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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taylor Hicks vs The Lone Ranger

Taylor Hicks recently off to his trip to Asia, leaves behind that 'masked man' fighting the fight for Truth, Justice and... really, who was That Chick on the Beach? Will we see Taylor Hicks frolicking beneath the Cherry Blossoms with That Chick? Which Chick? Stay tuned. In the mean time:

A fiery keyboard, typing with the speed of light,
a cloud of turmoil and a hearty "Hi-Yo Shammers!
The Lone Ranger MFOYA rides again!
Return with us now to those
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!
The days of Truth!
Of No More lies!

Let's harken back to days of old and heed the call, beware that renegade CL FanClub Horde: (Can you find the "players" in this video?)

(submitted by his faithful Indian companion, aka Tonto to you...)


  1. Henry89:42 AM

    Well, at least Taylor will be frolicking somewhere and not hunkered over a pile of pictures trying to prove something no one gives a damn about.
    Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  2. JZbaby7:18 PM

    Girl, it's like that video was made for this story. Renegade horde almost made me choke it was so frikkin funny. Long time reader first time poster.

  3. 1oftheMFOYA_patrol7:19 PM

    HI Yo MOFYA!

  4. hwy66girl7:21 PM

    WTF man, just when I thought you were gonna let up here you go again.

    I know you're a Taylor fan, you and I go way back to the show days. This MFOYA has really hit a button with you or you really don't like the CL'ers. (Don't blame you there.)

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Hi Sunny, I haven't posted in a long while, but I read you at least once a week - I would never want to make you mad.

    This video is funny.

  6. I love how we're all so anonymous... Thanks chicas. Y'all quit lurking, I won't bite if you don't.

    Go check MFOYA next and see what's up.

  7. henry8, I for one won't be pouring over any photos - but obviously there are more than a handful of folks who do give a damn about this subject.

    Here's that email address for you:

  8. ILOVETAY21:20 PM

    I'm a little confused, is it me? I don't understand why it matters. He is an awesome talent & he's running as far away from us as he possibly can get, why do you think that might be?

  9. hicksfan75:31 PM

    oh whatever Sunny - you've been "giving a damn" yourself all along - pffft.

  10. Of course I care about myself. I hope you care about you.

    One thing I must say hicksfan7, you are the most upfront of the CL Fan Club and I appreciate that quality. Even if you want to despise me for writing about MFOYA or whatever else, you are welcome here.

  11. ilovetay2, it seems that way sometimes, he can be rather elusive and evasive.

    Perhaps he's the type of person who needs go 'underground' for periods every now and then to catch his breath. Maybe it's just some of our perspective.

  12. hicksfan79:13 AM

    Sunny = I didn't say giving a damn ABOUT yourself- I said you have been giving a damn yourself (about the subject)

    and thanks for the welcome anyways

  13. Well, I misread that one obviously. First cup of coffee and all that.

  14. hicksfan712:08 PM

    well - I need coffee to MAKE coffee....