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Monday, December 31, 2007

Taylor Hicks vs Ball and Chain: Does the story have Legs?

Today, I spent a few moments reviewing the status of the Taylor Hicks fan sites I have held in focus this past several months. On the Eve of 2008, I stopped by to read MFOYA and found poster, Junebug had written another article. This one cites two examples of the view from the MFOYA aspect, of what gains they see Caroline Lyders achieving by her association with Taylor Hicks. Junebug holds forth:

Exhibit A: In the first week of October, staged photos of Hicks and Caroliar walking together in NYC start popping up. Lo and behold, it is reported on October 5th, by her cronies at Milwaukee Buzz, that Caroliar is interviewing for a position at WCVB in Boston.

Exhibit B: December 14, NewsBlues reports that Caroliar is auditioning for WJLA in DC. The blurb even mentions her (fake-ass) relationship with Taylor. Bam! Caroliar worms her way onto Tay’s recent December Asia tour. (Too bad for Caroliar, she’s such a big fat nobody that in a roomful of reporters from all over Asia, not even one was remotely interested in asking Hicks about her or taking a pic of her. )

Junebug closes with, "...judging from this latest Memphis trip, Hicks is trying to do the right thing. In fact we (ok some) are cautiously optimistic that he has turned a corner and we support that wholeheartedly. Here’s more evidence that Hicks is choosing his music, his career and his real personal life, over lies and fake girlfriends: He will be in Atlanta for New Year’s Eve…without Caroliar/Caroliability."

"Ball and Chain" Janis Joplin c/o Ronnie7311

Regarding the MFOYA story and whether it has 'legs', well that of course brought me in mind to play this video:

We'll soon see what's The Deal in terms of MFOYA, Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders.
"The Deal" c/o Tara72:

Meanwhile Team Chill seems to have decided to take a slightly higher road than they've been driving on; this blog posting reflects a 'kinder, gentler' chill crowd. We'll see how long this lasts... the thought of "Walking in Memphis" seems to have soothed the savage heart beats.
This video is from me to Team chill and the Pill Gang: c/o laceup1967
John Lee Hooker, "Turning Over a New Leaf"

My wishes for all in the New Year, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Truth, Justice and man, I need a new car.

This song dedicated to The Soulman,Taylor Hicks: "The Healer" Lyrics video c/o jazzmanl


  1. taytaysfan8:04 PM

    Sunny, you have seen the latest installment over at MFOYA? The Radar post? I'm really looking foward to seeing what you think of this Radar piece. To me, it did nothing buy sum up MFOYA's beliefs without proving anything.

    I'm also anxious to see if Taylor and Caroline are spotted in Atlanta. Now that would blow the theory that Taylor has grown a brain and kicked her to the curb. It appears we might have a few interesting days ahead.

  2. No, taytaysfan, I haven't seen it, been out all afternoon, and getting ready to go again. New Year's Eve and all that! Just changing clothes and checking emails. Be back on later tonight.

    Happy New Year!