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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Caroline Lyders Fan Club a.k.a. Oxymorons R Us

Oxymorons R Us inhabit the Caroline Lyders Fan Club:

Listen to the Chicks go "cheep, cheep, cheep."

(My thoughts are in regular type. All spelling is as I found them on the site.)

brightlite (aka DimBulb) December 1, 2007 at 11:01 am

"As usual MFOYA is up to the eyeballs in bullshit again.
The recent post is just a ho-hum as the last 27,000 posts. Lies, Lies. Lies and of course there is the usual 2 people to comment. One being Sunny, aka Mrs. Dash…lol. Who cares is my motto, it’s old already now girls."

One thought chica, if it were your motto why are you writing a fucking 1000 word tome?)

... "What turnip truck did y’all fall off of over there? Since when is speculation considered truth or anywhere near truth? In my book, and the book I am speaking is an Ivy League education"

(Let's pause a moment, a book IS an Ivy League education? DimBulb rants on:)

"conjecture and speculation lead to theory only. Only an asshole would try to convince others that theory is truth without substantial evidence to support it. I guess that makes MFOYA exactly what we all thought then…a substantial asshole. And we have the proof…it is written plainly for all to see in the blog. I think what amuses me the most is the propensity for the continuation of the charade, almost as if they are in a”chant” of sorts. Say it enough and perhaps someone will believe it! Notice the word LIE in beLIEve.

(She rambles on another 200 hundred or so words and continues with thoughts on educating MFOYA.)

Perhaps, MFOYA should take a course in college in statistics and probability, perhaps they should take a course in psychology as well, then maybe…and that is a HUGE maybe they would understand my next comment. It is possible that the woman on the beach was someone other than CL. ANYTHING is possible. It is not probable asshole. Probability is based on factors that logically lead to an outcome that is suitable to the circumstances. It “probably” was CL moron."

(Nope, no negativity to be found on this site. It's rainbows and puppies and cuddly kittens.)

...The photos were published by People and Splash, and they “probably” checked their sources you MFidiot. It’s possible that pigs fly, but unless you jump off the nearest bridge right now, it isn’t probable. You have a self serving bias MFOYA, you and everyone else who ascribes to that insane theory of yours. Self serving bias. Look it up, although it’s possible that you can’t read very well, in fact it is probable that you can’t read. It is probable that you are proficient at photoshop, and probably you have convinced yourself of your own useless fantasy concerning TH and CL."

brightlite (aka DimBulb) December 1, 2007 at 11:04 am

"It is soooooooo good to see you all….I thought I lost you guys. Happy weekend!!!!"

(Yes this soul is so "bright" it got lost trying to find its way back to the site - on the same day. Love the exclamation marks. Such a happy little poster. She's not done with her discourse, let's continue this humorous read...)

brightlite (DimBulb) December 1, 2007 at 11:18 am

I agree so much with all of you. Taylor is real and for real.

(Nah, he's a stuffed animal.)

I have never seen an artist perform with his magic and his gift for “entertainment.”

(Why the quotation marks? It's just entertainment unless you feel he's not really entertaining, then you'd enclose with " " to stipulate you thought the performances were crap.)

I have always said since I saw him on TV, and then in concert , that Taylor has something very very special.
His energy is completely vital. I mean that his essence is tapped into his artistry and expression. It evident when he performs, as it is for all fabulous artists. He is, at his very best when on stage, and LIVE, simply because the energy is vital to his expression. Souls like his recieve vibrations from those around him. He senses energy in the room and it feeds his performance like a fuel to a fire. He may or may not realize this is happening, but I have seen it first hand. The stronger the vibrations the greater the performance for Taylor. AI was a great example of energies he utilized, for there was a tremendous amount of souls involved in the Idol experience, old and young both, and he fed off that."

Wow, Taylor is sounding like Nospheratu. (Vampire to you chica, I'll keep it simple).

"I don’t meanto sound mystical or prophetic, it is the way I am~I just have such a tremendous sense of his energies. When I watche him perform, I was very aware of the aura around him and every time he came close to me, the energy he possessed went stright to me like an arrow. His aura filled me with joy and peace and love. THAT is the real Taylor."

Man, I think she reads my blogs...

"Anyone who knows him, and I don’t “know” him personally, I know him essentially,

This is one mystical chick, like a seer or something. Read my palm, please.

"...knows that he is a very good soul, and very old soul. And MFOYA can kiss my ass, for being such a mean spirited piece of shit. MF will get theirs one way or another. The energy over their is negative and as I said before~ evil.
Love you Tay!"

Yes, a colony of true Satanist On-Line, we are indeed.

Check out my little 'buddy':

hicksfan7 December 1, 2007 at 11:42 am

"…and I can’t stop myself from going over there to check it out almost every day - I hate being there- still I have a need to see if the evil has lessened in any way.

almost like not being able to look away from a bad car accident.

One from California:

Calm down over there in Oxymoron Land, I understand without MFOYA and this controversy none of you would have anything to talk about, but, hey, just calm down. One more thing, stop trying to cyber-pull out my fucking hair...

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