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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taylor Hicks' Coverage by Gerry Alanguilan

Taylor Hicks, in the video in this link provides an interview in Manilla recorded by Gerry Alanguilan, at the Hard Rock Cafe, Glorietta, Makati, Philippines. In this video clip, Taylor Hicks performs "Just To Feel That Way" during the 2nd night of his three-night concert tour of Ayala Malls. Mr. Hicks performed this tune at the Greenbelt 3 Park. It's not my favorite song of his, but Gerry does a great job in the filming, love it when the cameraman has no shake! (Great job Gerry, thanks for these little 'jewels'.)

This video has the Taylor Hicks' filmmaker, providing his perspective and views on Mr. Hicks:

Gerry's wife is fortunate, he's one sweet, funny guy - not to mention he provided some of the best fan coverage on Taylor Hicks' Manila performances. What he says about watching American Idol the entire season five held true for many folks who have become fans of Taylor Hicks. Here is where you can find Gerry to express your thanks for his coverage if you haven't already!


  1. Henry811:37 PM


    Did you see this little video of Gerrys, his attempt to be as "cheerful" as Taylor cracked me up. I really enjoyed his videos from the Phillipines.

    sunny, your "friends" said I was stupid. Damn, I'm hurt. Hee Hee
    having eyes and an opinion, not allowed when you are not part of the infamous "loop". Tell them I still haven't bought that gift.

  2. Man, that Gerry is the stuff. Funny guy. Here's an easy way for anyone to access more of Gerry's videos, thanks for the link henry8!

    My "friends" are not thrilled with me for speculating either. Geez, if I would just behave! The last round of comparison pictures, rather than convincing me they were two women, were what swayed me to seriously doubt. I've been riding that fence all along anyway.

    Latest story is that there are indeed two women, and the one in Maui is named Julie (last name held in confidence) and she's a fellow Texan. We should see the summation of this story wrapping up soon.

    And to anyone interested, no, sadly henry8 hasn't bought me 'that' gift whatever 'that' might be... instead, henry8 has given me much more. She is an articulate voice of reason, and my on-line friend no matter where we post. She and I are both simply 'seekers'.