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Monday, December 24, 2007

Taylor Hicks' Christmas in Manilla Medley

Our man, Taylor Hicks, in this over six minute video sings his medley including "White Christmas" and "Merry Christmas Baby" from Manilla, c/o thegreatdrei. Taylor Hicks is in fine voice, love the improvisational jazz skats he puts in the song. Mr Hicks gives a big shout out to the Soul Patrol.

Merry Christmas from Idol Blues.


  1. hicksfan76:04 PM

    loved the Taylor in Manila Christmas vid - what does that arm signal mean? do you know?

  2. If it's a signal, at the point he does it could mean he's cutting out - it's the end of the set. Or he could just have been 'feeling' the sax vibe. He's not a mason is he? Just kidding. So, that being said, hicksfan7, if it is a signal I have no clue. LOL

    Nice band he was hooked up with over there. He was hamming it up a bit ;) - with the body sways. But hey, lots of entertainers have their "signatures" when performing. His is the body spaz. hahahahha!