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Friday, December 21, 2007

Taylor Hicks Fans Heads UP

One site, the Caroline Lyders Fan Club claims to be "the good site" for the real, I mean Real Taylor Hicks fans to flock to - all the latest true blue Taylor Hicks information; no lies and absolutely no snark. This pic their creation, yes, it is PURE Fan Love heaped out daily by the Chill-ster site.

Let me take you, kind readers, on the latest journey into the world of love, puppies and bunnies, to the 'Chill' site. Let me lift this insightful commentary from the ever intellectually minded 'Chill' for your perusal:
"chill replied:

The comments over there are so over the top!! Are we sure that these are not ex-wives of Taylor’s? haha"
Yeah that's a smart and snappy line ol' gal.
and, acting like she doesn't hit my site daily...I see you darling.


Can I ask a question here? I’m just catching up on your blog. Forgive me, I work six days a week. LOL! Is the journalist telling us she was undercover? bwhahahaha".

All I can add is , man, Chill, envy is a very unattractive quality, and if you work 6 days a week, yo' sure find time for blogging.

Have you not realized, Chill-pill, as I guess it may have flown like turkey feathers in a tornado, I was having some kind of fun at your expense. The fact you (chill) feel toward me the way you do justifies my efforts. I was playing you like a song.

Like me or hate me, one thing Chill and some of the rest; you wish you were like me. It's Obvious.


  1. Henry87:38 PM

    Aw now, the Daughtry "birthmark" was funny.

  2. henry8, I think you know I thought the birthmark funny, else I'd not put up the pick. It's just the site owner I really don't care for - at all.

  3. hwy66gal10:49 AM

    Sunny that picture by the chill-pillster is creative, but if we take a few of those light blue lines that all the sites seem to deem necessary to compare pics, the image won't line up. The ears - the ears don't match...What does this mean?

    BWHAHAHA! ((hugs))