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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jason Castro, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Jason Castro, singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" video in Rockwall, Jason Castro day.

video c/o Rosequeen49

Jason Castro Day - Part 2

I know this seems in reverse, but it's more a 'thinking back' to The Beginning of the Day.

The Jason Castro supporters began lining up. The humidity and heat proved no deterrent.

To kick off the Jason Castro Day parade, of course neighbors.go started the proceedings; being a big part of the local daydreaming boy's support group.

The parade had to include the local cheerleaders.

FOX 4 was on hand interviewing Jason's fans. (I had to disguise her identity...)

One of Jason's older fans - she was soon joined by several just like her. (Also disguised...ha.)

Darling Man, lugging around all my stuff, he's not real happy. (I have no idea why the size bars remain on the pics, oh well...)

Home Depot handed out "We Love Jason Castro" signs to anyone walking past. The crowds move from the parade to the concert area.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Jason Castro Day - It's Hot, It's Sweaty, It's Rockwall: Part One.

Jason Castro on parade.

That's baby sis and brother, Michael sitting with him.

It's not a parade without livestock...

School's out and the Rockwall Dreadheads are here to Party!

On the way to the stage area, bent on celebrating Jason Castro Day, I spied this guy...Nope not Jason Castro.

Jason Castro was to arrive much later with seemingly over half the Rockwall Police Department acting as his personal Secret Service. Man, getting within range to speak to him impossible unless you were 12 years old, or a relative. I tried to send in Darling Daughter to snap some real close ups - but she wasn't having none of that. No new Webkins for her this weekend, ha.

Seriously, I put on my best schmooze with one of the Security Guys, one of Rockwall's Finest, and yes, Fine looking...he rather resembled Alex O'Loughlin, in my opinion. That allowed me to pretty much hide in the shrubbery around the stage. At least I was inside of the temporary fencing, the fencing surrounded the stage area keeping the audience about 30 feet out from stage.

Yes, hidden under the canopy of an evergreen tree, lurking in the bushes, within a mere 10 feet of the Man of the Day; yes, moi,Secret Agent, IDOL BLUES blogger, snapped this nice little pic. My Sheer Will (or Jason was simply scared of the chick in the shrubs) must have rendered me invisible to the Castro eye, yes, Stealth Go I.

I was very, very quiet...

A few envious gals wondering why I got to hang out among the evergreens, shouted at me - I waved... my finger at them. Their pitiful cries got another one of Rockwall's Finest's attention - those yammering wenches. He told me to get back behind the barrier, about 20 feet behind me. My New BFF, Sgt.-Looks-Like-Alex-O'Loughlin told him I was OK. Didn't even have to toss him a $50.00, that's Texan hospitality. And yes, I am O-K. Capital O, Capital K.

Then there was this sweetheart of a guy, Isaac, one of Jason's hometown pals, gave me a pass to the sidewalk. Hallowed Ground only allowed to security and close friends, family. Freed from the fronds, with evergreen stuck in my frizzing-in-the-heat hair, I managed to snap these shots. (Considering I haven't spoken to Castro's Pop in many, many years, I did not make that definition.)

I was not alone in my quest to support and to snap pictures of Castro for IDOL BLUES. Darling Man was hauled along fortified with beer. I had him perched on a wall to the front of the stage about 150 feet out to shoot some video. He had to go that far back to get elevation to be able to take film over the thousands of folks swarming the area. Some of the footage is wobbly, he's balancing on unstable terrain...fortified with beer. (Coming soon.)

I must say we were amazed by the turn-out, and so did Jason appear to be. Much of the time as he addresses the crowd he acted overwhelmed by the show of support. He said, when asked by the Mayor, how he felt, "(it's)almost too much love for one person." Castro, kept looking around and saying, "Wow". "Wow" indeed, Daydreaming Boy.

Folks were arriving by car, bus, boats and helicopters. In the near 100 degree heat they started coming about 3:30 p.m., and kept on coming throughout the evening, it was amazing and astounding.

"Daydreaming Boy" was Jason's first selection in what was suppose to be a three-song set. He threw in "Deep in the Heart of Texas" at the end for everyone to sing/shout along with him. You can catch Jason singing "Over the Rainbow" and "Deep in the Heart of Texas" in this video presented by Rockwall Loves Jason Castro. Click the link, and you'll see his parents, Betsi and Rene, they are standing behind him.

This link, MYFOX 4 coverage provides a brief report from the beginning of the event, folks were still streaming into the area. Supposedly a reported 15,000 showed up. It certainly seemed like a lot of people. I read someplace, rickey.orgs I think, that there were live streaming feeds playing about the event, but haven't found them on-line.

Jason's brother, Michael stayed out of the stage area, preferring to hang out with friends in the crowd. He had his hair pinked. Man, he's a magnet for the girls, he had a continuous ensemble following him all over the place.

"Party on the Patio" ZZ Top

video c/o boelin
I'll be up with Part Two...soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jason Castro Day Count Down....

All right, time to FanTard out - and get ready for Jason Castro Day in Rockwall, Texas.
I have all my cameras locked, loaded and charged...

In honor of my gorgeous boy, this is one of my favorite songs he performed on Idol.
"Fragile" mi muchacho magnífico:

I am pulling for my darling boy to do this song tomorrow, but leave out the 'special effects..." *wink*:

No word on what he'll do until show time, I gather, but it will be a pleasant surprise no matter.

(to my 'special friend' - still waiting on those pigs...to fly.lolz)

Jason Castro on FOX 4 This Morning

FOX 4 invited Jason Castro on the show today and he sang, "Daydreaming Boy". You see, Dreadlocked darling Jason is in town because tomorrow, May 29th, is Jason Castro Day in Rockwall, Texas.

Normally I could give a shit about anything like this, but since it is Jason, I'll make an exception. So, big ol' yes, I am going and pictures will be taken and pictures will be posted. It's suppose to be near 100 degrees tomorrow so will be a HAWT one in more ways than one.

And, no, Darling Man is not excited, but I'm dragging him along anyway.

Josiah Leming, Not Your Average Lemming....

Josiah's emergence into the spotlight as being signed with Warner Brothers Records, certainly stands as a unique phenomenon for someone coming out of an American Idol refusal. Even though Josiah found himself a cast-off, he's amazingly found a way to make some sweet lemonade from the often bitter A.I. Kool-aide. News has it, that Josiah has an album due to drop in September. Truly an inspirational guy with a fantastic story.

Considering the fact the boy has come from a modest family of eight siblings, and had been living out of his car prior to his appearance on Idol makes this news even more incredible. His, a potential real life rags to riches Cinderella fairy tale. I can't recall anyone ever stepping into this show with a more touching and intriguing appeal than Josiah Leming. Naturally, my skeptical side wonders how much of what we saw on the television regarding Josiah was real, and how much was simply Josiah displaying some sort of savant genius in self-marketing. I know over at VFTW, he enjoys support for who he is and how he's coming across.

Sure, the producers of A.I. during the audition phase, noticed the potential use of Josiah's story as an angle to increase viewers. Thing is those same producers lacked the vision to carry him further on the show, a move that likely would have made this season one of the actual best in Idol history. It's stupid moves like dropping Josiah from the roster that have stymied the show and cast doubt over the show's honesty and credibility. Now, I'm not casting stones at some of the contestants this season that I enjoyed, instead I'm pointing out the loss in the exclusion of Josiah.

I see Josiah Leming's appeal rising from his representation of a bonafide modern day troubadour. Comparisons to famous artists past, Josiah's rather like young Bobby Dylan.

brilliant addition to youtube by ronniepooch

One of my favorite songs by Bob Dylan, "Jokerman" exemplifies Dylan's brilliant writing styling. Josiah Leming is showing some of that brilliance in his own songs. It's admirable witnessing Josiah's pioneering spirit, his reliance on his own heart, soul and natural talent.

Josiah, is taking that apparent disappointment from being ousted from the show and working the advantages handed him by the televised footage, in a way few others would have been able to do. He's letting that time on the show work for him not against him. He stands true to himself, allowing the strength and passion of his own dreams and ideals to stand. His tenacity and stubborness likely born from the life he experienced back in Morristown, Tennessee. Sure, at times Josiah may come across as arrogant, but consider this - you have to believe in yourself first to get anyone else to believe you. I admire the kid for his drive, for his sticking to that image in his mind of what he wants to communicate, who he is as an individual.

I finally got around to checking out his Myspace page out today. In a post he wrote in April, he lists some of his favorite things. Out of everything he wrote, I liked,
"i'd walk a million miles if i had to, to see the one person i truly loved. i put no boundaries around my capabilities. therefore my capabilities grow ( :"

He's not a mainstream type performer, but he has the possibility and potential to be much more than a Pop and mainstream artist. Josiah is more of a break-through type performer, one of those guys who could make an impact and create a change in a way of thinking about music, the music industry. Certainly his style won't appeal to everyone, but I don't think that's really Josiah's goal.

"Razorblades and Handgrenades" Josiah Leming, in Dallas at The Loft

video c/o katierooney

"Grace Kelly", a Josiah Leming fan favorite

(not sure whose vid this is)

"One Last Song" ...because I'm a sucker for pirates...

video c/o savvyparrowluv

This song by Bob Dylan, I aim at Josiah, the lyrics and thoughts behind this tune intriguingly fitting,to me, for some reason.

video c/o CoompleteUnkn0wn

Kudos, Josiah.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taylor Hicks and Nigel Lythgoe "SHARE" at Event

Taylor Hicks returns from Italy and apparently soon to be jetting to the West Coast. This Idol's hands are certainly not idle, ergo the phrase, "idle hands are the devil's workshop" have little application in this case except to work as my lead regarding what his next appearance involves. Seems his 'dancing with the devil' associations continue to play a role in his endeavors. Nigel Lythgoe, the Executive Producer of American Idol, is to be presented and honored with "The Shining Spirit Award" during an event in which Mr. Hicks performs. What fun would it be for Mr. Hicks to be the one presenting this award.

The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium is the place, and it will be packed with celebrities including Taylor Hicks for the 55th Anniversary Boomtown Gala for SHARE,INC, Saturday, May 31, 2008. Mr. Hicks is listed as being one of the artists providing entertainment for the gala's attendees. Also billed on the entertainment list, Clint Holmes (voted best all-around entertainer in Las Vegas), 2007 Tony Award Winner Jay Johnson, and the known as 'fabulous dancing Share Ladies'.

SHARE was founded in 1953 as a non-profit philanthropic organization composed of women who raise funds for ‘at risk’ youth, developmentally disabled, abused, and neglected children. Members of SHARE have shown their passion and devotion toward helping these children as well as raising money for medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities. SHARE, INC. has raised an impressive forty four million dollars to date.

Some of the facilities that have benefited from the fund-raising efforts of SHARE, INC and the Boomtown Gala are Ahead with Horses, Cedar-Sinai, Center for the Partially Sighted, Dream Makers Project, Exceptional Children's Foundation, Friends of CASA, Hathaway-Sycamore Child & Family Services. Monies have also been provided to the I Have A Dream Foundation, Los Angeles, Infinite Dreams, Kayne-Eras Center, Sophia T. Salvin Special Education Center, Stuart House facility of the Rape Treatment Center, and Team Prime Time.

The members of SHARE pledge to make known the needs of the developmentally disabled and abused, and enlist the aid of others who SHARE Happily and Reap Endlessly, year after year.
"The Sharing Song" Jack Johnson

video c/o Im JulezZ

Sunday, May 25, 2008

On the Road Again

Canned Heat, because it's Hot in Texas, and I'm on the road again. This was one of the best blues bands ever.

Video c/o spzld

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jason Castro Celebration: May 29th

Come one, come all, the Dreadhead buses ride again - this time IRL, you know, In Real Life. Jason Castro Rockwall Celebration is being held this next Thursday, May 29. The city on the lake, Rockwall, Texas, will be holding a Jason Castro Day celebration. I know, normally only the top three get that hometown fiesta, but folks in our area want to share the Dreadhead love for our local Idol, sans the good folk with 19E.

Festivities will begin with the requisite parade, which will start at the corner of Ridge Road and Summer Lee at 5:30 p.m. It winds up on Lake Front Trail near the Cinemark Theater. It should make for an interesting and fun spectacle, as we'll see that Chik-fil-a Cow in attendance (sponsors, baby), 'groupies' that be da really excited fans, and, those coming to life, 'real' Dreadhead buses. Yes, the psychedelic buses are morphing into real life off the MyIdol (the American Idol boards) to be packed with fans and assorted "characters". Nothing too big an order in Texas, y'all.

Editor of neighbors.go.com, Dawn Redig, writes that Jason will perform at The Hilton Bella Harbor’s outdoor amphitheater, located shore-side on Lake Ray Hubbard. Castro has confirmed he'll bring that ukelele, so if you do not have your T-shirt created by Brandi Patterson, of Brandi Patterson T-Shirt Designs, I suggest Hawaiian print shirts, leis if you have 'em . Give it the whole sitting by the water and going to that luau, uke vibe.

Castro will be performing two other songs, hopefully one of his originals. Local news celebrity Brandon Todd from Fox 4 News will emcee the festivities, with the neighbors.go cameras rolling. Jason's arrival and the Dreadhead express usher in Rockwall’s regularly scheduled Concert by LakeSeries, which features Angie Stevens and her band, the Beautiful Wreck, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Jimmy Buffet: "One Particular Harbor"

video stukoch

From Dawn:
And so, you ask, where do I park? Parking at The Harbor is expected to fill early in the day. The City encourages everyone to park at LakePointeChurch, located at 701 E. Interstate 30, and take the complimentary shuttle buses to and from the parade and concert site, courtesy of the RockwallIndependentSchool District. Shuttle buses will run from 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. If you don’t go by shuttle, consider carpooling. This will be a heavily attended event and traffic snarls are likely.

Jason’s homecoming celebration is sponsored and supported by the City of Rockwall, Rockwall Parks and Recreation, Hilton Bella Harbor Hotel on Lake Ray Hubbard, the Rockwall Police, Rockwall ISD, Rockwall Chamber of Commerce, Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall Signs, C.E.R.T., Rusty Wallis Honda and Volkswagon, Scott Self and Seawolf, Brandi Patterson T-Shirt Designs, Michael Kitkoski Creative Services, Dallas Police on Lake Ray Hubbard, Dallas Morning News/neighborsgo and many more!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cinderella Missed her Carriage; the Best Man Won

David Cook crowned King of Idol for 2008; Nobody nudged Randy though, he may still think it is 2007. David Archuleta was amazingly cool tonight, considering, and Jason Castro looked more gorgeous than words can describe.

video c/o cocoidol08
Man, he's absolutely stunning. Love his voice. Love his voice. (OK once more with feeling, Love. his. Voice.) Jason manages to break my heart...and enter my soul.

Seems Taylor Hicks and I were right after all - David did win. David Cook, that is. The best man won. Whoopee.

Taylor Hicks Picks David as the Winner; Randy, Step out of 2007

Taylor Hicks makes a prediction for the winner of this season's American Idol. When asked whom he thought would take the crown, cleverly he replied, "I think David's going to win, I really do."

The Finale competition night had to have one of the Worst show openings in the show's history. By capitalizing "Worst" I nod to website, VFTW. Last night's venture was over the top Double Dave Cheesy goodness, complete with trite incorporation of The Rocky music, old school boxing ring microphone and the "Are You Ready to Rumble!", Micheal Buffer entrance.

Even though the show strove for that sportscast vibe with the incorporation of Jim Lampley commentary, for some random reason, Monty Python entered my mind. As a viewer, you just never know what form of bent entertainment Idol may bring week to week. This Finale competition night brought me to epiphany of one of the reasons why I continue to watch this show.

The judging panel are a source of amusement all by themselves. At least two of them seem to have had one of those three Martini Lunches. Paula was ever Paula, but she did look lovely, and Randy had no idea what year it is, caught in some time warp, hanging onto 2007. (Someone please nudge Randy tonight, update him.) Simon had his serious side going on - he must have skipped that lunch.

Having Andrew Lloyd Webber return was one touch of genius. I had fallen into infatuation with his covert snarky humor and slyly 'Grinchy' smile when he was first on the show a few weeks back. Watching Webber's eyes sparkle with inner delight brought home to me why he's been such an incredible success in his field. The man is absolutely brilliant - on so many complicated levels.

Regarding the contestants, Dad Archuleta should be proud, little David played to win. Granted he had some pitch issues, yadda, yadda, yadda. Cook on the other hand seemed to be almost throwing it away to little Archie. I'm not accusing Cook of taking a dive but he did not seem to mind if he had a TKO.

Darling Man's favorite performance last night:
(He's stuck through this with me, so he got to choose.)

video by [Kalin] JohnJohnDow

So who do I think will be 'crowned' the 2008 Winner of American Idol tonight? I'm with Taylor Hicks on this one.

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" Monty Python

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MTV American Idol Roundtable

This is a must watch for Idol fans. Top Big Bloggers in the Idol arena featured and discuss the show from multiple angles.
A.I. Roundtable.

Everyone loved Jason to one degree or another. Indications are the jig is up Idol producers, and VFTW no longer the only site "singing" this song.

Michael Slezak picks David Cook for the win. The panel is tied with MTV guy breaking the tie by going for Archie.

Monday, May 19, 2008

TAY on BWAY, or So the Sign Said...

Taylor Hicks interview on the Today Show, May 16 in which he announces his Broadway debut.

I think it a brilliant move. It's like 'free' promotion and publicity to debut the CD planned for release in the Fall. I read on Griz's site that he may descend on an ice cream cone? Now that's quirky. I still remain in hope for wings, and of course, being an angel, Taylor needs a harp.

His interview reminded me of one of my favorite movies, it's just quirky enough.

The ending is brilliant. Now, that's a proper send-off.

Instead of a suit, how about this look:
(I kid.)
"They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway".

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wildflower Festival - Eve 6

Now this has nothing to do with Taylor Hicks nor Jason Castro. Friday night Darling man and I hauled Darling Daughter to the local Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas. I'd wanted to catch QuietDrive, but we couldn't get into the facility in time. Consolation and what turned out to be a great time, we did catch Eve6. They had that killer tune, "Inside Out" that topped the charts a few years back. The guys disbanded for a time, but have reunited.

Listening to their myspazz page tunes doesn't do the guys justice for what they do live. Like Bo Bice says, "Live music matters" and Friday night, Eve6 evidenced that statement to the True. The band consists of three guys, but those three guys can make some noise... insert 'good'. The original guitarist Jon Seibels has opted to run his own band, but they had an apt replacement in Matt Blair from Band Camp.

The guys had been signed to the RCA label while still in high school, they went on to issue three albums, an eponymous release that went Platinum, Horroscope, which hit the Gold mark, and It's all in Your Head that failed to reach the Gold standard. RCA then dropped them, and wasn't long after from what I understand, the guys parted ways.

Max Collins carries a sort of Elvis Costello tone to his vocals. The best video I could find to represent "Inside Out" was the Sony creation which has embedding disabled. Anyone who has turned a radio on in the past decade will recognize this tune. Click here to watch.

Regarding live presentation, Collins is as random as you can get, but interesting. These videos were shot at Wildflower, they're a little bouncy but, hell all of us down by the stage were bouncing. And jumping. And screaming. Too bad the sound wasn't a bit better, Max sounded so much better live, but it's okay.

Darling Daughter was a bit embarrassed at her 'getting-their-rock-on' parents. We were right in front of Max, a bit to the right, very close to the stage. I can hear my screaming in these videos, Gwenabe11 must have been nearby. lol "wooooo wooooo"

"Pick up the Pieces" Eve6

Max calls the booths, "make-shift shelters" ha. Reveals their band reuniting and ...
pistacio nuts. We were singing along up front.

All vids are c/o Gwenabe11.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks a.k.a. Teen Angel

Take 20 hours off the computer and all sorts of Taylor Hicks news hits the internet. It seems Mr. Hicks let loose the news he will be morphing into angelic form. He's, taking on a potentially high flying act as an Angel - no not a Charlie's type, instead more of a Broadway Angel. He's been offered the part of 'Teen Angel', a small role in Grease. This is the same production that cast winners from the show, You're the One That I Want, Max Crumm and Laura Osnes. Will Hicks don big fluffy gossamer, sparkly glitter wings? I hope so.

In the New York Times article, one of about a dozen Hicks alerts I received today - all which are pretty much parroting each other; Taylor says, he plans to add "soulful flavor" to the Teen Angel song, "Beauty School Dropout." Hicks adds, "a classic fit for a classic performer."

Taylor, who apparently spoke to The Associated Press Thursday, added, "It's a big number, and, you know, I've made some pretty grand entrances before, and this one is probably the grandest entrance I've had in my career." Obviously the Soulman certainly doesn't lack for self-confidence.

Teen Angel isn't a big role, but it's one that has been played in the past by Frankie Avalon (film version) as well as Chubby Checkers (isn't that a kick?) and Jennifer Holliday on Broadway. Notably, this is not a cast-to-type role, instead it's more of a flexible position that has allowed the various actors to portray the 'Teen Angel' in their own interpretation. The role consists of a song sang to beauty school drop-out character, Frenchy; the Angel appears to Frenchy to console and guide her following her lack of achievements in beauty ed.

Taylor was quoted as saying, "It's a cool song. I can see myself being able to Taylorize it. Who knows? Maybe I'll do the Elvis meets Aretha Franklin meets Joe Cocker version of 'Beauty School Dropout.' I don't think anybody's taken that approach yet. I'll get with the producers and sink my teeth into the role."

Sinking of the teeth perhaps appropriate for Alex O'Loughlin, of the show, "Moonlight", which, much to my chagrin has now been cancelled by the Bo-Bo's at CBS. Since you are now going to be an angel, Taylor Hicks, 'fly with it' perhaps, more appropriate.

This role has potential to lead to further opportunities on the small stage, an area that several of previous Idol alums have found success. Taylor adds he will continue to work on the new CD which he hopes to have out this Fall. (Think of the holiday shoppers, Hicks.) Currently he is set to play the winged, and I hope, high flying role from June 6 through September 7th.

I'm sure when Mr. Hicks is ready to release his new CD, AOL and The Associated Press will be the first to 'break' with the news. This blogger just has to wait for the scraps to filter through the news lines. (Yes I'll take some cheese with that.)

Taylor is proclaiming the new CD to be chock full of some of the greatest songs he's ever written. Let's see if he can top my personal fave, "Soul Thing". His post-reality show album hasn't hit the million mark yet, sales registered at a little over 700,000 sold. It always makes me smile reading that the album failed to send a hit tune to radio. Seriously, how was that to actually happen when nothing was promoted for radio by the label? Magic perhaps.

Speaking of magic, I for one, am looking forward to the kind of 'soul' magic that Taylor Hicks might bring to Broadway. The image of Taylor, decked out in a white suit complete with fluffy wings, belting out 'Beauty School Drop Out' makes me break out into a full grin. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to venture North to the Big Apple to catch a show - I'll be spending some time this Summer on the West Coast. Youtube will have to be my source of Grease/Taylor angel watching. I'll just have to be the blogger wind beneath his wings.

"Beauty School Drop-Out" Frankie Avalon's Version (Don't do this one...)

video c/o katiedaily

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jason Castro Hot Topic: Jason has a Girlfriend

Jason Castro comes clean about his girlfriend, Mandy while being interviewed on The Mike and Juliet Show. She's a hometown gal and has allegedly been a big behind the scenes promoter for Castro on the message boards. Perhaps Mandy need pursue a career in promotions, she's got the knack as well as being adorable, petite and smart. Speaking of smart, Jason revealed his SAT score was 1340. Not bad, darling boy.

To watch the videos of the show including the clip with Mandy, I'll direct you to Liz Lemon and McLovin's website, Castrocopia. Last I checked, screams of anguish were being 'virtually' heard across the fan boards at the revelation gorgeous Castro has a girlfriend. Main reason why Mandy did not want it known she was in the picture, she felt it might hurt Castro on the show. Kudos, girl.

Will Jason Castro find honesty the best policy regarding his love life, or should he have remained more enigmatic, like Taylor Hicks? In the case of Taylor Hicks, those girlfriend issues can be like walking on hot coals.

Rory Gallagher, "Walk On Hot Coals", Live On The Whistle Test

video c/o 25th November 1970

The Double David Extravaganza: Fairy Tale Ending or Will The Best Man Win?

Well, that was unsurprising, no shocker last night on Idol. Confirmed, The Double Dave extravaganza. Perhaps a suggestion for the Double Dave's Pizza chain special of the week, extra cheesy with pineapple representing Little David and pepperoni for Cook, bringing the 'meat' of the entertainment.

After watching the Top Three in their 'Going Home' segments, and the reception from the hometown fans of each, I'm going to rework my statement from yesterday. I mean how can David Cook win this after the touching segment with Little David? I believe that David Archuleta is truly completely innocent and clueless. This boy has not tried one manipulative tactic, with Little David what you see is what you get.

I've noticed of all of the contestants, Archuleta truly looks sad when one of them have to go home. He's shed tears more than once after a contestant was booted off. This boy seems to be genuinely sweet and guileless, a quality difficult to find these days with most kids, even in elementary school many are already learning to work the system.

I have joking compared Little David to movie characters, Forrest Gump and Chauncey Gardiner from Being There, an old Peter Sellers flick. Both of these films have main characters drawn as naive innocents, with questionable intellect who are perceived by the "regular folk"-type characters around them to be more than what they are in actuality.

I'm not saying anything negative about this boy's intelligence, I certainly don't know this kid; I am saying he's like those movie characters in certain ways. Main thing, regarding the comparables in the storylines, both characters somehow, throughout their innocence and lack of manipulation of anyone, manage somehow to achieve great things all the while doing good deeds. In the case of Chauncey, at the end of the flick, he walks on water.

Certainly of the two remaining cast members of this increasingly apparent scripted show, Cook has the stronger more current voice and look. Thing is, little David has everything that would make for a picture perfect Idol ending. He is an innocent kid who has devoted his young life to music, coached on by that Stage Dad from Hell. He would make great television as he did last night in the 'Going Home' segment.

David Cook, bringing his brother on-stage with him was a nice touch, although likely bittersweet for the brother. He had tried out too, but the producers selected David. On looking them over you can see why; David possesses much more charisma than his brother. Oh well, there's next season.

Ultimately the show keeps hammering at we viewers, 'it's up to the voters'. I say it's up to the voters to a degree. That degree manipulated according to ratings, fan responses. One reason I found it difficult to fathom Syesha's rise during this season is the apparent degree of lesser responses on-line, it was an anomaly from past seasons. Watching the 'Going Home' segments, I'd say that the responses showed why Sy was still on the show, she certainly had a big turn out in her hometown.

Considering the "Going Home' segments, I am changing my mind, woman's prerogative and all of that, regarding the winner of this season.

David Cook is certainly going to make records, he's the better entertainer hands down. Cook, the most charismatic, savvy and aware, but Archuleta brings the Fairy Tale. Tweenie Girls and those avid Idol watchers love a great Fairy Tale.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marvelous Night for a Soul Thing: Taylor Hicks at Hannah Home Shelby

If Taylor's performances at the Hannah Home Shelby are any indication of what we're going to hear on his next CD, the man will have those who doubted his abilities eating their words. Taylor Hicks is sounding better than he ever has. Mr. Hicks did not perform any of his new music, but he indicated he's definitely been writing new tunes, and it seems as if he's becoming satisfied with his latest work.

Folks at the Hannah Home Shelby function were treated to "Soul Thing", a tune he previously recorded on "Under the Radar". He also tossed out "Moondance" that great Van Morrison classic and Billy Joel's, "New York State of Mind". Mr. Hicks was in fine vocal form and presented the music with a touch of humor along with the ease of conviction born of having worked these tunes many times.

What made me fall for Taylor Hicks, in Season Five of American Idol, outside of his fabulous spaz-dancing, Mr. Hicks, as a musician, possesses an innate ability to work covers of music and give them the feel they're his songs. To use that overworked cliche', he makes them his own. It's the quality I picked up in this season of Idol's, Jason Castro. Apparently Castro made some kind of impression on Taylor Hicks; listen at the end of the "Soul Thing" video, he gives Castro a mention.

These Taylor Hicks videos were brought to IDOL BLUES by 'henry8', created by 'Lh1100' and put on vimeo. These videos are visually clear with excellent sound quality. Muchas gracias.

"Soul Thing", the first and still continues to be, my favorite Taylor Hicks' tune. Excellent rendition, delivered in all the jazzy soul splendor that makes this tune so great. Taylor Hicks brought along Brian Less and Jeff Lopez of LiMBO, members of the band he performed with prior to American Idol.

Soul Thing from Lh1100 on Vimeo.
(Very nice, Mr. Hicks, throwing out Jason Castro's name. So, you did cast those votes, right? ha.)

"Moondance" ***FIXED*** (Thanks henry8, I need an editor, seriously. lol)

Moondance from Lh1100 on Vimeo.

"New York State of Mind"

New York State of Mind from Lh1100 on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol Bottoms Out: Worst Top Three?

Man, looking that way from my seat tonight. Little David Archuleta was making me go into almost asthmatic fits just listening to him. Psychosomatically induced need for my inhaler moments as he gasped his way through the tunes.
"And So It Goes" David Archuleta

video c/o IdolFans2008

I feel for the lad, I do. Noticed his renegade Stage Dad on the loose in the audience. Making his presence known,I'm sure. No wonder the poor kid has such issues. I shall light a candle for you wee lad and toss some herbs and sage in for you while saying a good word or two.

Syesha came out looking like a cross between Haley Scarnato and Katherine McPhee. I think those extensions from McPhee have cast some sort of spell over Syesha's brain.
"Fever" Syesha Mercado

video c/o IdolFans 2008
One wowser of a slut fest on the stage tonight. At least my Darling Man was entertained, he was shouting, "Take it off! Take it off!", during her performance dancing with the chair. He then had to put on Joe Cocker's "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and we danced like fools around the living room. (We had this amazing time one night listening to this tune...after watching this movie - 9 1/2 Weeks.)

video c/o ronaldazanini

Then there was David Cook. What happened to him? Damn, Cook, I was digging you, really for quite a while, but you've turned into the smiling Joker from Batman or something. What is with the smile-singing? What authentic rocker does this? Who?

There were so many issues it boggled my mind and made me weary. Bad songs, horrible Joker-grinning presentations; your Momma standing with all cameras aimed at her, the initials, the armbands. I'm just saying, all David Cook needed was an old pick up truck and he'd have qualified for a walking, talking, singing, country music hit. Needless to say, D.M. was unimpressed.
"First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"

video c/o IdolFans2008

Look, Cook, if you're gonna go the hot rocker mode, man this guy in his wife beater is It. Since Cook is leaning toward cheese rocker, I'll put some Creed spin on tonight. Thing is Scott Stapp has a great voice. Importantly *Note* No smiling into the cameras...
"Take Me Higher" Creed

video c/o dimag3

Jason Castro, the Idol stage was much darker tonight without your blue-eyed smiling visages. Even Darling Man missed you. Watching the rest of this season is like some kind of masochistic torture. I must be strong.
"My Sacrifice" Creed

video c/o blorrall
Hell while I'm at it, one more Creed tune, just to wash those IDOL BLUES away:
"Arms Wide Open" Creed

video c/o renanbr22
By the way, Scott Stapp has a new CD coming out August 8, 2008. Check him out on myspazz.

Who will win this? I predict David Cook. Who goes tonight, I predict Syesha. This was written long ago, months back in a darkened office, backstage...reality. Yeah.

Taylor Hicks Retires The Jacket and The Shirt

The Taylor Hicks Season Five definitive jacket has been retired. It will lie in state in the Alabama Hall of Fame enshrined forever in all of its shiny purple glory. The jacket will be accompanied by that great paisley shirt.

I really liked the purple jacket. That and those blue suede shoes and paisley shirt were probably two of my favorite looks Hicks incorporated into his Idol triumph. Where the shoes are, most likely, still in Hicks' closet. Those were keepers, apparently.

Man, looking at the display case puts me in mind of my last trip to England, and my tour of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. I rather enjoyed The London Dungeon more, but Tussaud's is a Must See.

This is all I have for now on Taylor but it's nice, having a physical piece of evidence regarding his earning a spot in Alabama history. Fans can come and take pictures and remember Mr. Hicks' 'show how it's done' time on American Idol.

Taylor Hicks obviously believes in giving back, he's been in one charity gala after the other this year. Over the Mother's Day weekend he performed at the Hannah Home charity event which provides support for abused, homeless women. This week he's golfing in Birmingham, AL at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail for the Region's Charity Classic being held May 14-18.

I have a few questions for the enigmatic always leaning toward the mysterious, Mr. Hicks. First, are you or are you not appearing on this funky show this season? Second, when exactly is the DVD hitting the purchase airwaves? Thirdly how's that CD coming along? Like I'm going to get an answer.

Here's a very old cool video with some guys that have earned their place in music history: "Train Kept a Rollin'" 1968 The Yardbirds

video c/o ChicagoBlues

Jason Castro Doing the Interview Circus

Jason Castro is out doing those obligatory Interviews the contestants must do once they are kicked off the show. Considering the interview not one of Castro's strong points, he's seemingly taking to these new experiences like a duck to a junebug.
Regis and Kelley Interview and performance:

video c/o indycat47

Ellen, The Interview:

video c/o JasonCastrofans

Ellen, The Performance: I like that he's not performing the same song every appearance...
Love that "Daydreaming Boy"

video c/o JasonCastrofans

Check out the ever omnipresent Rickey at rickey.org. He's got the first of Jason's interview with Jared Cotter on The Sauce.
Jason Castro, this is a long way from your band days in Keeping Lions.
"Wondering Where the Lions Are" Bruce Cockburn

video c/o OddPirate

A shout out and muchas gracias to Castrocopia.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jason Castro, Vote, Don't Vote: Did Castro Quit?

I leave town for a few days and return to almost pandemonium among the Castro fans. Discussion regarding did he say, "Vote! Vote" or "Don't Vote!" is all over the internet with TMZ.com having some of the most fun with it. Of course, with TMZ you're going to get the very worst comments and opinions, because, hey, it's TMZ. Grains of salt, dear readers, grains of salt.

Jason Castro says he said, "Vote, Vote" and that's enough for me.

Castrocopia had a good blog up this morning written by McLovin. McLovin explores the comments made by Bo Bice regarding how experience certainly isn't a handicap when it comes to competing on the show. They address the queries whether Jason Castro purposefully nixed himself by dropping his lyrics, and did he really want viewers to not Vote.

During Jason Castro's last performance, when he dropped his lyrics performing "Mr. Tambourine Man", it did look somewhat intentional. He gave a slight pause and did not seem overly concerned. In interviews since, Castro has enlightened viewers that he had concerns over a verse he was having problems with, them wound up flubbing the chorus. It happens.

That said, too, because Jason did not get all 'Brooke White' about it doesn't mean it didn't bother him. Castro is just not designed that way; he's a chill kinda guy who is ready to go with the flow. Do I think he intentionally dropped those words in the song...it's not my call to cast a judgment.

Definitely, as I've written previously, Jason's been feeling the pressure, feeling like he was out of his element the past few weeks; bottom line, Jason is talented, he has extreme potential. Bottom line, he may have subconsciously faltered those lyrics on "Mr. Tamborine Man", but it wasn't with a quitter's intent. More likely, Jason Castro may have simply felt he did not have the ability to go up against the other contestants remaining. He lost a little belief in himself perhaps, which is humanly understandable.

Seriously, as McLovin points out in her article, and I've written in my blog in the past, Castro was one of the least experienced contestants on the show this season. No way can he even remotely compare resumes with the likes of the remaining contestants. This is a guy who has sang publicly only a handful of times before hitting this show. Jason is a guy who performed in a local Dallas band in small venues - behind a drum kit, not a singer. He's put himself out in front of millions on television with his lack of experience and managed to make it to the top four. That says a lot.

One thing important thing that will come out of American Idol for Jason Castro: 'Experience'. This is OTJ at its best example. My personal hope is that this On-the-job training and experience leads to positive lessons learned. That the fans watching this show, the press and assorted media types aren't able to put a stain on his soul and dampen his spirit.
"Sweet Dreams" The Eurythmics LYRICS

video c/o solwolfpunk

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jason Castro: The After Idol Interviews, Studio Version, "Mr. Tamborine Man"

Jason on Jay Leno, Sing out with Huey Lewis:

(If videos are sticking, they might be getting hit too hard - check back later.)
FOX Interview with Castro after the Eviction: "Don't Vote?" Jason says that was not what he said from behind Ryan's back. This has lead to some debate among fans if he was actually throwing away the competition by dropping his lyrics, then saying "don't vote". Of course Castro isn't going to admit if he did indeed say that as it would reflect negatively in some of his fans' minds, but it certainly was construed that way by many -including...the folks at VFTW.

I was out of town this weekend and had no television or internet available, where I was - but Friday was a busy day for Jason. He interviewed with Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, CNN, Inside Edition and VH1.

He's now in New York to appear on Regis and Kelly Monday morning. Tomorrow afternoon he will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Tuesday, he'll do a radio interview with KVIL FM, Dallas radio - don't have the time for the airing on it yet. Castro jets back to California after all that to begin rehearsals for the Top Ten Finale.

Jason will be hanging in California most of June to rehearse for the Top Ten Tour, which starts in July. Come August 25th the tour hits the American Airlines Center in Dallas. I've got a trip already scheduled to head to California during this period, so not sure I'll make the concert.

My favorite song of Jason's full studio version to video of "Mr. Tamborine Man". Love this. guy. Jason has such potential.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Taylor Hicks Favorite A.I. 7 Contestant Picked for VFTW

VFTW is now backing David Archuleta. It was inevitable. VFTW would have done this sooner but the timing wasn't right until now. We've always had an eye on the wee lad, who Darling Man has dubbed, "Little Winky Bat-Boy". He's sweet, he's nice, he's sugar and spice. Put a mic in front of him and he sings. He knows how to connect with the music. He's all about the connections.

Taylor Hicks likes him, said David Archuleta was his favorite, so this is win-win for IDOL BLUES. Here's to the 'Danke Shoen' Wayne Newton and his time with VTFW. Make us proud you sweet, giggling boy.

I'm gonna be traveling the next four days, so might not be back on the blog, adios and until then...
"Leaving on a Jet Plane" Jewel

Jason Castro, you rule - in your honor, a brilliant chop by Unravel of VFTW:

Jason's A.I. After Interview with family:

That's one darling dreadlocked guy.

Jason Castro Gets Free, Witness Bo Bice's Return

Jason Castro apparently decided time was right, as in right-on to leave the cheese spectacle that Idol has become. I can only imagine how glad he is to be Free of those horrible group sings. Man, this week who choreographed that mess? All that racing back and forth, nobody looked comfortable or happy - except for grooving to the music Little Winky Bat-Boy.

Yes, Jason Castro is Free to do what he wants any old time, well at least until this Summer PopTart Extravaganza starts up. This morning, I imagine Jason was positively sprinting out those Idol compound gates.
"I'm Free" Soup Dragons, video c/o letgr00ve

I admit, I was feeling the selfish, I wanted to keep him around a little longer on the show. Make Jason into my own beautiful singing television tamagotchi. A tamagotchi with gorgeous blue eyes, dreads and hypnotic voice. Admittedly, Jason made the right choice, it was time for him to do his thing. His thing, not being the guy with the confetti swirling into his dreads.

Turning to the remaining captives competitors left in the running for the Idol Title. Has anyone noticed, how over the past two weeks, Syesha's let her personality, at least the one she wants the viewers to see, out of hiding? Think back to was it two weeks ago? Yes, Andrew Lloyd Webber week. Syesha mentioned to Ryan that it was easier to sing as a character rather than to just be herself. What we're witnessing is a conversion from just Syesha into Syesha-On-Idol, a character she's developed so that she's more comfortable on stage. It's all in the acting, Syesha's figured it out. This chick is, as Pauler said a month ago, the perhaps Dark Horse to watch. Top 2? Maybe. Unlikely but maybe.

Then there's little Archuleta; surely writing anything but neutral or perhaps verging on sympathetic will bring down some kind of karmic evil on me. David's nice boy, obedient to his stage parent. He's trying very hard to please and do the best job he can per his instructions. The show loves him for all the qualities he's showing. David will most likely be one of the easiest contestants in show history to mold and meld into the cardboard cut out they desire.

It goes without saying, David will pose no issues or conflicts, such as those rumored to have occurred with their season five champ, Taylor Hicks. It's been widely known that Taylor Hicks dared to propose he have say on the post-Idol CD, and he dared present his own music for release on that CD. Oh, the horror.

David Archuleta is seemingly not bringing any preconceived notions of who he is nor try and push his own music on the producers. Little David will sing what they want, how they want and smile all the while. All that is important to wee David is that he 'connects' to the material. Don't you know his Pop has driven that word into his head...? Yes, he's a good boy.

Then there's David Cook. I can't decide if he's decided to sell his soul to the Devil or if perhaps he's doing this for his ailing brother and that little girl, Lindsey. It might be a coin toss. My altruistic side wants to believe Cook's not just surfing for that Demonic Contract but what do I know what goes on under that large cranium of his? Exactly.

Maroon 5 performed last night and that dude Levine, he just freaks me out sometimes with his vocals. Man, the judges dissed Luke Menard while he was on the show and to me Luke's sound is very similar to Adam Levine's. I have, driving down the highway, grooved along to them - but man, watching that guy... I read someplace Jessica Simpson had a thing of some kind with him briefly. Seriously (yes, JM, I'm looking at you, babe) who hasn't bedded this gal? (Including, now, our Cowboy's QB, Romo...agh. It's like "Richardson, TX Girl Does the World".)

Starring moment of the evening, outside of Jason Castro's 'manned-up' exit, Bo Bice. My, my, my, Bo Bice is Back. Bice sounded excellent, looked excellent - love that he performed his song "Witness". His recent release, for reasons I can't fathom just haven't hit big numbers, but man, it's a good CD. Pure Bo Bice. The whole 'Frampton Comes Alive' voicebox a kick. Here's Bo in all of his "I'm Back" glory. Bo Bice is teh bomb!
"Witness" Bo Bice video c/o AIfreak08

Don't hate Bo because he's beautiful...Yes, teh hair was Pantene beautiful.

Jason will be missed on the show, but it will be exciting to see him performing after this is all said and done. Loved Jason's parting comment, "Someone said I shot the tambourine man yesterday,". Anyone catch, LA TImes' Richard Rushfield, who was there, said in his report, that the band started Mr. Tambourine Man but Jason said no, we're doing the Marley. Love. This. Boy.
Jason, shooting the Tamborine Man: Goodbye Castro - for now.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Don't Forget the Lyrics! The Top Four Show Mows On

Watching American Idol last night, I was astounded at how the show can even cheese up the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Once I thought about going there, you know, to check it out, see the history. Now, not so much. Seacrest was giving all the viewers his best used car salesman spiel. He strutted his suit, pandering to the public the glory that is Rock & Roll. I get it, Ryan. You see, dear Idol watchers, this show believes itself to be somewhat of a source of musical education for the masses who watch it weekly.

Granted last evening I was caught up in the moment that was Top Four night and watching Castro throw caution and everything else in the judge panel and the producers' faces with wild and deserved abandon; it was full out Jason. Today I'll lend focus to the rest of the remaining cast members of this pre-scripted Season Seven.

David Cook delivered passable yet not inspiring moments when he sang, Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf". I admit, I like this song and actually dug Duran Duran during their gig in the '80's. If you are interested in hearing how Duran Duran did the tune, feel free to click HERE.

David Cook gave the tune a semi-emo turn, but the song felt rushed, it was certainly not his best endeavor. The "doot-too-doots" were just not good. If he'd done this a few weeks ago, he would not be running so high right now. Paula provided some entertainment by her remark, "Your hungry like a wolf left me with a big appetite...". I guess she's trading in incoherence for slutting it up this week. Nice.
"Hungry Like the Wolf" David Cook

I preferred David's second tune, The Who's, "Baba O'Reilly"

He demonstrated his purdy voice, David has a nice ability to take those vocals and let them soar. Add 10 points for that, then subtract them for the Smug Mug he had on last night. It's apparent he's been told where he is going to land this season. But, as I have said before, I don't mind his winning this thing.

Syesha Mercado blew me away last night. Not for her performances nor vocal skills - rather for her intelligence. She played a tight game with those slinky shiny dresses and those tears. Man, girl you secured your place on this show. I turned to Darling Man, who was digging Sexy Girl's dresses, and said, "Damn, she might go to the final two with what she's pulled tonight!". He just said, "What?". During her performance of "Proud Mary", Sy gave her best imitation of an exotic dancer, bringing the Hoochie-Momma to the performance.
"Proud Mary"

Next, Sy performed Taylor Hicks' song. Okay, it was a Sam Cooke song, but for me, forever it will be Taylor's. Taylor Hicks, as anyone who watches Idol knows, sang an acoustic version of "A Change Is Gonna Come" during his audition, season five.

My assessment, Syesha was good last night, but brilliance lay in her channeling Brooke White in her responses, "It's OK, It's OK", add the slinky, shiny boobilicious dress and those tears. Those tears were made of Pure Golden Genius, delivered while she explained her reasons for selecting "A Change is Gonna Come". Man, Sy is playing this game to win Top 2. Who'd a thunk it a few weeks back. Kudos, Sy.

Little Archie performs, "Stand By Me", as his first offering. He adds runs, he gasps, he inhales loudly and basically sounds the same as he does on everything he sings. He's like Darling Man's 1986 Chevy pick-up I've named "Old Reliable". Turn that key and she cranks, every single time. Put a mic in front of the boy and he sings the same way every single time. D.M. has refered to him as "Little Winky Bat-Boy" all season and for some reason I get that.
"Stand by Me" David Archuleta:

During David's next song, he borrows Jason's stool. He delivers the long notes, adds many loud inhalations, lots of good gasps, to total distraction. I can hardly listen to him and I keep forgetting what he's singing. Maybe our surround sound system is just too good. Little Winky Bat-Boy kills The King's song, and I don't mean in a good way. As he gazes into the camera, I flash to his practicing the camera stares with his Pop. Dad, saying, 'David, tilt your head a little more to the right, lean back, poof your lips more', it's disturbing me. Of course the judges mysteriously again cream themselves over him.
"Love Me Tender" Gaspy: *fixed*

Randy added some comedy infused with a Chicken Hawk-Ish factor when he said to David, "I loved how you were so tender and caressed each word." Just bad,Randy.

Leaving my Dreadlocked Darling for last. Afterall, I already rambled on about him last night, and this may be his last week on the show. Jason comes out with a jab at the Idol machine, selecting "I Shot the Sheriff", ala Bob Marley. He also provides one of the best one-liners all season when Simon asked him what he was thinking regarding doing this tune. Jason's reply, "I was thinking Bob Marley!" That was worth the price of admission tonight.

Yes, Jace, you delivered the Marley in a gnarly way - with innuendos slanted at the whole farce that circulates in this show. Jason delivered what I had hoped he bring, notice his smile, his attitude, the crowd point. I'm sure most watching this Pop Pablum won't get it, his intentions will fly over their heads.

Re-listen to Jason, vocally he sounds very good. Many viewers though, will follow what Simon and the judges say like it is 'teh gospel'. (Everyone say,"Baaah".) Yes, Jason, the sheriff, indeed.
"I Shot the Sheriff" Jason Castro: (Sunny loves you, man.)

Next up for Castro, Bobby Dylan's "Tamborine Man". At :20 into the song he drops the lyrics. Nothing new for the other contestants this season, unique for Castro, he has never forgotten lyrics. Ever. So far this funked up season, Brooke lost her words a few times and even restarted a song. Jason, even though he dropped the lyrics, he kept on singing. Did Paula comment about his bravely going forth, not stopping and restarting? Of course not.

If it would have been Cook or Archie, forgetting the lyrics, she'd done incoherent backflips to cover for that error. Wait, what am I saying? Paula's already done that. Anyone recall David Archuleta floundering lyrics during one of the Beatles' week? The judge panel were absolutely kind to him. If you want to relive that moment in time in it's glorious 'pimpage' and entirety click HERE. If anyone is counting, and in David Archuleta's case, obviously not, he's flubbed lyrics four times this season. That said, the judges flubbed not mentioning David's error. See Carpet? Sweep under. Get it?

Jason obviously took Paula's advice to David Archuleta that week, she had advised David, "Never let it show on your face". Watching Jason, it was obvious he knew what was coming from the judge panel. As I watched Jason drop those lyrics, he gave a certain, "tell" as in poker-speak. I watched his cheek give this slight twitch, is there a possibility that Jason did this intentionally...

So goes the final four. Tonight, likely Jason Castro will be going home. Here's to a great run Jason Castro, I am a fan.
"Subterranean Homesick Blues" Bob Dylan

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blaze of Glory: Jason Castro: Texas Style Pride

Never back down man, and never let them make you sad.

Jason Brought the Fun Tonight!

Jason, my dreadlocked darling wore his black shirt I requested, and that Bob Dylan song - yes he botched a few lyrics, so what. Jace, baybee, only thing missing was the silver in your hair.

Botched lyrics commonplace in this show, hell, like that hasn't happened to anyone else this season on multiple occasions....cough ArchiTard. (Yet never mentioned...)

Loved Jason's songs, loved Jason's look, loved all of it. Jason you were beautiful tonight!

Vote Castro: TOP THREE!!!

1-866-436-5703 and 1-866-436-5707.

pssttt: Taylor Hicks, I been seeing you here; man, maybe I alone 'got it' and loved the Archuleta/Wayne Newton thing, but you best get out the VOTE for my boy tonight. Make Sunny so happy. Muah.
I Shot the Sherriff:

Mr. Tambourine Man:

Thanks Dude, JohnJohnDow

Casting High Hopes for Castro

American Idol Top 4 Week and Jason Castro is in the cross-hairs of the A. I. Big Guns; this fact noted all over the internet and physical press. Speculation, not without merit Castro poses a direct threat to the Double Dave Extravaganza allegedly already planned. Tonight, viewers will see Jason Castro performing under high stress, his fans holding high hopes, this blogger included, that he can overcome the odds.

As a show of support for Jason Castro, A & M University will be holding a "Vote Jason Home" podcast, available on Texas A&M on iTunes U by clicking here:
Aggie Maroon Out for Castro. Contacts for this podcast, Olga West, Texas A&M’s Division of Marketing & Communications, (979) 845-4600 or email: olgawest@tamu.edu or Sherylon Carroll, (979) 862-2369 or email: s-carroll@tamu.edu.

Should Jason Castro continue to the final three, it seems that Texas A&M University would be sharing the "Hometown" billing with Rockwall, Texas. Castro will perform live and FOX would tape the “American Idol Maroon Out” from the east steps of the Jack K. Williams Administration Building, beginning at 7 p.m. (CST) Thursday. Fans are encouraged to attend. Attend and wear the Aggie Maroon. Gig 'Em Jason! WHOOOOP!

The city on the lake, Rockwall, Texas will hold Jason Castro Day May 9th should Castro sneak past the show's machinations to make it to the Top Three. The Rockwall Herald-Banner article says, that tentative plans are to host Castro's return at The Harbor's amphitheatre on Friday, May 9, at 4:30 p.m. Tentative the operative word here as Castro is in a fight against a juggernaut of a television show that likes to have its way.

On a lighter note:
"High Hopes" by the first 'Ol' Blue Eyes':

video c/o ramssax
"Just what makes that little old ant
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can’t
Move a rubber tree plant...

But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes"

Keep the Faith, Castro.

Check out my fellow Castro fan blogger's recent blog regarding PaulerGate HERE.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Jason Castro, I'm Daydreaming You to Top Three

American Idol is hitting the press and trying to smack the viewers hard and heavy to set the results. It seems expressly obvious what the producers desire as the eventual outcome. It is nothing new, the attempt to sway the public and the vote. The show almost bent over as far as Taylor Hicks does when he "Ray Charles" a 'Woo' to knock the Soulman off, but as witnessed, that year the public could not be denied. Last season nobody really cared what happened after the situation with Sanjaya and his leaving the show.

This season it has been the goal to set the finale with a Double Dave Extravaganza and the Pizza company better start trying to gear up to match the show with a weekly special. Hey, I like mine extra cheesy, like this show.

In an article posted in HuliQ.com the story picks up recent commentary being issued widely by Simon Cowell, in which he utilizes time in the interview to promote the Summer talent program, America's Got Talent to talk A.I. You know, just like that childhood game, the viewers are suppose to do what 'Simon Says'. Simon is saying, whenever a mic is in front of him, it will come down to David Archuleta and David Cook. He dismissed, in a recent article, Syesha, for not having a sufficient fan base to continue much further, he completely ignores mentioning Castro.

Interestingly, Taylor Hicks said, while at the Kentucky Derby, to courier-journal.com he's rooting for Wee Archie. Taylor compared him to Wayne Newton, ala "Danke Shoen". Perhaps Taylor was wearing his Worster shirt underneath the baby blue one. Yes, Mr. Hicks I see the resemblance. Bless you, that made me laugh.

video c/o jpwegner
Looking back to one of my favorite seasons of this reality offering, season five, week four proved the ultimate shocker week. During that season Chris Daughtry was voted off due to Elliot Yamin stepping up, delivering fantastic performances that week. Blame could be levied too, toward Chris' fans as being too cock sure he was a shoo-in for the win and the finale. It's been written, his fans fell into the type of voting mindset we Americans often fall into during our elections: Voter Apathy.

This season the ultimate in shockers would be to see Little Archuleta voted off the show but the crazily more likely shocker would be David Cook. Archie is in reality a rather bland and unexciting performer, and face it, his singing is uninspiring. Everything he sings sounds the same, all gaspy and breathy sans emotion. I'm thinking the viewing public might have become more enamored of his 12-year old looks, which might be the factor drawing a similar following previously enjoyed by Clay Aiken.

What bloggers such as myself are wondering, is it possible for Jason Castro to be blessed with the luck and the passion of his fans for them to direct their energies to securing him the number three spot like Elliot's fans did? Like that Beatles' song lyrics say, can Jason get by with a little help from his friends? Considering now that VFTW has thrown their support heartily behind him, including altering, temporarily the site's name which I think is a first time event, it might be possible. Every vote counts now. Timing is key, and I'm thinking this perfect timing for folks over at VFTW to jump on the Castro bandwagon.

Liz Lemon over at Castrocopia has set her front page with information for fans and voters to maximize your time and efforts. It worked for past Idols and could be effective for Castro. Check out her page and the Gizmo and DialIdol sites for information to achieve the maximum vote for the least effort. Regarding the Go-Phones idea, man, it worked for Taylor Hicks.

There is nothing I want more right now, regarding this reality show, in light of how the show overtly insulted viewers and darling Jason Castro last week than to see Jason rise to top three. Time this week to see how very fragile Jason's time remaining on this show is, and whether fans and Vote for the Worst can secure him the envied Top Three post.
"Fragile" Jason Castro

video by Hippiegeekette

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Run for the Roses

Focus on the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby circulated largely on the celebrities attending and "The World's Largest Mint Julep". Parties hit the press and photos of the celebs such as Taylor Hicks, Travis Tritt, Joey Fatone, Carson Daly - to name only a few are flooding the internet for anyone interested. Considering how the day turned out, the looking at how any person was dressed or how they acted at the various galas seems insipid and vacuous.

Also considering what the day was about - The Kentucky Derby and the magnificent equine athletes that compete in the historic event, focus on the human inanities seems insignificant in the big picture. The horses drew press only so much as to provide the statistics for prospective bettors. Hillary Clinton's name emerged as she, of course, was backing the lone filly in the race, Eight Belles.

Certainly there are sites fawning over this celebrity and that; certainly Taylor Hicks cut a fine statement in his pin-striped suit and baby blue shirt and striped tie, but the day will forever be defined as the day one of the participating athletes lost their short life.

Being a horse lover, since I knew they existed, I was one of those girls who read every Marguerite Henry novel and every Walter Farley book written. I collected the Breyer line of horses with my allowances and I began my first fiction writing ventures about horses. I drew them so much I can sit and sketch from memory. I have sat since a kid (watched it with my Dad yearly) to watch the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown series. You see, Secretariat was a real hero to me, as real as any human hero could be when I was a girl.

My first horse was obtained through almost a bet with my Dad. I was 10 years old and he told me, save $200.00 and we'll see about getting you a horse. He was weary of my talking about wanting one and asking for one every Christmas and birthday since I was four. I set aside lunch monies, any money I could get my hands on and before long I had that $200.00. Mother was not happy, last thing she wanted was a horse in the family. We'd never known anyone who even had one and as usual she looked at me and my wishes like I was from another planet. As a severe understatement, she and I had little in common with the exception of our physical appearance.

The first horse was my most memorable, where I learned everything about the real world of horses and how very different owning one was outside of the fictional books I had read. That said, I loved every minute down to cleaning Brandy's stall. She was my best friend in my life for many years. When times would get rough through my teenage angst years, I'd run the two miles to the barn we boarded her at and ride all night long, only to sneak home in the morning to get ready for school.

What some folks don't understand about horses, once they decide (and have the intelligence left after all the in-breeding evidenced today) their loyalty to you or something they love, they will do it with everything in them - no matter what it takes. Folks talk about elephants never forgetting, any horse trainer will tell you elephants got nothing on horses.

Yesterday during the 134th running of the Derby, Eight Belles did what came strong and naturally for her. She did what was in her heart to do and she did it literally until she died. She ran. Eight Belles ran on fractured legs, her front legs, until the finish line was crossed because that was what she loved to do. Should she not have had those horrible injuries, one is only left to imaging what dust she might have left the favorite seeing kicked up. According to reports I've read, her jockey said she was running differently, early in the race. Watching footage, in slow motion, you can see her front leg action looks strange. Thing is, she did not let the pain stop her. She literally ran the legs out from under herself to the finish.

Hillary Clinton picking this filly as a favorite may have selected her because of obvious reasons. In picking the lone filly, the horse that ran with two broken legs, it seems to ironically follow in Hillary's current bid for Presidential office. Certainly with the way the Presidential race is going for her, she could be comparable to that horse running with fractured legs. Hillary keeps going because that is what she is meant to do. It really struck me reading certain articles how the media spins have it making her more of a loser. These media types obviously know nothing about the heart of a horse, not to mention a real race horse. I'm not a Hillary supporter by any means, but I am understanding the tenacity behind this lady's heart.

Eight Belles, the tragic heroine of the 134th Kentucky Derby, died doing what she loved to do, she raced her race and did not give up without a fight. People could learn something from animals such as she.

In honor of the fallen filly, Eight Belles, who passes away following breaking her two front ankles:
video c/o Equuestriaan

"Run for the Roses" Dan Fogelberg, video c/o coloradream