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Monday, May 12, 2008

Jason Castro, Vote, Don't Vote: Did Castro Quit?

I leave town for a few days and return to almost pandemonium among the Castro fans. Discussion regarding did he say, "Vote! Vote" or "Don't Vote!" is all over the internet with TMZ.com having some of the most fun with it. Of course, with TMZ you're going to get the very worst comments and opinions, because, hey, it's TMZ. Grains of salt, dear readers, grains of salt.

Jason Castro says he said, "Vote, Vote" and that's enough for me.

Castrocopia had a good blog up this morning written by McLovin. McLovin explores the comments made by Bo Bice regarding how experience certainly isn't a handicap when it comes to competing on the show. They address the queries whether Jason Castro purposefully nixed himself by dropping his lyrics, and did he really want viewers to not Vote.

During Jason Castro's last performance, when he dropped his lyrics performing "Mr. Tambourine Man", it did look somewhat intentional. He gave a slight pause and did not seem overly concerned. In interviews since, Castro has enlightened viewers that he had concerns over a verse he was having problems with, them wound up flubbing the chorus. It happens.

That said, too, because Jason did not get all 'Brooke White' about it doesn't mean it didn't bother him. Castro is just not designed that way; he's a chill kinda guy who is ready to go with the flow. Do I think he intentionally dropped those words in the song...it's not my call to cast a judgment.

Definitely, as I've written previously, Jason's been feeling the pressure, feeling like he was out of his element the past few weeks; bottom line, Jason is talented, he has extreme potential. Bottom line, he may have subconsciously faltered those lyrics on "Mr. Tamborine Man", but it wasn't with a quitter's intent. More likely, Jason Castro may have simply felt he did not have the ability to go up against the other contestants remaining. He lost a little belief in himself perhaps, which is humanly understandable.

Seriously, as McLovin points out in her article, and I've written in my blog in the past, Castro was one of the least experienced contestants on the show this season. No way can he even remotely compare resumes with the likes of the remaining contestants. This is a guy who has sang publicly only a handful of times before hitting this show. Jason is a guy who performed in a local Dallas band in small venues - behind a drum kit, not a singer. He's put himself out in front of millions on television with his lack of experience and managed to make it to the top four. That says a lot.

One thing important thing that will come out of American Idol for Jason Castro: 'Experience'. This is OTJ at its best example. My personal hope is that this On-the-job training and experience leads to positive lessons learned. That the fans watching this show, the press and assorted media types aren't able to put a stain on his soul and dampen his spirit.
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