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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm So Excited

Stevie Ray Vaughn: Anyone who appreciates great music and great guitar need to remember this lovely man.

I will never forget him.


  1. Henry81:22 PM

    I love the way you can see as well as hear every note of the music when Stevie played. Loved to watch his face, his body movements, he felt every last note. None better.

    wish MFOYA had the balls to put up my comments.

  2. MFOYA is working at keeping the blog geared toward the message they're wanting to put out and eliminate distractions.

  3. Henry83:25 PM

    Yes, I hate to see anyone distracted by logic. It gets in the way of so many things.

  4. henry8 are you still posting or visiting Splash often?

    I was over there a little while ago, someone emailed me to check out the site today.

    Apparently someone is posting this whole blog over there on a regular basis. That's too bad. The readers miss out on the videos. LOL

    Seriously though, whoever it is doing it really doesn't like me. Guess from my associations I have it coming to me. *shrug*

    MFOYA reads this blog regularly you can post to them here, I don't mind. They did not post a comment I wrote today, that 'whoisstupidnow' completely misread something I wrote to 'hustler'. It happens. I understand MFOYA wants content to go a certain way.

  5. Henry85:10 PM

    No, I don't believe I have ever copied and pasted anyones post, anywhere , anytime, except in a private email. Who the hell has time for that? Or cares enough.
    I visited splash maybe twice in the early days, went back once months later when someone told me it was still going on and I wouldn't believe it. My old computer froze, I remember. When I got the new computer, I went once a couple of weeks ago, left one post under the name "pissed off" Cause thats what I am, pissed off that that place exists. I have never seen a better example of total and complete stupidity in my entire life. The people that keep that going apparently have no life. None. Zilch. Zero.
    And seem to be extremely bothered by the fact that Taylor does have a life. A fact that seems to bother a number of people.

    And if you understand anything MFOYA does, you are a better man than I am, Charlie Brown.

  6. It takes a while for my computer to get into the site too. It's populated with a lot of "colorful" folk.

    Read where that gal who goes by Blondebabe claims that the CL Fan Club is her site. That she and her 'sister' Missy Scarlett, which I guess is Jeanni run that blog. I remember reading on Chill's some time ago that it sounded like she did not know who Jeanni was at all. Who knows, what's what and who is who anymore with this crowd. That site is a run-away train.

    Regarding MFOYA, man, there's a unique individual.

    Speaking of Charlie Brown, I bought the DVD today, "Charlie Brown Christmas". Loved that when I was a kid.

  7. Henry88:15 PM

    Not sure if I would call them colorful or not, it seems to be the same old thing day after endless day. I can't believe they haven't gotten sick of it by now.
    You made me curious when you said your blog had been posted over there. I really didn't like the idea of my comments adding to that insanity. So I went to look and your entire blog is there, ads and everything, but not the comments or videos. What the hell is that about? What kind of an idiot does that? It makes no sense to me at all. It kind of made me wonder if someone at Splash wants to keep this going so they are posting anything they can find on the internet. I just can't imagine taking that kind of time. About Missy and sister Blondebabe. Who knows anymore. I have been told one of them is Jeanni but don't have a lot of faith in who told me. One of them posted on Boogie to say that someone was pretending to be them on Splash. Who knows?
    Reports are that Caroline is in Asia, I couldn't care less, just want the shows to go well, but the lengths that man won't go to to keep up a pretense. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaaaaa.

  8. It was a strange sight seeing my site all spread out posted like that. Links and all. I just keep asking they stop.

    It's either someone wanting to aggravate me or some idiot trying to keep the dirt flying.

    MFOYA had a poster saying something about Taylor canceling appearances in the Phillipines but I did not find anything about that anyplace.

    Interesting if CL is there in Manila with him. I find it odd though, even today, I have someone from that Milwaukee station hitting my site. You know, henry8 if they are together, the "ladies" who don't approve of her nor know either of them need shut up. In a private conversation...I was told Joni, Taylor's G-ma doesn't like CL. That his folks don't like her. How do these random people find this info, and if it's just made up, man, they need to shut up.

    Regarding the controversy regarding CL not being the Beach gal, really, it would be in Taylor's interest to come out and clarify. Someplace.

    My man's like that though, he'd rather just let folks talk than come out and confront. He said for Taylor to confront this ordeal would acknowledge it. That's a man's perspective. Thing is you let the 'chicks' go at it and before you know it you have one hella mess. LOL

  9. Henry812:08 AM

    Taylor cancelled a rehearsal in the Phillipines, as I understood, there was time for two rehearsals and must have decided he needed sleep a little more and cancelled one.
    I have never been able to understand why anyone outside of family thought they had the right to either approve or dissapove of the girlfriend, I mean did Taylor put it up for a vote? If he did I missed it. Approve or dissappove it not their business, when people said how happy they were for them and bought gifts, I thought, you don't know whats going on, if its just a fling won't that make it embarrassing for him? Get your nose out of his life. Let the man announce an engagement before you bring on the congratulations and gifts. And if you disappove same rules, keep your mouth shut except in private.
    And as far as addressing the situation, I guess in my opinion there are some things just to damn stupid to be addressed and I think this is one of them. If this turned out to be true , I probably wouldn't quit laughing for a month, but then Taylor would still be Taylor, his talent would still be the same and I would like him just as much as I ever have. This whole thing to me reaches heights of silliness that I never dreamed possible.
    I don't know if CL is in Manilla, I have heard from someone that I think would know that she is, it was my opinion that there never was a real break up so it would not surprise me. But I do not know for sure. My opinions would probably be right in there with the families but makes no difference, it is what it is. And I intend to concentrate on his music and his career. I just hope he does.

  10. I had come across one of the forums talking about buying gifts for them, sending congrats and thought that was absolutely ludicrous.

    Thing is henry8, what makes all this with him and some of the other Idols different than regular fan adoration involvement, I'm thinking, is folks go through months of becoming personally invested through time, etc... It becomes so real to them that they get it established in their mind that they are a real, actual part of the life of that individual.

    Many fan posts I have read in the past seem to feel they're a strange part of his family. Fans for Clay Aiken the same way. Another curious attribute, this seems possibly almost a geographical lesson in people. The most intense assembly of fans behind the Taylors and Clays and the Daughtrys are found in the South/East.

    Not saying there are not devoted fans in Washington state for example, but not the concentration, the hotbed is found in the S/E states. True though, these entertainers are from those regions.

    It's interesting to be sure.

  11. Taytaysfan3:18 PM

    I can tell you that the CL site isn't being operated by either of the posters you mentioned above. I have no idea who is spreading that information, but it is incorrect.

    You might not care for the site or care for Chill for that matter, but from my understanding the site was created by fans to show that there are different opinions within the fanbase. Most of the fans do not believe MFOYA and could care less how many different women he might have had on the beach in Hawaii.

    Sunny, don't you think that MFOYA has taken this way too far? Really? What is the purpose? Talk about being over invested in someones personal life.. MFOYA fits that description to a Tee!

  12. taytaysfan, the info on who's running chill's site keeps popping up as the same gals, so who knows - all I know is that chill has been evil toward me since day one. Amazes me how that individual imagines they can say anything without rebuttal. When I respond back I'm the stalker; this while continues to try and bait me by talking smack about me.

    Anyway, regarding MFOYA, all I will say is that they best have all their ducks swimming in a row when this hits the media.

    Regarding MFOYA being invested in another's life, in the case of MFOYA vs Hicks, well, it happens in the gossip mags all the time. A certain reporter or magazine will target a certain celebrity. MFOYA has targeted Hicks and Lyders.

    I hope things work out for the best, but if it turns out MFOYA is correct what will the ramifications be to you and other Hicks' fans? That's one thing I am curious about. Honestly, I don't care. If this has been a wack tale of bait and switch, it won't influence my being a fan of Taylor's or not. I've never thought the man was an angel to begin with; he's just this guy with some great talent. He's human.

    Glad you came back, man, don't be a stranger.

  13. taytaysfan7:56 PM

    Sunny, if by chance the story MFOYA is spreading is true.. it will not affect me in the slightest. I don't care at all who he has been with or who he is with now. If there was a "switch".. oh well. I will continue to go to his shows, buy his music and support his career as a fan. Nothing at all will change.

  14. Same here. This has been a wild ride, that's for sure. Little Birdie told me it's coming to a conclusion soon.