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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lucia Micarelli, Rock 'n Roll Violinist

Idol Blues doles up a new musical darling this morning. New due to the fact I've never put her up in this blog before. In the event you haven't heard of this young lady (24 years old), she tours with Josh Grobin, has toured with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Her performance in this video can only be described as "fierce". Lady has some insane talent.
Cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir":

She is absolutely brilliant.

Here's a video to provide you with insight to this extraordinary young woman:

Lucia's myspace page.
For those who like Wiki information.


  1. Henry810:30 AM

    You're right--- brilliant

    I hope this comes up as Henry8, I keep putting it in and it keeps not showing up. arrrgh.

  2. fucking blogger. I think I'll start a word press they are so much more accessible. Issue for me I can't color coordinate the site how I like. I love colors and wordpress schtickles you into the same white format.

    Thinking about having a chat spot on the blogspot for those of us who love to talk Taylor, as well as this new Idol season.

    Man it would be cool to have a place for some of us to hang out. I have now, 94 subscribers to this little blogspot; they get emails when I post and that makes me feel so very good. It's 94 friends. They are solid on-line pals. I think majority are afraid to post outright for all the hyenas prowling to make bait of them.

    I so love that you return here henry8, I have always felt an affinity with you; not sure why.