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Sunday, December 09, 2007

I Was Hacked; A Stranger Was in My House

I wasn't going to bring up this topic but have since decided to do so from some emails I've had coming in with questions.

Blogger is an easy or should I say easier system to hack into than the other website systems out there. Accessing it from any computer all you need is an email address and then a password and you're into a blogspot.

I have many folks who subscribe me and therefore access my email address, which is step one to enter blogger. Some have read me for a long time and know some personal information about me, and too, there's the email communications. Lately I have had emails coming through by someone who knows certain things about my personal life, yet when I email reply the messages don't go through. I get the 'not accepting emails' response or 'invalid email'. I prefer that anyone who emails me allows emails in return, quid pro quo and all that.

I've so much to learn in this world of on-line relationships, fansites and fan boards.

The other morning when I pulled up blogger and logged in, I discovered a post that was not written by me but directed toward an on-line entity that I have promoted in my blog. This individual is obviously creating so much ill-will and frenzy that not only I am being aggravated on other websites because of my on-line association, now I have had my blog hacked. I am thankful that whomever did this cunning little stupid 'trick' did not delete the blog nor harm it in any other way. I have ran through template and all looks OK, nothing strange. My Bo Bice blog was interfered with a simple posting deriding his new Cd.I immediately deleted both of the postings but they were still on the blogs during the night while I slept, unaware.

Reasons for this violation and maneuver? Perhaps to intimidate me enough to drop any association with the individual their posting was directed toward, or cause me to end this blogspot. I have had several emails of late imploring me to stop my promotion or discussion of this controversial entity, with an "or else" clause.

I know that anyone tracking me via any statcounter program can't find me - they'll be directed to a warehouse far from my residence; I figured it was just on-line fan intimidation tactics and they were angry with me for my associations.

I understand angry, I get upset when I'm ripped up by another site(s) for no other reason than consorting with the controversial individual I selected to promote here. Naturally I am angry I have been violated in this way, but I've contacted those I need to regarding this matter, and of course, the password has been changed. Search activated to locate the ISP and the perpetrator who has written that posting I have deleted. One thing I will say, the search is leaning toward an address in Alabama. One thing this event is doing on a positive note; feeding my story I'm working on regarding fan sites, fan boards and on-line relationships.

I do say thank you to whomever entered my site and wrote that post here and on the Bo Bice blog, thank you for not completely destroying either place, or deleting the sites, that could have happened so things could be worse.

This has seriously creeped me out as I guess was intended.

On that note, relating to the previous access here:

Try to get back in buddy, it won't happen again.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Wow! I don't agree with a word you say about MFOYA but I believe hacking is way over the line. Nothing remotely cool about that!

    I hate to hear about the hacking. I guess some can't "agree to disagree"..

  2. Hey, thanks for that. Extreme fandom I guess. Installed new target email account for log in but left the old one for contacts. Should work out. Never in my wildest...

  3. Sunny I am a tech tard appartently and can't get your contact me to work for me. You should have my email , would you be kind enough to contact me sometime.

  4. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Sunny, This is simply amazing the depths that "some" people will go to. DO NOT let this intimadate you, stay strong and post your opinions.
    This is the USA, not Russia and you do have the Right to post or be affliated with who ever you want.
    Geezzz, people lighten up, no need to hack!