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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thrilla in Manila: Taylor Hicks Hits the Malls

Taylor Hicks won't be enjoying a white Christmas, not where he's spending the holidays. Even so, this is an excellent time of year to visit the Philippines; Christmas is a very festive time of the year.

My Father was an Officer in the Air Force while I was a kid. We spent a few years in the Philippines at Clark Air Force Base, outside Angeles City. I rode around in more than a few jeepnies with my nanny, Rosita. She had relatives who farmed and I would go with her to visit them, my main goal to ride atop one of their carabao. She'd toss me up there and lead me around. The animals were friendly and easy going.

Our house had concrete floors and walls. Most of the walls were a decorative cement block with mesh to keep insects and lizards out. Rosita and our gardener, Ernie would once a month take everything from inside the house out on the lawn and scrub the house down ceiling to floor. I'd sit on one of our couches outside sometimes to listen to the other neighbors' noises. We had a cement wall around the property with a wrought iron double gate for the drive entry, so you couldn't really see the other neighbors. The lady next door was always blasting her radio. Every time I hear that old song, "Downtown" I'm taken back to my yard in the Philippines, lying on the couch listening to that song, Rosita bustling around. My kid sister was born there, but she did not get to enjoy the experience, we left for the States when she was just an infant.

Aluminum Christmas trees bring me back to being a little kid living on the Islands. My Mother had ordered one from the States. One of these days I'd like to have another one like it.

It should be an interesting and enjoyable stay for Taylor Hicks on the Islands, overall the people are wonderful, this time of year exciting and the country beautiful.

Starting today Mr. Hicks will be performing mini-concerts in and around Manila Philippines. He will be entertaining at these locations:

December 18 - Glorietta 4 Park
December 19 - Greenbelt 3 Park
December 20 - Trinoma


  1. Henry89:24 AM

    Sounds like its going real well over there, read a report from the band leader, some things from fans, watched some interviews and fan videos and pictures.
    Band sounded really good. Ms Ei said she heard him reahearsing "Footloose" but he didn't do it in the first show. That would be fun.
    Then I go you know where and read that he looks depressed and demoralized. LMFAO

  2. Hi henry8, read the MFOYA posting today, laughed at that Bhammer chick, she's a hoot. I've read the blogs and info coming along too, and sounds all positive.

    Did you see the pic with him accepting gifts with CL next to him?

    I'll put it up.