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Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, I am Excited

Taylor Hicks Idol Blues blogstress, and blogcritics.org sometime contributor, may get an early Christmas present. I know I have been sometimes naughty so perhaps all I will get is a lump of coal, but here's hoping...

I covered "Rock Star: Supernova" for Reality TV Calendar and blogcritics.org during the last season run. I tried to be completely unbiased but wound up becoming a big fan of Magni Ásgeirsson the rocker from Iceland. I intuitively knew that Lukas Rossi was the hand-picked winner by Tommy Lee, the master of disaster. Even Lukas has saved a bit of one of my pieces on his website. It is here. Rossi indeed a talent unto himself, but Magni my favorite of the talented group assembled for this really entertaining show put together by Mark Burnett.

This is one of my favorite tunes Magni performed:
"Dolphin's Cry":

I loved Nirvana, I'm a huge closet grunge junkie but detested any band who dared tried to cover Kurt Cobain; it was pure travesty.
Until Magni:
"Smells Like Teen Spirit":

This tune exemplifies Magni's grace, talent and why "Supernova" the Rockstar band failed - stupid band head honcho. Magni is blazingly sexy, a complete musician, an Artist.:

Being the on-line participant I can be with these reality music shows - the only reality shows I care about - I lived on the Rock Star Boards. (Research for articles of course...) I found myself writing on Magni's 'blog' weekly like a fangurly fangurl. I embarrass myself, seriously. One of the weeks the fans were to campaign for a song for each performer to, well, perform, I made a huge on-line board push for this song. (Sort of the way I rallied for Taylor Hicks to do "In The Ghetto" on Elvis week.) I thought it a real 'winner' for that week. It was.

This is one of my favorite new tunes from Magni on his new album. It's heady, sexy, emotional, dramatic and full of deep soul. This video was taken during a practice session.

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