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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks Picks David as the Winner; Randy, Step out of 2007

Taylor Hicks makes a prediction for the winner of this season's American Idol. When asked whom he thought would take the crown, cleverly he replied, "I think David's going to win, I really do."

The Finale competition night had to have one of the Worst show openings in the show's history. By capitalizing "Worst" I nod to website, VFTW. Last night's venture was over the top Double Dave Cheesy goodness, complete with trite incorporation of The Rocky music, old school boxing ring microphone and the "Are You Ready to Rumble!", Micheal Buffer entrance.

Even though the show strove for that sportscast vibe with the incorporation of Jim Lampley commentary, for some random reason, Monty Python entered my mind. As a viewer, you just never know what form of bent entertainment Idol may bring week to week. This Finale competition night brought me to epiphany of one of the reasons why I continue to watch this show.

The judging panel are a source of amusement all by themselves. At least two of them seem to have had one of those three Martini Lunches. Paula was ever Paula, but she did look lovely, and Randy had no idea what year it is, caught in some time warp, hanging onto 2007. (Someone please nudge Randy tonight, update him.) Simon had his serious side going on - he must have skipped that lunch.

Having Andrew Lloyd Webber return was one touch of genius. I had fallen into infatuation with his covert snarky humor and slyly 'Grinchy' smile when he was first on the show a few weeks back. Watching Webber's eyes sparkle with inner delight brought home to me why he's been such an incredible success in his field. The man is absolutely brilliant - on so many complicated levels.

Regarding the contestants, Dad Archuleta should be proud, little David played to win. Granted he had some pitch issues, yadda, yadda, yadda. Cook on the other hand seemed to be almost throwing it away to little Archie. I'm not accusing Cook of taking a dive but he did not seem to mind if he had a TKO.

Darling Man's favorite performance last night:
(He's stuck through this with me, so he got to choose.)

video by [Kalin] JohnJohnDow

So who do I think will be 'crowned' the 2008 Winner of American Idol tonight? I'm with Taylor Hicks on this one.

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" Monty Python

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