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Friday, December 28, 2007

One more Poke at the Fantasy World of the CL Fanatic Site

One more CL Fanatic for the road:

Apparently my bash site "pals" came over and read the blog last night, because, you know, they never read me, my work is in vain, because no one posts here, no one reads my work. All for naught...

'mfoyasucks', or aka 'kisschillsass' says,
"Here we go again.. Sunny gets upset if someone copies and paste her nice work but seems to think it’s fine to do so herself..

"Okay, Sunny.. First off I said that seldom anyone replies on your blog..I didn’t say anything about how many people read your blog.. I have read your blog many times before MFOYA and rather enjoyed your writings..

Kissing Ass.. awe, come on Sunny.. you invented the word, right. Your lips are all over MFOYA’s ass!

My response:

Who are you to imagine that you can pass judgment over me, make fun of my writing and think I should not respond? Let's understand, this chill person insults me on a regular basis, but in your eyes that is OK, she can post negative commentary about me on her site and others, yap about me in her little private chat, but if I respond, I'm the stalker. Other way around, I think. Too she comes here yet never will leave her name and most likely would deny she's ever posted here. Anonymous, is such a big word.

What egos they all have to think it is acceptable to rip up others but let anyone say anything about Taylor Hicks, and well, Hell should swallow them whole. That's a definition of crazy. He's just a guy. I have been a fan of his for a long time but I don't think the man parted the Red Sea nor can turn water to wine.

The comments regarding my copy and pasting of the posting from the site,let me enlighten. On my blog I specify and request no copy and pasting because sometimes I found my blogs and articles pasted on other sites with the person copying taking credit for my words. That is different than copying postings off of a web site my friend.

I think I'm through poking that ant hill for now.
Adam Ant "Friends or Foes" c/o myrrd



  1. Henry84:40 PM

    Oh Sunny, we have an issue. I don't think Taylor parted the Red Sea or turned water into wine. Far from it. But Taylor Hicks, just a guy? My next door neighbor is just a guy and he sure isn't Taylor.
    No, Taylor is, was , and always will be a very special person. That level of talent and devotion to his craft doesn't come along every day of the week and he is not "just a guy".
    This notion that the folks at the MFOYA site have , that Taylors fans would think differently of him if we just knew what he was really like, is just nuts. Its Taylors talent we care about, the fact that there SEEMS to be a decent human being at the core of his heart. Nothing else. His faults, his defects, his lovelife, real or imagined, his need to sometimes keep his own council and not tell others all the details that are none of their business, the need to sometimes "deceive" his fans in order to protect a private life,the fact that he does have issues, none of that is of any importance at all, to anyone but them.
    Just listened to a very good interview on Sirius radio, if you didn't hear it try to find it, it was very good. And that is not "just a guy" that is a very special person.
    Everyone can make up their own mind about whether he is a good person or a bad person, or a good person with faults, but one thing for sure he is definitely a special person.

  2. Darlin' we meaning you and I have no issue; I agree with you. My saying Taylor Hicks is just a guy meant simply that he's a human being, a mortal entity. That's it.

    hicksfans7 and I sort of discussed this already - about it wouldn't make any difference whether any of this is true or pure bullshit. Man, I like this man for his talents.

    Point is henry8, my friend, I was and am just clarifying the point that the CL Fanatics Site are and can be evilly vindictive towards 'mere mortals' but seem to hold Hicks above that category. I would think the man would be appalled at that sort of mindset. It would scare the living BeJesus out of me were I him. Understand?

    I don't see how you and I would ever have a major issue. We've talked, I understand where you 'live' regarding Hicks.

  3. Henry88:49 AM

    I think the idea that some people hold Hicks above the 'mere mortal" catagory exists more in some peoples minds than in reality. There may be some but I don't know them. I do know some who are determined to knock Hicks down a peg or two, can't stand to see him get away, I guess.

  4. There was a big group of us in the MFOYA chat last night. We watched Taylor's Sirius interview, a few in the group were also in on the cell cert and were reporting about that, and we played Taylor videos. I'm going to say Junebug, regardless of how her post was received by your 'friends' is as high on Hicks as you are. She actually reminds me of you in many ways concerning Taylor.

    Many see it as harmful to his career to involve himself in the bait and switch chick drama. They honestly think it is 2 women. One gal supposedly is named Julie.... and is from Texas. They think he's received bad advice from some of his pals too. Some say they have spoken to his family members and know the real deal.

    Overall they are a fun group and strange as it may sound to the CL Fanatic Club, most are definite fans of the man.

  5. hicksfan79:31 AM

    well I guess there is no point in my commenting here any more since you choose to ignore them just like MFOYA does.

  6. hicksfan7 this is one of the first comment from you in a while. I publish all of yours. Are you hitting the right button?

  7. hicksfan7 I just checked and the last one was 12/26 about Taylor's arm movements in the show. I published and responded to you. Check that blog out.

  8. Henry87:49 PM

    Sunny, what you just said in your response, I would have said the same thing at one time. I'm pressed for time and will leave it at that for now.