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Monday, December 17, 2007

Taylor Hicks Goes to Asia

And Asia is gone on Taylor Hicks. Mr. Hicks made a guest appearance on Asian Idol during the finale which aired over the past weekend. Reports from Asian publications and reviews have Taylor Hicks igniting a new appreciation for the harmonica as well as Mr. Hicks' styling of soul music. During the Asian Idol broadcast, Taylor Hicks performed "Heaven Knows", one of the tracks off of his eponymous album, "Taking it to the Streets", a Doobie Brother's cover, and his American Idol finale song, "Do I Make You Proud".

This cover, my favorite performance by Taylor Hicks on Asian Idol.
"Taking It to the Streets" video by glotrovato

I had a "flash" this might happen when I first heard Mr. Hicks was scheduled to perform on the Asian Idol finale - a group sing of "Do I Make You Proud". I find the production somewhat of a mess, and I don't favor this "We are the World" type version of "Do I Make You Proud". Saving grace, the infusion of some Soulman power-vocal grit, mid-point of the song.

Schlock, my Name is Idol. (video c/o asianidolvideo)

Maybe it's just my reading the man's body language, his speech patterns, but I'd wage a bet Taylor Hicks wasn't wild about this group sing situation. He's says all the right things, when discussing this part of the show certainly, but there's a certain vibe I'm getting off the man. Like the way he says, "...we will all be singing it...together" when talking about the "Do I Make You Proud" number. Something in the way his eyes moved when he said that sentence made me smile. Check the interview:
Interview with Taylor prior to the show:

It was a good move for him to go to the East and spread some soul, "Heaven Knows" he received massive exposure. This performance Mr. Hicks sounds rather rushed and verging out of breath; it's almost frenetic.

Man, this would have been the right place for the man to do this song:

(video by skeeter226, directed my way by henry8)

Taylor Hicks moves on to appearances in the Phillipines:
Glorietta: December 18, 2007 Glorietta 4 Park 7:00 PM Concierge Hotline: (632) 752-7272
Greenbelt: December 19, 2007 Greenbelt 3 Park 8:00 PM Concierge Hotline: (632) 757-4853
TriNoma: December 20, 2007 Activity Center 7:00 PM Concierge Hotline: (632) 901-3000 Meet & Greet after each show


  1. Henry812:16 PM

    I think you're right about "the look" in that interview, I don't think he was all that sold on the together sing.
    When he did Heaven Knows on the the American AI finale, I thought it was a little rushed too. At the time I thought maybe he was hurrying because they were running a little behind on time. Clives "inspirational" speech went on too long. But he was doing it fast here too, so maybe he likes doing it that way, who knows?

  2. Maybe he does, but I don't care for the handling of it; loses impact and sounds like you said - it's like he's performing it with limited time available.

    It feels more like he's just going through the motions, rather than feeling the song. Not my favorite.