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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taylor Hicks sings "Merry Christmas Baby" plus a Holiday poem written for MFOYA and Sunny. Aw

Taylor Hicks sings "Merry Christmas Baby!" in this rocking the Rock video. Adding to the festivities of the season, MFOYA and I have a holiday poem written just for us. Man, I love the holidays, how about you?
I'm now truly in a holly jolly festive mood after reading this very clever little ditty adapted from the original. (Find in the link the original poem written by Clement Clarke Moore.)

With Apologies to Mr.Moore
Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the land,
not a whisper was heard, perhaps they were banned?
The faithful just sat with their ears to the ground,
hoping that mfoya soon would make a sound.
Other loyals slept, tucked, snug in their beds.
While visions of photochops danced through their heads.
Sunny at standby, mfoya at her keys
about to send out it’s latest tease.
(c/o makingfunofyourasses)

Taylor Hicks Rocks the Rockefeller, sings Christmas tunes, video by blondi0001:

This isn't Taylor Hicks, but it is "Rock 'n Roll Christmas": George Thorogood

Happy shopping.


  1. Henry84:09 PM

    I looooove Thurgood, but a shiny,red, bowtie. Heres hoping Taylor never finds one of those.
    Hee Hee.

  2. henry8, and that's John Lee Hooker doing the Santa dance. LOL

  3. Hey, saw you had to correct that mfoyasucks fool, seems reading not their forte. The credit for this lovely and cleverly done poem is aptly given to makingfunofyourasses; it's linked, not copied in entirety, and has a c/o under the segment printed. Man I can't play it any plainer that one is a nimrod.

  4. Sorry mfsucks I meant the other one, NotBriteLite, but guess you were just hanging in my mind. New which one of you was the Splash 'me' though, isn't that ironic? Hey, I didn't say anything that you guys don't say about me. Bullies love to dish it out and then run crying home to their Mommas if they get it in return.

    Regarding my seeking attention, man I just write, just like you guys. Guess I should be sitting here quietly crying in my hanky, but no can or will do sweets.

    You are just tossing crap into a fan baybee.

    Of course I am a Hicks fan I'm not a fanatic though, that's the difference. Man, MFOYA is right about one thing and that's you all.

    Too, I have NEVER said they were full of shit, MFOYA believes what they say. I just question it because logically, this situation is a mess.

    You know, if I'm the Cowardly Lion you are the Scarecrow. Go. Find that brain.

    To Chill, since you, brave soul won't let my posts through - the truth hurts - I have never said YOU were the one who hacked my blog. Funny YOU feel the need to come forward to say it was not you that hacked my blog. That is curious.

    Regarding emails, being the on-line bullies that some of you seem to be, none of you would step up and admit it if these were from you. From writing styles I can pretty well guess. No matter.