going over there to check it out almost every day - I hate being there- still I have a need to see if the evil has lessened in any way.

almost like not being able to look away from a bad car accident.

One from California:

Calm down over there in Oxymoron Land, I understand without MFOYA and this controversy none of you would have anything to talk about, but, hey, just calm down. One more thing, stop trying to cyber-pull out my fucking hair...

MFOYA Hits a Homerun

Take Me Out to the Ball Game:

Click the magic typewriter:

Here's looking at you... "kid(s)":

"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."