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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Walking the "Tightrope"

I guess it's time I come clean with some information regarding Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders. Do I really think that there are two women involved in this scenario? Do I think that there is a bait and switch at work between those frothy waves and the chilly streets of Milwaukee? Do I think Taylor Hicks had some ulterior motive to have one gal on the beach and create a fake girlfriend situation? Have I ever really? Did I drink the cherry Kool-Aide served up fresh and icy by the gallon anywhere... like on MFOYA?

The answer for all of the above, "No". It defies logic or reason.

I did engage in speculation on the situation with Taylor Hicks. I have posted the pictures of Caroline Lyders and commented on what I saw within the context of the images in the photographs and what that can do regard to lighting, etc.. I have enjoyed the debates with the posters on MFOYA, in fact I like them. (No, Ms. Jeanni from the Chill-pill site, it is NOT Aaron Ruffcorn.) I have enjoyed my time in chat on MFOYA (and no, I will never give out the password, they entrusted me with it and it's 'in the vault' to quote Seinfeld).

I have - OK, several times, I have gotten fed up with the harassment I received from the Caroline Lyders Fan Club - just because I posted on MFOYA. That in itself was sufficient to create ill-will. I tried, when I first found the CL Fan CLub site to post and get along with them, but they knew who I was and did not want to let me in...I even entered chat a few times, first time I felt like the Inquisition had returned with the exception of TFHzone, she has remained nice to me throughout this situation. I wanted to read and listen to their point of view, but they had to keep poking me with that on-line stick pulling my cyber-hair and push my buttons, so hey, I gave it in return.

The latest infraction of having my blog spots tampered with - for whatever that reason, completely bowled me over and blew my mind. Who knew anyone associated with any of this was wiley enough to do such a thing? Certainly not me.

I promoted MFOYA for one reason, her sheer talent at commanding attention, her talent at capturing imagination. MFOYA let me in, but never really said why. I figured it was perhaps my blog spot - the fact I was a Taylor Hicks supporter with a blog that had been around a long while, or maybe something else. Perhaps my winning wit and well, whatever, they let me in and never questioned me. MFOYA certainly did not treat me the way the Caroline Lyders Fan Club bloggers have, that much is true. Too MFOYA tickled my brain. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's just the basic underlying renegade mindset my DNA implanted within me. Perhaps I am that crazy. Who knows.

That said, read through any of my postings on MFOYA's site or this one and anyone will have a tough time finding anything I may have said negative about Ms. Caroline Lyders. Rather I have expressed several times that I felt badly for her throughout this little on-line hoopla. One other thing, take a moment folks, and man, look at where you are - this is a Taylor Hicks fan blog.

Several folks have been concerned that this blogger has drunk that sweet,icy Kool-Aide once too often at MFOYA - just so you know, this blogger is fine and Kool-Aide free. I just had to walk that "Tightrope".
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It's a delicate trick. Especially without a net.


  1. Henry811:25 AM

    sunny, I do remember that you said you felt bad about CL.
    I have no idea who hacked into your site, but I do know at least one in this whole mess who is wiley enough to do it.
    In regards to CL fan site, it seemed to me that just one remark and PERHAPS an overreaction to it led to a lot of bad feeling. Just my opinion. I'm usually wrong.

  2. Hi henry8, I've said several times that I felt badly about the cruelty shown CL. Even in private chat with MFOYA, I never talked trash about CL.

    Regarding the comments from the folks at the CL Fan CLub, it was more than just 'a comment'. It was hostility directed at me from the beginning. My perceived by them, crime, posting on the MFOYA site. I recall in the very beginning when you went on there they gave you a hard time; I believe you were accused of being a 'spy' or something equally stupid.

    AH well, their angry little tirades are shown to be quite misdirected.

  3. Henry88:48 PM

    That is true, you never did talk trash about CL. If we are going to go back in time about what was said in private, I probably can not claim such innocence.
    When I decided to post at CL, I expected hostility, didn't bother me a bit, I would have felt the same I am sure.

  4. Henry83:57 PM

    I understand banding together againist something you think is wrong. And if you perceive someone as being part of that wrong you are not going to welcome them with open arms. I never expect love just because I show up, often I expect sususpicion and hostility, I think its only normal. You make your bed , you have to lay in it, or get up and remake it.
    I am just not a sensitive person so that helps. LOL

  5. Thank you henry8. You are a voice of reason.

  6. hicksfan75:27 PM

    Sunny - I always got the impression from you that when you posted on MFOYA about feeling sorry for C.L. that you meant because she was being the fake girlfriend. ugh.

    comments on your post:
    "The answer for all of the above, "No".
    OMG - MFOYA is gonna be soooo disappointed in you!

    and this: "I have enjoyed the debates with the posters on MFOYA"
    WHAT DEBATES? MFOYA never let a debate occur - comments were not put out there if they disagreed with him.

    and from what I have read from you on that site - you totally kissed the MFOYA ass.

  7. MFOYA and I have talked - in fact night before last. MFOYA knows of this post, read it. I think we are fine.

    You can be friends and have different perspectives and he is intelligent enough to realize that. MFOYA accepts that right now, I have a different perspective. This issue I am having has no bearing on my feelings toward MFOYA and he also realizes that.

    I try to be honest with MFOYA.

  8. hicksfan79:20 AM

    maybe so - you just sound like you CHANGED your perspective -guess that is allowed too - why don't you just admit it instead of acting like you didn't believe MFOYA all along ...?

  9. I have always - at least in private conversations with MFOYA - expressed my doubts, my issues with the logic.

  10. hicksfan712:11 PM

    well you maybe don't realize that you gave the rest of us the opposite impression...and seemed to dig doing it too.

  11. I realize that hicksfan7. Some of the conclusions drawn were due to many making assumptions from reading my postings on MFOYA's site.

    I think independently.

  12. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Sunny, You said that you promoted MFOYA because you admired his/her talent for getting attention and commanding the imagination. Do you also admire the use of those so called talents for questionable purposes? Do you believe that the intent of that site is to benefit or harm Taylor and CL?

  13. MFOYA's true agenda? Hard to say - I can't see how it differs than many other of the Perez Hilton type of fan/entertainment gossip sites. Many of those leap to conjecture and hypothesis without substantiation. That line of thinking carries many of the entertainment rags like "Star", "Enquirer", "In Touch" et al with the crux of the messages - gossip. Sure some of the rag mags get sued from time to time, but they make money hand over fist and some have enjoyed great longevity.

    One difference between MFOYA and the Perez Hilton site and Splash and TMZ.com is the focus. MFOYA is focused on Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders. It's a gossip site about just them. One thing, it's generated a lot of buzz, keeping Hicks in the on-line spotlight.

    Whether MFOYA hurts him, that's largely up to the results of the investigation that MFOYA is tracking isn't it really?

    The fact that MFOYA is the one talking about "the elephant in the room", as this issue is becoming known within the Taylor Hicks forums, doesn't mean that they are actually holding the elephant gun to take it down, merely pointing the hunters in the direction of that elephant... So to speak.

    This comes down to the gossip rag-mag theory again, as well as this; does the detective create the crime or do criminals create the crime. You see?

    Should all this fuss turn to mush, well then MFOYA will simply be in a position to say to the effect, that they 'thought' it was an elephant.

    Harm being caused - really is the on-line vicious attacks some of the Soul Patrol have decided is their "duty" to mete out to any perceived 'threats' to Mr. Hicks. This, often without merit or any rationalization, or research regarding whom or why. These "chill-ing" individuals sally forth with vengeance, fortified in feeling justified to criticize, mock and bully those whom they think are in some kind of violation.

    This is the thing hurting Taylor Hicks most of all.

    It's not the elephant-in-the-room "detective" (MFOYA) as much as it is the fan base self- cannibalization.