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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Taylor Hicks FanMail Address and New L*MBO site.

This is an address to send Taylor Hicks your fanmail, please adhere to the stipulations.

Fan Mail address:
Taylor Hicks
65 Glen Road
PO Box 658
Garner, NC 27529

Do not send food or perishables, this is not a residence and may not be checked on a regular basis. Mail only. Address courtesy of TaylorHicksfansite.com.

Little Memphis Blues Orchestra website. Still under construction, but coming soon.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Taylor Hicks L*MBO Spins through Galaxy in Dallas

Galaxy CLub is the place to be in Dallas this Thursday night. The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra will be blowing and going in one of my favorite watering grounds, Deep Ellum. Teaser in the ad asks the big question, will we see Taylor Hicks and the Idol Rat Pack rocking through the night at Galaxy? Since the American Idol tour is in town for TWO nights in Big D I'd say that there's about a 95 per cent chance the Soul Patrollers will have a starry night at the Galaxy.

How to get there:Deep Ellum map. Address and description GO HERE.

Am I excited? Am I nervous to meet with the man I've blogged about since January? Hell yes. I just don't know what to do with myself until Thursday.

Groove on Soulman.