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Friday, May 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks a.k.a. Teen Angel

Take 20 hours off the computer and all sorts of Taylor Hicks news hits the internet. It seems Mr. Hicks let loose the news he will be morphing into angelic form. He's, taking on a potentially high flying act as an Angel - no not a Charlie's type, instead more of a Broadway Angel. He's been offered the part of 'Teen Angel', a small role in Grease. This is the same production that cast winners from the show, You're the One That I Want, Max Crumm and Laura Osnes. Will Hicks don big fluffy gossamer, sparkly glitter wings? I hope so.

In the New York Times article, one of about a dozen Hicks alerts I received today - all which are pretty much parroting each other; Taylor says, he plans to add "soulful flavor" to the Teen Angel song, "Beauty School Dropout." Hicks adds, "a classic fit for a classic performer."

Taylor, who apparently spoke to The Associated Press Thursday, added, "It's a big number, and, you know, I've made some pretty grand entrances before, and this one is probably the grandest entrance I've had in my career." Obviously the Soulman certainly doesn't lack for self-confidence.

Teen Angel isn't a big role, but it's one that has been played in the past by Frankie Avalon (film version) as well as Chubby Checkers (isn't that a kick?) and Jennifer Holliday on Broadway. Notably, this is not a cast-to-type role, instead it's more of a flexible position that has allowed the various actors to portray the 'Teen Angel' in their own interpretation. The role consists of a song sang to beauty school drop-out character, Frenchy; the Angel appears to Frenchy to console and guide her following her lack of achievements in beauty ed.

Taylor was quoted as saying, "It's a cool song. I can see myself being able to Taylorize it. Who knows? Maybe I'll do the Elvis meets Aretha Franklin meets Joe Cocker version of 'Beauty School Dropout.' I don't think anybody's taken that approach yet. I'll get with the producers and sink my teeth into the role."

Sinking of the teeth perhaps appropriate for Alex O'Loughlin, of the show, "Moonlight", which, much to my chagrin has now been cancelled by the Bo-Bo's at CBS. Since you are now going to be an angel, Taylor Hicks, 'fly with it' perhaps, more appropriate.

This role has potential to lead to further opportunities on the small stage, an area that several of previous Idol alums have found success. Taylor adds he will continue to work on the new CD which he hopes to have out this Fall. (Think of the holiday shoppers, Hicks.) Currently he is set to play the winged, and I hope, high flying role from June 6 through September 7th.

I'm sure when Mr. Hicks is ready to release his new CD, AOL and The Associated Press will be the first to 'break' with the news. This blogger just has to wait for the scraps to filter through the news lines. (Yes I'll take some cheese with that.)

Taylor is proclaiming the new CD to be chock full of some of the greatest songs he's ever written. Let's see if he can top my personal fave, "Soul Thing". His post-reality show album hasn't hit the million mark yet, sales registered at a little over 700,000 sold. It always makes me smile reading that the album failed to send a hit tune to radio. Seriously, how was that to actually happen when nothing was promoted for radio by the label? Magic perhaps.

Speaking of magic, I for one, am looking forward to the kind of 'soul' magic that Taylor Hicks might bring to Broadway. The image of Taylor, decked out in a white suit complete with fluffy wings, belting out 'Beauty School Drop Out' makes me break out into a full grin. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to venture North to the Big Apple to catch a show - I'll be spending some time this Summer on the West Coast. Youtube will have to be my source of Grease/Taylor angel watching. I'll just have to be the blogger wind beneath his wings.

"Beauty School Drop-Out" Frankie Avalon's Version (Don't do this one...)

video c/o katiedaily


  1. Henry811:08 PM

    Sunny , this was on the Boogie Board and I was quite impressed.
    Hope that works. I looked all over for a video but can't find one. It is Billy Porter doing "Beauty School Dropout" I found some of his stuff on Youtube but not this. He is an amazing performer. And this does not seem to be the sort of thing he usually does.
    I just think it shows what can be done with a part like that. If Taylor can do that good, he would get some notice. Don't know if he can , Billy is pretty special.
    Thought you might want to check it out.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that if you ever don't want to put up one of my comments its fine by me. I know that having me here will keep some away. Doesn't bother me but I don't want to screw up your blog. Also if you want to edit someting and leave it out LIKE THIS PART , thats fine too. I just comment to tell you something, its not important if sees the light of day or not.

    Somehow I can just see Taylor in that white suit and wings LOL
    I'm wondering if he will find a way to add the harp. Bet he does.

  2. Hell, henry8, I get so many hits and nobody leaves a comment - man, you'd think for every thousand there would be one at least...

    I love having you post. I'm glad we're OK now. I always liked your humor.

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Yes, I love anonymity. Not that I mean to offend (and get away with it). I just don't particularly want to leave this earth with my deathless words recorded for posterity.
    Re: TH....yeah, surprise.... maybe it's a preparation for a musical of...ummm...Streetcar Named Desire? He had mentioned in the past he'd love to do something in a movie. Ummm...a musical of Benji?
    They said on Today 63 million voted for him on AI---so what the heck is he doing in ITALY????? And, PLEZ, somebody tell Bill Will to get a job. Don't need no more creepy rumors.

  4. What exactly does Bill Will actually do anyway. Gofer?

    Regarding Italy - he's said he wants to see the world, there ya go. Another part of it.

    I like that phrase, 'deathless words' and your thought process; that's interesting.

  5. I hope he has a good run with Grease, but Taylor Hicks was pretty much the last Idol I thought would turn up on a Broadway show, even Grease.

  6. It's a gig that he could make into something unique, possibly star-making, or it could go the opposite direction.

    I was quite surprised as well. Broadway seems to be the next road for many ex-Idols, eh?

    Do you ever post on Blogcritics anymore, Chance?

  7. henry82:12 AM

    I was very surprised also, had not thought of that at all. But after thinking on it awhile, it actually seemed just the right thing. Hes not just that blues singer that we all like so much. Hes a showman, I think. It seems like we saw that on AI. Loves to strut that stage and put on a show. It sure has gotten some attention for him. I was surprised how much and most of it has been fairly positive.
    If it goes well, he will have gotten publicity before the CD and if it doesn't , well at least he had to balls to try.
    Its hard to imagine that he won't do a good job. I sure would love to see it. It makes me chuckle just to think of it.